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September  2004 News


Three Men and a Lady:

An intrepid advance search and destroy party, consisting John "Muscles" Irwin, "Speedy" Stan Erlam, Janet "Slim Line" Holmes and Phil "I can't lift a thing" Thomas, cleared the container which the club has been allowed for the storage of current and future equipment.
Most of the equipment previously held in the clubhouse has been moved to the container. The rest has been safely stored in the cupboards in the clubhouse. Coaches and athletes will be expected to ensure that all equipment used on training nights will be returned to its rightful place at the end of each training session.
The clubhouse is now much bigger than it used to be!!! It is expected to remain that way. Over the coming months it is expected the kitchen will be back in use.
Primary Schools Sports Hall Meeting:
Following a meeting with St Helens MBC, Terry Arnold, Julia Hayes and Joe Ehlen are on the prowl for officials to help with the staging of the event which was brilliantly executed last year.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held at the Bull & Dog on Monday 6 September in the absence of President Billy McMinnis who has recently undergone and eye operation and is currently recuperating in Cornwall.
Phil Thomas, John Irwin and Julia Hayes were re-elected to the club's executvie poisitions. Pam Appleton, Janet Holmes, Sue Clague and Dave Morley were joined on the Committee by Danny McLoughlin and Joe Ehlen while Barry Graney and Rose Hutchinson were also coopted.
Track captains Sue Lowrie and Ray Vose were joined by new cross country captains Cecilia Fitzsimons and Ian Hayburn.
Phil Robinson and Julia Eccleston won the Club Athletes of the Year Award, Ben Fisher and Emma McClatchey were awarded trophies for the most memorable performances of the year and Peter Knowles took the coveted Billy McMinnis award.
Julia Eccleston was the ladies' cross country and track & field athlete of the year with Ian White taking the men's cross country award and Phil Robinson the track and field trophy.