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November 2014


Sale Harriers Indoor meeting - Sports City, Manchester : Sunday 30th November.

Congratulations to new member Darren Scott who ran a MV45 UK age record for 300m at this meeting, lowering his PB from 38.81 to 37.10.

Liverpool & District Cross Country - Match 2, Sefton Park : Saturday 29th November.

Saturday 29th November saw the second Liverpool and District league. This was held at Sefton Park and there were 15 representatives in this event. The athletes covered the distance of 9.8km. First of all, Tom Griffiths finished 9th in 34.02, Callum Lockett finished 11th in 34.38, Andy Wilson finished 53rd in 38.10 and Barry Graney finished 76th in 39.56. Also in the 'A' team was Ian Hayburn who finished 92nd in 41.36 and Peter Johnson finished in 101st in 42.43. Overall this team finished 6th. Also Chris Levi finished 108th in 43.23, Greg Cairns finished 113th in 43.43, Gary Oldham finished 120th in 44.33 shortly followed by Rachel McGoldrick who finished 121st in 44.34. Louise Hogg finished 134th in 46.34 and Maria McGoldrick completed the 'B' team by finishing in 137th in 46.44. The 'B' team finished 5th; meanwhile Ray Vose finished 142nd in 47.34, Ian White finished 144th in 48.38 and Tony Doyle finished in 153rd in 51.35. Well done to all competitors!
Team manager- Ian Hayburn

Mid Lancs Cross Country , Barrow : Saturday 15th November.

Luke Towers finished sixteeenth (third U20) in this event.

Presentation Evening

This year's presentation evening will be taking place at 7:30 this Friday 21st November at the Rainhill Ex-Servicemens Club (as last year).
It's a chance to recognise the success, progress and achievements our athletes have made throughout the year. It's also and the chance to have a bit of fun.

London Marathon Places

Those members who entered the London Marathon should have received their acceptance magazines by now. If you are unlucky enough to have received a rejection, you can apply to enter the ballot for one of the club places. For the first call, as well as having a rejection from the ballot, applicants must currently be members of the club and have been so for one year. Please let your captain or the secretary know as soon as possible (with proof of rejection) if you want to apply. As usual if there are any places not filled from this first call a further ballot of members wishing to be considered will be held, again let the secretary/captains know if you wish to be considered in any second ballot. In order to maximise training time the entries to the ballots will close at the end of this month.

Manchester Area Cross Country League Match 2, Sherdley Park : Saturday 8th November

Saturday 8th November saw the second Manchester Area Cross Country League held at Sherdley Park. The club had 48 athletes, of which 13 competed for their first time.
Firstly, the under 11 girls covered the distance of 2.4km. This race saw Hollie Brussels compete in her first cross country race, she finished in 27th place in 11.05 whilst Elizabeth Greenall finished in 35th place in 12.18.
Next off for the club was the under 11 boys and under 13 girls 2.2km race. This race included: Ben Toole who competed for the first time and finished in 19th place in 10.08, Matthew Roberts also represented the club for the first time- finishing in 20th place in 10.09. Dylan O'Brien finished in 21st place in 10.09 too. Oliver Lloyd competed in his first cross country to finish in 29th place in 11.25 and Matthew Dodd also ran in his first cross country race to finish in 30th place in 11.40. The boys finished 5th overall. For the under 13 girls Alyx Bridge competed in her first cross country and finished in 36th place in 10.30, Ellie Doyle finished in 38th place in 10.36 and Ashlea Sprott completed the race in 39th place in 10.37. Blythe Carter-Jones ran in her first cross country to finish in 40th place in 10.44, Lucy Price finished 42nd place in 10.48 and Imogen Harwood-Moss competed in her first cross country race finishing in 51st place in 11.27. There were 2 teams for the girls- finishing in 10th and 11th overall.
The under 13 boys and under 15 girls followed, covering the distance of 3km. Michael Brussels finished in 30th place in 13.58, Matthew Slevin finished in 32nd place in 14.08 and Liam Houghton competed in his first cross country race, finishing in 34th place in 14.12. Nathan Worrall ran for the first time too- finishing in 36th place in 14.50 and James Carbury represented the club for the first time over cross country- finishing in 42nd place in 16.58. The boys team finished 9th overall. Samantha Price led the under 15 girls home, finishing in 23rd place in 14.55, Piper Unsworth ran in her first cross country to finish 28th place in 15.16. Also Emily Lowrie competed for the first time to finish in 29th place in 15.26. Kanyarat Avison finished in 36th place in 36th place in 16.02 whilst Emily Ashton completed the race in 38th place in 16.42 and Natalie Tate finished in 41st place in 17.25. There were 2 teams for the under 15 girls; they finished 6th and 9th overall.
Next was the under 15 boys, under 17 girls and under 17 men. Anthony Walker covered the distance of 4.5km and finished in 24th place in 18.40, Ben Oldham completed the race in 26th place in 18.58 and Jack Worrall competed for the first time to finish in 32nd place in 20.45. The boys team finished 6th overall. For the under 17 girls: Olivia Harwood-Moss finished in 26th place in 22.47. Jonathan Causer represented the under 17 men, he finished the race in 18th place in 18.11.
The under 20 ladies were combined with the senior ladies 8km race. This saw Rachel McGoldrick finish in 7th place in 35.39 (41st place in senior race) and Maria McGoldrick finished in 9th place in 37.21 (62nd place in senior race). Gemma Connolly finished in 3rd place in her age category (8th overall) in 32.33, Julia Eccleston finished 10th in her age group (78th overall) in 38.17. Louise Hogg finished 12th in her age category but 86th overall in 38.41; Sonya Monaghan completed the race in 11th place (99th place overall) in 39.07 and Pam Appleton finished 5th in her age category (167th place overall) in 45.13. The ladies team finished 8th overall and the vets team finished 12th.
Senior men; 9km race saw Tom Griffiths finish in 17th place in 34.56 (24th overall), Steve Anders finished in 49th place in 37.57 (84th overall) whilst John Greenall finished in 6th place in 38.37 (97th place overall). Also Andy Wilson finished in 15th place in 39.08 (115th overall), Ian Costello finished in 19th place in 40.00 (137th place overall) and Mark Liptrot finished in 18th place in 42.23 (194th overall). Ian Hayburn finished in 28th place in 42.48 (206th overall), Greg Cairns finished in 29th place in 43.13 (221st place overall) and Dennis Wharton finished in 9th place in 45.20 (267th place overall). Peter Johnson finished in 39th place in 45.37 (270th place overall), Chris Levi finished in 43rd place in 45.42 (272nd place overall), Gary Oldham finished in 47th place in 46.33 (293rd overall) and Ray Vose finished in 34th place in 46.48 (297th place overall). The men's team finished 17th and 37th overall. However, the vets team finished in 11th place and 33rd place.
Many thanks to all of the volunteers (Marshalls and course-setters). Well done to all athletes who represented the club! Next match is at Boggart Hole Clough on Saturday 6th December.
Team manager: Helena

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