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May  2015

YDL Match 2, Bury : Saturday 30th May

Saturday 30th May saw the second Youth Development League held at Bury. 16 athletes represented St Helens Sutton AC and 23 pb's were achieved.
The under 13 boys included Charlie Roberts. Charlie competed in the 100m to finish in 14.6, he achieved a pb in the 800m with a time of 2.25.5 and he threw the shot 4.94m which was another pb. Matthew Roberts competed on the track for the first time, therefore he achieved pb's in all of his events. He ran 15.7 for the 100m, 32.7 in the 200m and jumped 3.40m in the long jump. Michael Brussels competed over 1500m, he finished in 5.47.1 however he also jumped 3.37m in the long jump- achieving a pb. Matthew Fairclough threw the javelin to achieve a pb, he threw the shot 6.29m too. The boys competed in the 4x100m relay to finish 5th. Lauren Taylor represented the under 13 girls in the 75m, she finished in 11.4 which was a pb and also ran 23.5 for the 150m. Shana Rigby ran 12.3 for the 75m, 25.5 for the 150m and she threw the javelin 5.50m to achieve a pb. Ashlea Sprott competed in the 800m and got a pb with a time of 2.54.3.
The under 15 boys saw Peter Davies compete in the 300m to finish in 44.0. He also threw the shot 8.40m, the discus 17.02m (pb) and got another pb in the javelin with a throw of 9.95m. Daniel Dobson also competed in the 300m and finished in 42.7, he jumped 4.63m in the long jump, ran 27.9 in the 200m which was a pb and he also got a pb in the javelin with 16.32m. Alex Moore ran 13.6 for the 100m, 27.7 for the 200m and jumped 4.00m in the long jump. For the under 15 girls, Lauren Marshall ran 14.1 for the 100m, 30.2 for the 200m and jumped 4.03m in the long jump. Codi Wills achieved 3 pb's, she got one in the 100m with a time of 15.1, another in the 200m with 31.4 and also threw the shot 5.87m. Rebecca Houghton ran 49.3 for the 300m achieving a pb and then jumped 3.75m in the long jump to achieve yet another pb. Kirsten Bottom also achieve pb's in both of her events. She ran 47.9 for the 300m and threw the discus 17.93m. Lucy Price did the same, achieving pb's in both events. She ran 5.46.5 for the 1500m and threw the javelin 6.10m. Jorden Pilkington competed over the 75mHurdles, she finished in 13.4. Additionally, Jorden jumped 1.26m in the high jump and threw the shot 7.79m to achieve a pb. The girls relay consisted of Rebecca, Lauren, Jorden and Codi- they finished 4th. Overall the club finished 4th.

A big thank you to the officials, especially Cody Rigby, and well done to all who competed! Next meeting is on Sunday 21st June at Salford.
Team manager: Helena.

England Athletics Combined Events Championship, Bedford : Saturday/Sunday 23/24th May

Phil Robinson finished 25th in the England Athletics Combined Events Championship at Bedford over the weekend scoring 3546 points (a season's best). There were 34 starters and 27 finishers. Phil was the third veteran to finish and the first veteran over 40. Full results at Meeting Results
Phil's Individual results Available at : Results

County Track & Field Championships

St Helens Sutton A.C.s members continue to set new Personal Bests (PBs) and Seasons Bests (SBs) in track competitions and the County Championships saw many outstanding results.
Rachel and Maria McGoldrick struck gold and silver at the Cheshire championships with their PBs. Rachel competed in the 1500m finished 1st in 5min to take gold and Maria followed in her sister’s footsteps to take silver in the 800m. in 2 min.27.6 secs.

The Merseyside Championships at Bebington saw probably the best overall performance by club members ever with nine gold medals, 12 silver and 8 bronze. In some events the club had a clean sweep.
Golds were won by Katie Lang Under13years Women, 3.92m. long jump, Jacob Beesley U17M. 35.1m. discus, Peter Davies U15M, 13.94m. discus, Patricia Spark SW, 37.95m hammer, Adam Woosey U17M, 2 min.3.9 secs. 800m, Charlie Roberts U13M, 2 min.26.2 secs 800m, Christopher Lamb U17M, 3.55m. pole vault and 5.31m. long jump, and Jessica Leonard U17W, 26.3secs. 200m.. Taking second places were Matthew Lamb U17M, 11.5secs. 100m., Erin Makin U17W, 28.9secs. 200m. and 4.48m. long jump, Thomas Griffiths SM, 4 min.0.7 secs. 1500m., Megan Lang U17W, 10.38m. triple jump , Imogen Harwood-Moss U13W, 1.15m. high jump, Stephen Winn SM, 8.00m. shot put, Matthew Fairclough U13M, 7.24m. shot put and 17.28m. javelin, Laura Fairclough U17W, 9.59m. shot put, Taya Farrag-Jones U15W, 9.11m. shot put, Nathan Orr SM, 27.35m. discus, and Christopher Lamb U17M, 44.23m. javelin. Third placings went to Jonathan Causer SM, 2 min.8.3secs. 800m., Lauren Marshall U15W, 4.46m. long jump, Peter Davies U15M, 8.06m. shot put, Stephen Winn, 20.03m. discus and 22.53m. hammer, Kirsten Bottom U15W, 17.26m. discus, Laura Fairclough, 26.71m. hammer, Megan Lang, 4.40m. long jump. and Zoe Pye U17W, 29.4secs. 200m. Athletes outside the winners, who achieved PBs were Alex Moore, Kaye Sparrow, Hannah Seabrook, Steve Anders, Ian Costello, Rachel Fairclough, Alex Moore and Daniel Lamb. In addition to those named above, Erin Makin, and Daniel Dobson achieve SBs. It was truly a weekend which rewarded the hard work put in by both athletes and their coaches.

Merseyside results at Results

2014 Road Race Series - Walton 5 Miler

The fourth of this year's road race series saw the runners competing in Walton Park. Updated tables below thanks to Karen Harrison. There is still time to get involved as there are plenty of races to go at, best 5 to count see link below for details.

Club Championship Results Walton 5 Miler     Club Championship Race List

Club Championship Ladies     Club Championship Men

Northern Vets Championship, Leigh : Sunday 17th May

In the NVAC Track and Field Championships held at Leigh Sports Village Andrew O'Connor won the Bronze Medal for 3rd MV50 in the 1,500M in a time of 5:04:7. A promising time in windy conditions so early in the season.

Chester Half Marathon, Chester : Sunday 17th May

Gemma Connolly finished fourth lady at the Chester Half Marathon on 17 May in a time of 83.11

YDL Upper (Match 2), Warrington : Saturday 16th May

On Saturday 16th May, 22 athletes competed in the second Youth Development League held at Warrington. Despite the athletes competing under windy conditions, the club finished 1st overall, 26 personal bests were achieved as well as a new club record set by Jessica Leonard.

The under 17 men's team included Chris Lamb who competed in the 100mHurdles to finish in 16.4 (pb). Chris also achieved a pb in the pole vault with 3.40m and threw the javelin 44.85m. Daniel Lamb ran 24.4 in the 200m- achieving a pb, he jumped 10.40m in the triple jump to get his 2nd pb of the day. Joseph Woods ran in the 200m too, he finished in 28.5 which was a pb. In the 4x100m relay, the team consisted of Joseph Woods, Adam Woosey, Chris Lamb and Daniel Lamb finishing in 1st in 50.8. Representing the under 20 men; Adam Woosey achieved 2 pb's- he finished in 2.04.1 in the 800m and 54.7 in the 400m, also Jonathan Causer got a pb in the 800m with a time of 2.09.9 and ran in the 400m to finish in 56.2. Jonathan threw the shot 9.65m, meanwhile Jacob Beesley threw the shot 10.77m (pb) he also threw the discus 35.41m and jumped 4.89m in the long jump which was a pb. The 4x400m relay saw Jonathan Causer, Joseph Woods, Adam Woosey and Daniel Lamb finish 1st in 3.58.1.

For the under 17 ladies, Olivia Harwood-Moss competed in the 800m to finish in 2.33.9 and 46.1 in the 300m. Emily Lowrie also ran in the 800m and finished in 2.48.5 (pb). Zoe Pye competed in the 100m to finish in 13.7 and also finished the 200m in 29.7, also competing in these events was Abbie Roberts who got a pb in the 100m with 14.1 and ran 29.9 in the 200m. Jessica Leonard set a new club record in the 300m with a time of 41.0, this was also a pb! Jessica also represented the under 20 ladies in the 200m and finished in 26.2. Emily Smith competed in the 80mHurdles and finished in 13.6 (pb) and jumped 1.45m in the high jump. Megan Lang got a pb in the 80mHurdles with a time of 14.6, also achieving a pb in the triple jump with 9.84m. Samantha Price competed in the 1500m and finished in 5.23.8- achieving a pb. Alex Bottomley threw the javelin 25.06m whilst Laura Fairclough threw the hammer 26.02m, the shot 8.51m and the discus 15.99 achieving a pb. Hannah Seabrook got a pb in the triple jump with 8.54m, she represented the under 20 ladies in the high jump, jumping 1.40m and also in the long jump- 4.14m (pb). The 4x100m relay included Megan Lang, Jessica Leonard, Abbie Roberts and Zoe Pye who finished 2nd in 55.3. The 4x300m relay saw Jessica Leonard, Abbie Roberts, Samantha Price and Zoe Pye finish 1st in 3.10.5 (pb). Representing the under 20 ladies, Rachel McGoldrick achieved a pb in the 800m with a time of 2.24.7, she competed in the 3000m to finish in 12.21 and 5.21.1 in the 1500m. Maria McGoldrick ran in the 800m to finish in 2.30.0, and also achieved a pb in the 400m with 65.9. Maddie Williams competed in the 400m also, achieving a pb of 68.6, and ran 5.24.4 for the 1500m. Demi Rigby competed for her 1st time, she ran in the 3000m and finished in 14.24 (pb). Emma Scott competed in the 200m to achieve a pb of 29.3, she also jumped 4.77m in the long jump which was another pb. The 4x100m relay consisted of Hannah Seabrook, Emma Scott, Maria McGoldrick and Maddie Williams who finished in 3rd in 58.0. The ladies 4x400m relay saw Rachel McGoldrick, Maddie Williams, Emma Scott and Maria McGoldrick finish 1st in 4.32.7.

Thank you to all athletes and officials and well done to everyone who competed for the club.

Team manager- Dave Morley

YDL (Upper) League Positions After Two Matches

1. St Helens-Sutton 10 (685) 2. Warrington 8 (632) 3. Hyndburn 4 (364) 4. M60 Nomads 4 (310) 5. Horwich 4 (265)

Next Match 28 June 2015 at Hyndburn.

Cheshire League, Connah's Quay : Sunday 10th May

Sunday 10th May 2015 was the first Cheshire League meeting held at Connah's Quay, Deeside. St Helens Sutton AC had ten athletes competing in the events, of which 2 athletes represented the club for the first time and nine personal bests were achieved. For the under 11 girls, newcomers Olivia Byrom and Hannah Shaw-Binns both competed in the 75m. Olivia won her race with a time of 12.5 which was a personal best whereas Hannah finished 3rd in her race in 14.5- also a personal best! Hollie Brussels also represented the under 11 girls, she achieved personal bests in the soft javelin (11.40m) and long jump (2.89m) and also finished in 13.4 in the 75m in 3rd place and ran in the 600m. Michael Dobson ran excellently too- he ran 12.4 for his 75m and led from the start of his 600m to finish in 2.01.8.

Amber Escoffery competed in the under 13 girls 800m. She ran a gutsy race to finish in 3.08.2.

Under 13 boy, Michael Brussels who competed for the club on his birthday, achieved two personal bests! He ran 33.7 in the 200m and 2.51 for the 800m. Charlie Roberts competed in the 800m too, he finished in 2.49.2. Representing the under 15 girls, Caitlin Young ran in the 100m. This event saw her finish in 13.8. Caitlin also threw the shot 7.37m- not only did she achieve a personal best, she beat the boys too! Maria and Rachel McGoldrick both competed in the senior ladies 1500m race. Rachel finished 1st in 5.01 which was personal best and Maria also achieved a personal best with a time of 5.27 finishing 4th.

Well done to those who competed and hope to see more athletes at the next meeting.
A big thank you to the athletes and officials!

Team manager: Helena

Bollington 3 Peaks Fell Race, 9th May

Advertised as being “The only fell race that starts and finishes at a brewery” this race had plenty of appeal. The £6 entry fee even included a post-race pint along with chilli and rice.

Mark Liptrot, Ian Roberts and Greg Carns made the short trip over to Bollington for the fourth race in the club fell champs. At least it would have been short if we hadn’t relied on SatNav, which took us through Stockport town centre on a Saturday afternoon.
With registration complete the race started on the disused railway track above the brewery, now a multi-use track “The Middlewood Way”.
I was expecting a trail race (a bit like Harrock Hill) but it turned out to be a cracking route with varied terrain over the peaks of Kerridge Hill, White Nancy and Nab Head with some great descents.
The post-race chilli and a very nice pint of “3 Peaks Ale” at the Bollington brewery were an enjoyable end to another good fell race.


Northern League Div2 Match 1, Sunday 3rd May

St Helens Sutton AC finished in 5th place in the first Northern Senior League match on Sunday 3rd May at a very windy Wavertree.

The U17s athletes who competed for the first time in this league should be very proud of themselves, they were all outstanding. Christopher Lamb pole vaulted 3.20m (PB) then long jumped 5.77m(PB) and high jumped 1.60m. Daniel Lamb long jumped 5.59m to win for the B team.

Zoe Pye ran the 100m in 14.2 and the 200m in 30.3. Abbie Roberts ran the 200m in 30.9. Samantha Price ran the 800m in 2.42.6 and then the 400m in 69.8. Olivia Harwood Moss ran the 800 in 2.33.5. Laura Fairclough won the B team shot putt with 6.97m, she threw the hammer 16.47m and the discus 14.00m.

Emily Smith long jumped 4.16m, then set a PB in the high jump with 1.50m and a PB in javelin with 22.45m. Hannah Seabrook bravely took on the triple jump and managed 8.35m then high jumped 1.35m and Alex Bottomley threw the javelin 23.71m.

There were some other outstanding performances from Jessica Leonard who ran the 400m in 58.6 which smashes her PB and gained her a new club record, she also ran the 100m in 12.9, Rachel McGoldrick ran the 3000m in 11.31.8 (PB) then went on to run the 1500m in 5.24.5.

Maddie Williams ran the 1500m in 5.32. Amy Hughes ran the 100m Hurdles in 20.4, long jumped 4.07m and then tripled jumped 8.89m. Trish spark returned to form throwing the hammer 39.83m, the shot putt 8.58m and then discus 17.78m.

The ladies 4 x 100 relay team of Zoe, Jess, Abbie and Emily ran a time of 54.2 and the ladies 4 x 400m relay team of Rachel, Jess, Samantha and Shannon won the battle for2nd place in a time of 4.26. For the rest of the men’s team, new to St Helens, athlete (and world record holder) Darren Scott ran the 400m hurdles in 60.6, the 100m in 11.7, the 200m in 23.7 and also managed to triple jump 10.27m and high jump 1.40m. Matthew Lamb ran the 100m in 11.7, the 200m in 25.4 and managed to triple jump 9.29m.

The 400m was run by Adam Woosey 55.1 and Jonathan Causer 56.4, they then both ran the 800m Adam in 2.04.01 and Jonathan 2.12.4. Tom Griffiths ran a great 1500m winning in a time of 4.06.4. Ste Anders also ran the 1500m in 4.27.6. Peter Code ran the 3000m S/C in 13.49.5. Ian Costello ran the 5000m in 18.50 and Barry Graney in 18.55.6.

The throwers were Mike Hughes who threw the hammer 27.33m, shot putt 7.29m and discus 25.79m. Stephen Winn threw 21.13m in the hammer and 8.14m in the shot. Nathan Orr threw the discus 28.37m and the javelin 16.91m. Tom McKeever threw the javelin 48.08m. The men’s 4 x 100 relay team of Chris, Daniel, Jonathan and Darren ran a time of 47.5 and the 4 x 400 relay team of Adam, Matthew, Tom and Jonathan finished 3rd in 3.42.7.

Liverpool 381; Isle Of Man 360; LPS 344.5; West Cheshire 343.5; St Helens-Sutton 301; Rossendale 209

Next Match - Saturday 6 June at Leigh.


Youth Development League (lower), Saturday 2nd May

Saturday 2nd May 2015 saw the first Youth Development League (lower) held at Trafford. The conditions were cold, wet and windy and the team consisted of many young, talented athletes. The club managed to finish 5th overall with 38 personal bests achieved. In addition to this, Charlie Roberts got a Grade 3 Standard in his 800m which is a fantastic achievement, however Jorden Pilkington and Lauren Marshall also got Grade 4 Standards in their events; 75mHurdles and long jump.

For the under 13 girls, Lauren Taylor and Shana Rigby both competed in the 75m and 150m- Lauren finishing the 75m in 12.3 and 23.1 (PB) in the 150m whilst Shana represented the club for the first time, she finished in 12.3 (PB) in the 75m and 25.2 (PB) for the 150m. Alyx Bridge competed in the 800m to finish in 3.01.1 and also threw the javelin 5.48m as well as achieving a PB in the shot putt with a throw of 3.37m. Amber Escoffery claimed victory in the 800m achieving a time of 3.03.5 (PB) and also threw the shot 4.15m (PB). Jessica Durrance competed in the 1200m to achieve a PB; 4.47.1 and Ashlea Sprott competed on the track for the first time also achieving a PB of 5.01.2. Katie Land competed in the 70mHurdles to finish in 15.3. The girls relay finished in 67.6 and was ran by Alyx, Lauren, Shana and Amber. The under 15 girls saw Lauren Marshall compete in the 100m to finish in 14.7, she also ran in the 200m finishing in 29.6. Lauren competed in the long jump too- 4.49m. Hana Brew achieved a PB in the 100m with 15.6, Cristina Rimmer ran for the first time to finish the 200m in 32.2 (PB) and jumped 3.57m (PB) in the long jump. Rebecca Houghton got a PB in the 300m with 51.0 as did Kanyarat Avison who ran 59.2 but went on to run the 800m finishing in 3.21.5 (PB). Lucy Price finished the 800m race in 2.51.4 and threw the javelin 5.98m (PB). Natalie Tait completed the 1500m in 6.17.4 (PB) and Chloe Orrick finished in 6.27.1 (PB). Jorden Pilkington competed in the 75mHurdles and finished in 12.9 (PB) she also threw the shot 7.60m and jumped 1.35m in the high jump. Kirsten Bottom represented the club for the first time too, she threw the discus 15.66m (PB) and the javelin 13.30m (PB). For the 4x100 relay, the team finished in 59.0- it included Rebecca Houghton, Lauren Marshall, Lucy Price and Hana Brew.

Representing the under 13 boys, Charlie Roberts finished his 800m in 2.27.7 (PB) he threw the javelin 9.87m and threw 4.69m (PB) in the shot. Ben Toole also competed in the 800m to finish in 3.04.3 (PB). Liam Houghton competed for the first time, he competed in the 1500m to finish in 5.40.5 (PB), he threw the javelin 5.08m (PB) and the shot 5.42m (PB). He went on to jump 3.05m (PB) in the long jump. Michael Brussels finished the 1500m in 5.35.7 (PB), he then jumped 3.65m in the long jump. For the under 15 boys, Alex Moore competed in the 100m to finish in 13.8, 200m in 27.2 (PB) and the long jump, jumping 3.96m. Jordan Benson competed in the 200m to finish in 26.1 (PB) and then threw the javelin 15.20m (PB). Daniel Dobson ran in the 300m to finish in 42.6 (PB) and jumped 4.42m in the long jump. Peter Davies threw the discus 15.92m (PB) and threw 7.96m in the shot putt. Matthew Slevin ran in the 800m to finish in 2.43.8 (PB) and threw the discus 13.31m (PB). Nathan Harrison competed in the high jump to achieve a PB of 1.35m. The boys 4x100m relay team included: Peter, Alex, Nathan and Daniel. They finished in 57.1.

Well done to everyone who competed! **If you have not already paid your £2 for the race, please hand in to team manager!!

Team manager: Helena.

Colin Spark

Colin Spark has reluctantly handed in his resignation as Chairman of the Club. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year but his condition has turned out to be quite complex and he is no longer able to carry out his duties. Colin will be greatly missed at the Club, he has been a member for about 9 years when he brought along his daughter Tricia. Since then he has become a coach and field official, most recently becoming qualified as a starter. Colin became Chairman in September 2011 and has led the club since then. Colin was always the first to arrive on club nights, he opened up and was getting the throws area ready before anyone else arrived. We wish Colin well for the future and hope to see him visiting the Club occasionally.

We are having a collection for Colin, please see Chris Causer (or any member of the Committee) or leave your contribution at the desk.