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September  2015

Northern Road Relays, Stanley Park, Blackpool : 19th September

Saturday 19th September 2015 saw the Northern Road Relays held at Stanley Park, Blackpool.

Representing the under 13 girls Amber Escoffery led the incomplete team off to a great start, she finished in 31st place in 13.47. Next Blythe Carter Jones ran well to finish 32nd on the second leg completing the 3300m course in 15.49.

Charlie Roberts ran on the first leg of the under 13 boys 3300m relay. He finished strong in 19th place in a time of 11.49 whilst Michael Brussels ran well, completing the race in 13.07 in 22nd position. Nathan Worrall brought the team home in 24th place finishing in 13.35. Overall the boys team finished 24th in a time of 38.41.

The under 15 girls also covered the same distance, 3300m. Lucy Price went on the first leg and led the team off to a fantastic start. Lucy finished 35th in 14.12 however Natalie Tate brought the team up to 31st place finishing in a time of 14.51. On the last leg, Charlotte Dodson pulled the team up again 29th place in 15.44. The girls individual performance's meant that they finished 29th overall in 44.47.

The club only had one representative for the under 15 boys 3300m relay, therefore the team was incomplete. Nevertheless, Jack Worrall ran an excellent leg finishing 42nd in a time of 13.14.

For the under 17 men; Ben Oldham led the team off, finishing in 31st place he completed the 3300m course in 14.14. On the second leg, Leon Hill ran well to finish in 30th place in 15.50 and Joseph Walker brought the team home in 26th place in a time of 14.54. The team finished 26th overall in 44.58.

There were 2 teams for the senior men who covered the distance of 6700m. The A Team consisted of Matt Crehan, Andy Wilson, Jamie White, John Greenall, Steve Anders and Greg Williams. The B Team consisted of Ian Roberts, Jake Healey, Ian Costello, Dennis Wharton, Ian White and Ian Hayburn. On the first legs; Matt led the A team off to finish in 84th place in 24.31 whereas Ian Roberts finished in 110th in 29.01. Next Andy ran on the second leg to finish in 76th in 24.21 and Jake completed the race in 105th place in 26.31. For the third leg; Jamie brought the A team up to 74th place in 24.16 meanwhile Ian Costello finished in 97th place in 26.36 (moving up 8 places). John completed the fourth leg in 74th place in a time of 25.14 and for the B team Dennis held 97th position and finished in 29.18; on the penultimate leg for the A team, Steve Anders finished in 66th place in 22.49. Ian White ran on the fifth leg for the B team and finished in 100th place in a time of 29.22. Greg Williams ran on the last leg and brought the team home in 60th place in 24.27 and Ian Hayburn was on the anchor leg for the B team bringing them home in 95th place in 26.26. Overall the A team finished 60th in 2.25.38. For the B team, the men finished 95th in 2.47.14.

There were welcome returns from Greg Williams. Ian White, Jake Healy, Matt Crehan and Ian Hayburn after injury and promising signs for the forthcoming cross country season.

Well done to everyone who competed! Good luck for the upcoming cross country season.

North West Road Relays, Ormskirk : 12 September

The North West Road Relays were held on Saturday 12th September at Ormskirk.

The under 13 boys team consisted of Michael Brussels, Liam Houghton and Lewis Turner and covered the distance of 2.8km. The boys ran excellent to finish 17th overall but 5th in Merseyside. Michael was on first leg and finished in 11.22, then Liam ran on the second leg finishing in 11.44 and Lewis completed the final leg in 12.09. (The boys overall time was 35.15.)

There was also a team for the under 15 girls, this saw Lucy Price on the first leg, Natalie Tate on the second leg and Charlotte Dodson on the last leg. The girls ran great individual races to finish 28th as a team but 10th in Merseyside. Lucy completed the 2.8km course in 12.56, Natalie finished in 13.45 and Charlotte got 15.18. (The girls team completed the race in 41.59.)

For the under 17 men the team included Sam Thomson, Lochlain Fisher and Leon Hill. Sam led the boys off to a fantastic start finishing in 20.13, Lochlain then completed the 5km course in 22.45 and Leon, who represented the club for the first time, brought the team home in 22.00. The team finished 15th overall however this secured them a Merseyside bronze medal- well done! (The team finished in 1.04.58 overall.)

The senior women's relay saw Rachel Wilcock on the first leg. She completed the 5km course in 22.52, handing over to Lauren Wilcock who finished in 31.16. Rachel Beesley was on the ladies last leg and brought the team home in 23.15 in 45th place overall and 15th for Merseyside. (The ladies finished in a time of 1.17.23.)

Finally, for the senior men, there were 2 teams which consisted of: Jamie White, Steve Anders, Greg Williams and John Greenalgh (A Team) and Barry Graney, Kevin Cunningham, Jake Healey and Ian Hayburn (B Team). On the first leg Jamie White completed the 5km course in 18.03 and then on second leg Steve finished in 17.30. Greg was on the third leg finishing in 18.22 and John brought the team home in 19.12. Meanwhile, Barry led the B Team off- he finished in 19.39. Kevin was on the second leg and completed the race in 20.54 whilst Jake was on the penultimate leg finishing in 21.00 and Ian was on the anchor leg completing the race in 20.11. Overall the A Team finished 30th and 10th in Merseyside in a time of 1.13.07. Finishing 58th overall, the B Team finished 20th in Merseyside in 1.21.44.

Team managers: Ian Hayburn / Helena McGoldrick

Mini tour of Wirral, Wirral 10k and Half marathon : 9th - 11th September

The 3 oldest competing athletes at the club namely Dot Fairhurst, John and Pam Appleton competed at the week-end and all came 1st in their age groups.

The 10k and 1/2 started together in Birkenhead Park with the 10K finishers stopping on New Brighton front whilst the 1/2 marathon runners carried on to Leasowne Lighthouse before turning back to also finish on New Brighton front. A brilliantly organized race and what a lovely day to run along the Wirral coastline.

In the Wirral 10k John Appleton ran 41.23 to clinch 1st over 60. In the Wirral 1/2 marathon, Dot Fairhurst ran 2hrs 23 mins to earn 1st over 70, while Pam Appleton did 1 hr 58 mins to finish 1st over 60.

Also competing other vets Linda White - 2 hrs 07 mins 13th V50, Laura Bunting - 1 hr 57 mins 9th V45 and Julia Eccleston - 1 hr 49 mins 6th V40 this completed the Whislte Stop tour of Wirral for her (5 miles Fri; 8 miles Sat; 13.1 Sun) where she finished fourth lady overall and winning the V40 category.