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May 2014


parkrun Roundup, 31st May

Rachel WILCOCK (26:01, 18th )
Lauren WILCOCK (32:57, 56th )
Louise HILL (36:58, 66th )
Clare DAVIES (37:31, 69th )

Pennington Flash
Dennis WHARTON (21:40, 13th )

YDL (lower) Match 2 - Bolton 31st May

On Saturday 31st May, 34 athletes travelled to Bolton for the 2nd Youth Development League (lower). There were 5 athletes who competed on the track for the first time, well done Jack Worrall, Nathan Worrall, Samantha Price, Alyx Bridge and Blythe Carter Jones. On a whole, the club achieved 33 personal bests; an achievement in itself!
Under 13 boys:
Alex Moore- 100m: 13.5 / 200m: 28.2 (PB) / Long Jump: 4.41 (PB)
Nathan Worrall- 100m: 14.6 (PB) / 200m: 31.5 (PB) / Javelin: 13.69 (PB)
Charlie Roberts- 800m: 2.40.0 / Shot: 3.83
Jack Lowry- 800m: 2.51.7 (PB) / Javelin: 15.18 (PB)
Matthew Slevin- 1500m: 5.43.0 / Shot: 5.07 (PB)
Michael Brussels- 1500m: 5.58.3 (PB) / Long Jump
The relay consisted of Alex Moore, Nathan Worrall, Charlie Roberts and Jack Lowry. They finished 3rd.
Under 15 boys:
Daniel Lamb- 100m: 12.6 / 200m: 25.4 / Long jump
Daniel Dobson- 100m: 13.6 (PB) / 200m: 28.4 (PB)
Anthony Walker- 300m: 51.1 (PB) / 800m: 2.49.0 (PB) / Javelin: 13.10 (PB)
Peter Davies- 300m: 47.0 (PB) / Shot: 6.03
Jack Worrall- 1500m: 5.58.5 (PB) / Javelin: 13.81 (PB)
Joseph Woods- 800m: 2.54 / Discus: 14. (PB)
Christopher Lamb- Discus / Shot / Long Jump
The 4x100m relay consisted of Daniel Lamb, Daniel Dobson, Christopher Lamb and Peter Davies. They finished 2nd.
The 4x300m relay included Anthony Walker, Peter Davies, Jack Worrall and Joseph Woods. They finished 4th.
Under 13 girls:
Kaitlin Naylor- 75m: 12.0
Rebecca Brown- 75m: 11.0 (PB) / Shot: 5.86 (PB) / Long Jump: 3.53
Codi Wills- 150m: 23.9 (PB) / Shot: 5.24 (PB)
Rebecca Houghton- 150m: 22.7 (PB) / Long Jump: 3.26
Jessica Durrance- 800m (PB)
Alyx Bridge- 1200m: 5.06 (PB)
Blythe Carter Jones- 1200m: 5.17 (PB)
The relay consisted of Rebecca Houghton, Rebecca Brown, Codi Wills and Lucy Price. They finished 3rd.
Under 15 girls:
Caitlin Young- 100m: 13.6 / 200m: 28.1 (PB)
Zoe Pye- 100m: 13.8
Erin Makin- 200m: 29.6 / Long Jump
Abbie Roberts- 300m: 47.0
Ellie Mawdsley- 300m: 49.9
Samantha Price- 800m: 2.49.4 (PB)
Natalie Tait- 800m: 3.10.0 (PB)
Emily Smith- 75mH: 12.8 / Javelin: 25.23 (PB)
Jorden Pilkington- 75mH: 13.3 (PB) / Discus: 14.44 (PB) / Shot: 7.52 (PB)
Lauren Marshall- Long Jump
Emma Fairclough- Discus: 13.15 (PB) / Shot: 7.44 / High Jump: 1.40
Hannah Seabrook- High Jump: 1.40
The 4x100m relay included Lauren Marshall, Caitlin Young, Erin Makin and Zoe Pye. They finished 1st.
The 4x300m relay consisted of Abbie Roberts, Ellie Mawdsley, Samantha Price and Emma Fairclough. They also finished 1st.
The club finished 2nd overall!
Team manager- Helena McGoldrick

George Edwards Memorial Meeting - Warrington 25th May

A number of club athletes enjoyed a relaxed competition at Victoria Park, Warrington with a number of excellent performances.

Megan Lang won the hurdles (13.1) with Jorden Pilkington third( 13.8), Megan claiming second in the shot (7.98). Emma Fairclough (1.45) and Hannah Seabrook (1.40) were first and second in the high jump, Caitlin Young was first in the 100 (13.6), Lauren Marshall taking second in the long jump (4.40) and reaching the final of the 100m alongside Zoe Pye..

Peter Davies (5.94) and Daniel Dobson (4.49) won the shot putt and long jump respectively, Daniel picking up third in the 100m

Codi Wills collected third in the Shot (5.31), Charlie Roberts second in the 200m (30.9). Dylan O'Brien was first in the U11 600m (2.00.4) while Katie Lang's 3.39 was enough for the gold medal in the U11 long jump. Lucy Strettle maintained her record of earning fourth places in the 75m and long jump and will collect medals next time out.

Jacob Roberts collected silver in the U9 600m (2.19.8) and in throwing the cricket ball. Finlay O'Brien was similarly placed in the 150m. Michael Dobson's 2.00.4 won him the gold in the U11 Boys 600m.

An enjoyable meeting with plenty of parental and coaching support and the showers managing to stay away for most of the afternoon.

parkrun Roundup, 24th May

Louise Hill was the club's only parkrunner this weekend dipping under the hour at Warrington (63rd, 59:59)

2014 Road Race Series - Christleton 5k, 23rd May

The sixth race in this years road race series saw four men and one lady competing in this fast 5k.  Updated tables below thanks to Karen Harrison.
There is still time to get involved as there are plenty of races to go at, best 5 to count see link below for details.

Club Championship Results Christleton 5k     Club Championship Race List

Club Championship Ladies     Club Championship Men

The next race in the series will be an underwater Mersey crossing with the chance to Run the Tunnel 10k on the 8th June.

Chester Half Marathon, Sun 18th May

Gemma Connolly continues her recent good form, winning the women's race in the Chester Half Marathon.  Gemma came 36th overall and first female in a time of 82:20.

Merseyside Track and Field Championships, Bebbington - Sat 5th May

New Merseyside Champions:
George Asson (200) Daniel Lamb (LJ); Taylor Caton-Hand (triple and Long Jumps) Matthew Fairclough (SP), Christopher Lamb (SP) Jacob Beesley (DT), Alex Bottomley (JT), Laura Fairclough (HT), Phil Robinson (SP).
Second Places
Emma Fairclough (HJ); Peter Davies (DT); Jonathan Causer (SP); Phil Robinson (PV) Chrisopher Lamb (LJ & JT) Charlie Roberts (800); Louise Fairclough (SP); Laura Fairclough (SP); Peter Davies (DT)
Third Places
Jordan Pilkington (HJ), Megan Lang (LJ), Jonathan Causer; (DT); Lauren Fairclough (SP); Adam Woosey (800); Peter Davies (SP);
Full Results

Old County Tops Fell Race, Sat 17th May

In 1972, the monolithic county of Cumbria came into being, replacing the historic counties of Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire which previously had subdivided the Lakes. The highest peaks in those old counties were Scafell Pike, Hellvellyn and Coniston Old Man, respectively. This race visits the highest points in those old counties, a route that covers a distance of 37 miles with 10,000ft of ascent. The race is run in pairs and starts/finishes in Great Langdale. Fabulous weather made for a superb day with stunning views all the way round. The atmosphere at the start is really special. The route is a beautiful one, visiting Grasmere before taking in Helvellyn summit then a steep run down to Wythburn car park for tea and sandwiches. A trot up the valley follows under High Raise then to Angle Tarn leading to Scafell Pike, which was very hot. Then dropping off the top down steep narrow paths to the valley leading to Cockley Beck to lovely sandwiches, homemade cakes, tea etc. A superb pit stop! The final climb up to Grey Friar is very tough before it flattens off and heads for the out and back to the Old Man of Coniston. With the final peak done it feels good to turn for home. The finish is a really special place to be, very low key, just fell runners with their coveted finisher’s T shirts, re-fuelling on the home-made soup/sandwiches/cakes. Greg Carns finished in a PB of 10 Hrs 16 Mins in 55th place.  (report from Greg Carns)


parkrun Roundup, 17 May

Wayne JOYCE (20th, 20:58) Michael BRUSSELS (51st, 23:36)
Louise HILL (199, 39:34)

Pennington Flash
John GREENALL (2nd,18:36)


Wirral Open Meeting, 11 May

A quartet of club athletes attended a friendly open meeting at Bebington. Lauren Marshall set a personal best 4.60m in the long jump, Hannah Seabrook was second (1.35m) in the high jump and Lucy Strettle earned a silver in the Turbo Javelin with 8.69m.

Lucy finished fourth in the 75 (12.6) and long jump (2.73) while Erin Makin was only eight centimetres short of a silver medal in the long jump (4.29).

Cheshire League, Bury : Sunday 11th May

23 young athletes travelled to Bury for the first Cheshire league. 14 personal bests were achieved despite the blustery conditions.
For the under 11 girls there was Lauren Taylor, Hollie Brussels and Lauren Park who competed in the 75m. Lauren Park and Hollie both competed in the 600m and long jump. Hollie and Lauren Taylor threw the soft javelin. They all got pb's.
In the under 11 boys Jacob Roberts competed in the 75m alongside Nathan Rawlinson. Nathan also competed in the standing long jump and soft javelin. Both got pb's.
For the under 13 girls, Cody Wills competed in the 100m with Rebecca Brown and Rebecca Houghton. Rebecca Houghton also participated in the long jump. Cody got a pb.
Charlie Roberts, Michael Brussels and Matthew Fairclough represented the under 13 boys. Charlie and Michael both ran in the 200m and 800m. Michael got a pb in the 800m. Charlie and Matthew both threw the shot; Matthew got a pb in this event!
Under 15 girls had 4 athletes. Zoe Pye, Jorden Pilkington and Mia Langton all competed in the 100m. Jorden also competed in the high jump and shot putt. Laura Fairclough also threw the shot.
In the under 15 boys, Chris Lamb ran the 200m and threw the discus. Also doing these events was Peter Davies who got a pb in the discus throw. Joseph Woods ran in the 1500m and threw the discus.
For the senior ladies, Maddie Williams ran the 1500m whilst Louise Fairclough thew the shot.
Finally, the under 17 men saw Matthew Lamb running in the 100m and throwing the shot putt. Adam Woosey competed in the 800m alongside Jonathan Causer. Jonathan also threw the shot.
All athletes performed excellently in their events!

Team manager: Helena

Northern Vets Championship : Sunday 11th May 

Andrew O'Connor won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver out of his events in the NVAC Track and Field Champs. Gold in the 1,500M, Silver in the 3,000M and Gold in the 800M.

Trafford medal meeting, 5th May

An enthusiastic number of young athletes took part in the Trafford medal meeting in bright sunshine. Fortunately, numbers were down on the previous meeting so everything started on time.  There were wins for Katie Lang (long jump), Lauren Taylor (75m) and Christopher Lamb (hurdles). Emma Fairclough was second in the high jump, Hannah Seabrook missing out on third on countback. Elizabeth Greenall was second in the long jump.

 Megan Lang and Jordan Pilkington recorded 13.1. and 13.6 respectively in the hurdles, Caitlin Young 48.0 ov er 300m. Under 11 sprinters included Jay Langton, Dylan O'Brien, Lauren Taylor, Lucy Strettle, Mia Langton, Hollie Brussells, Michael Brussells and Peter Davies, who was second in the shot.

 Results at:- Power of Ten Results

Northern Track & Field League, Cleckheaton Sunday 4th May

St Helens Sutton AC had a great day at Cleckheaton on Sunday 4th May by winning the first of their Senior Northern Track & Field matches.  The team spirit was fantastic with many athletes covering a multitude of events to gain us maximum points.  Special thanks go out to Phil Robinson, Karen Marsh, Amy Hughes and Emma McClatchy , and to Megan Crehan and Chris Causer for stepping in and competing for the first time for the club.  Also thanks to four of our new U17 athletes who stepped up to senior level and performed brilliantly, Jess Leonard, Louise Fairclough, Adam Woosey and Lachlain Fisher. This was a great start to the season for the club with plenty of personal  bests and hopefully this will continue for the next three matches.

Phil Robinson: Pole Vault 3.00m, 110 hurdles 23.2, Javelin 36.33, Shot  Putt 9.64, High Jump 1.55 and Triple Jump 11.28 (PB). Mike Hughes: Hammer 29.37, Discus 26.03(PB), Shot Putt 8.28.

Steven Winn:  Hammer 22.19(PB), Discus 22.55, Javelin 16.23(PB). Matt Crehan: 1500m  4.25.8.

Tom Griffiths:  5000m 16.43.4 (PB), 4 x 400 relay (3.51.5). Callum Lockett:  800m 2.04.6 (equal PB), 1500m 4.27.0 (PB), 4 x 400 relay (3.51.5).  Luke Towers: 3000m Steeplechase 10.43.0 (PB), 5000m 17.00.1, 4 x 400 relay (3.51.5). Peter Johnson: 400m Hurdles 1.55.4, 3000m Steeplechase 13.51.8. Taylor Caton-Hand:  100m 11.7, Long Jump 6.65m, Triple Jump 13.83m (PB), High Jump 1.780m (PB), 4 x 100 relay (50.9). Jonathan Causer: 400m 58.3, 800m 2.14.7 (PB), 4 x 400 relay (3.51.5). 

Adam Woosey: 200m 26.2 (PB), 400m 57.4, 4 x 100 relay (50.9). Peter Seddon: 100m  13.1.

Lachlain Fisher: 200m 25.7 (PB), Long Jump 4.52m (PB), 4 x 100 relay (50.9).

 Karen Marsh:  100m 15.3, 200m  32.2, 400m Hurdles 82.1, 100m Hurdles 19.3, Long Jump 4.02m, 4 x 100 relay (57.7).  Amy Hughes: 400m Hurdles  99.8,  100m Hurdles  20.8, Long Jump 4.17m (PB), Triple Jump 8.77m, High Jump 1.35m, 4 x 100 relay (57.7).  Emma McClatchy: Pole Vault 2.40m, Hammer  13.75m, Javelin  27.01m, Triple Jump 8.46m, High Jump  1.30m (equal PB).  Jess Leonard:  100m  13.4, 200m 26.9, 4 x 100m relay (57.7).  Rachel McGoldrick: 3000m  11.38.2,  4x400m relay (4.57.7).  Maria McGoldrick:  400m 69.0,  800m  2.32.2,  4 x 400m relay (4.57.7).  Louise Hogg:  400m 88.4,  800m  3.14.3 (PB)  4 x 400m relay (4.57.7).  Gemma Connolly:  3000m  10.38.3.

Megan Crehan:  1500m  6.23.5,  4 x 400m relay (4.57.7).  Helena McGoldrick:  1500m  7.04.3.  Louise Fairclough:  Discus  15.33m,  Shot Putt 6.18m.  Chris Causer:  Shot Putt:  5.91m.

Our next match is on 7th June, at Ashton Under Lyne. We hope everyone is available for this match, please let us know if not.  Thanks once again for competing and making it an excellent day, and many thanks to our officials. 


Saturday 3rd May- YDL Lower at Blackpool Stanley Park

35 young athletes travelled to Blackpool for the Young Development League. Christopher Lamb achieved 2 club records; one in the javelin 44.57 and one in the shot putt 10.93 (both personal bests too). He also jumped 5.20 in the long jump. Daniel Lamb competed in the 100m to finish in 12.7 and 26.3 in the 200m, he jumped 5.22 in the long jump too. Ben Oldham finished 3rd in the 300m in 46.7- a personal best! Peter Davies finished the 300m in 49.7 (pb) and 14.1 in the 100m, 12.22 in the discus (another pb). Joseph Woods ran the 800m in 2.47.4 (pb) and won the discus with 13.64 (pb). Anthony Walker did the 1500m in 5.33 and threw the shot 4.01. 
For the under 13 boys Alex Moore competed for the first time, he finished 100m in 14.4 (pb) and 29.3 for the 200m (pb). Sam O'Connor also represented the club for the first time to run 16.5 in the 100m and 33.7 for the 200m (both pb's). Charlie Roberts competed in the 800m to finish 3rd in 2.41.1 whilst Jack Lowry finished the 800m in 2.47.6 (pb). Matthew Slevin ran 1500m in 5.48.7 (pb) and Michael Brussels finished in 6.05.8 (pb) and jumped 3.25 in the long jump. Jack Wooland threw the javelin 14.39 (pb). 
Under 13 girls saw Kaitlin Naylor run 75m in 11.4, and jumped 2.96 in the long jump. Rebecca Brown ran 75m in 11.5 and jumped 3.42 in the long jump and threw 4.89 in the shot. Rebecca Houghton ran 23.5 in the 150m. Cody Wills ran 24.9 in the 150m she also threw 4.89 in the shot putt. Ellie Doyle ran 3.08.5 in the 800m, she it a pb in the javelin of 8.96. Harriet King ran on the track for the first time in the 800m to finish in 3.11.9. Lucy Price took part in the 1200m and finished in 4.45.5 whilst Jessica Durrence finished in 4.49.7 (pb). 
For the under 15 girls, Caitlin Young ran the 100m in 13.9 and 29.4 for the 200m (2 pb's) . Lauren Marshall ran 14.2 in the 100m and jumped 4.49 in the long jump (pb). Erin Makin ran 30.0 in the 200m. Abbie Roberts ran the 300m in 47.5 whilst Ellie Mawdsley did 50.5. Piper Unsworth ran for the first time in the 1500m, she finished in 6.11.6. Freya Roberts ran the 800m in 2.59.1. Emily Smith ran 12.8 in the 75mH and threw 20.27 (pb) in the javelin, also jumping 1.48 in the high jump. Megan Lang also ran the 75mH and finished in 13.0, she also jumped 4.48 on the long jump. Laura Fairclough threw the hammer 25.11 (pb) and also the shot putt: 8.11. Alex Bottomley threw the javelin 23.84 (pb). Jorden Pilkington threw the shot 7.86 (pb). Emma Fairclough jumped 1.36 in the high jump.
Well done to everyone who competed and thanks to the officials- the club finished 3rd overall! 

Helena McGoldrick

 Epic” Ras Y Molewyn 2014 

Fell races are categorised as A B or C, A being the hardest. S for short, with M for Medium and L for Long. Ras Y Moelwyn was my first hard A class Fell race. It took place on Saturday 19 April and was preceded by a two hour drive to Festiniog. From the starting line I could see the towering Welsh hills including the three peaks of Moelwyn Mawr, Moelwyn Bach and Moel-yr-hydd.

The race went though the village and over the Festiniog railway footbridge followed by an undulating run over the low fells until a sharp ascent at the disused Quarry where the incline increased until the Cwmorthin Reservoir with a beautiful view of the lake. Past the lake up a further steep incline to another Quarry. Through the disused Quarry buildings I could see the front runners winding up to the ascent of Moelwyn Mawr.

The terrain was now boggy fell territory and my leg disappeared knee deep but I did not lose my Salomon Fellraiser footwear thanks to its stay tight cord lacing system. From the summit of Molewyn Mawr I would see all the way to Conwy and the coast. The descent was steep with drops of a metre in places. Molewyn Bach which followed was steeper, shorter and easier than the Mawr with a further steep ascent to the dam at Llyn Stwlan reservoir.

My quads started feeling the pace up the final crippling ascent of Moel-yr-hydd. However, the descent was great. No path just picking your own route through the fell back to Cwmorthin. As I reached the undulating fells, my legs felt wobbly but I managed to run through the village for a final 'sprint' to the finish line. In conext 'sprint' represents poetic licence.

My nine mile journey had taken me 1hour 56 mins, twice the time for my normal flat run, and well behind Greg Cairns who ran a PB of 1 hour 40 mins. I was too tired to hit him for talking me into the race in the first place!!! Still, with such freedom and beautiful surroundings, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Epic and a great way to learn Welsh place names!!

Report from Gary Oldham