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St Helens Sutton Athletic Club

Our training nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays at Sutton Sports Centre
from 6.30 - 8.30 with additional sessions arranged by individual coaches
throughout the year and occasional sessions organised with outside coaches.


Coaching policy is determined by the Club Committee. The coaching structure is both athlete-centred and event-based. Child Protection policies are in place to prevent the development of exclusive and/or possessive coach/child relationships. All new coaches are mentored during their first year of coaching before being considered for upgrading.
Guidance for coaches

Coaches are expected to display high standards of conduct and adhere to the points outlined in the Guidelines for coaches and Code of Conduct.

All coaches must have a current UKA Coaching Licence. These are only issued on completion of a CRB form.


Qualified Coaches
Part Level 4
Phil Thomas Endurance, Throws, Jumps, Multi-Events 01744 633476
Level 3
Dave Morley Sprints, Relays and Hurdles 01744 815759
John Naylor Sprints 07973540952
John Irwin Middle Distance 01744 723476
Plus Level 2 Endurance & Throws
Part Level 3
Level 2
Ian Hayburn Endurance - Young Athletes 0151 4951788
Helena McGoldrick Endurance - Young Athletes XD
Level 1
John Appleton Sr Endurance  - Seniors 01744 813064
Pauline Picton General - Young Athletes XD
Damian Lamb General - Young Athletes
John Woodward General - Young Athletes L1
John Appleton Endurance  - MD L1
Ray Vose Head of Endurance Coaching 0151 4265144
Chris Dempsey Leaders in Athletics
Barry Greenall Leaders in Athletics
First Aiders Christine Dempsey 01514261348
Helena McGoldrick XD
John Appleton Sr 01744813064


Funding for Coaching Qualifications
The club is committed to helping new and existing coaches improve, and will assist with the cost of coaching courses where possible.  In return the club expects a commitment from the coach to practise at the club, see   Guidelines for funding of coaching qualifications

Coaching Articles

See the following link for our Coaching Articles

Parents and Volunteers

We are always on the lookout for people who would like to get more involved in helping out at the club.  In particular for parents of children at the club we'd love you to help out in some way.  Even a small commitment, like helping at the recent Sporthall Decathlon, covering the desk for a short time,  marshalling a race for an hour helps the club - many hands make light work!

In time if you do develop an interest in coaching the club can help you to gain formal coaching qualifications.

Make a special effort following our Olympic year to get more involved, talk to your (child's) coach or a member of the committee if you want to know more about how you could help us.

Make this year the year you get more involved in sport.     Volunteer Benefits

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