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December 2004 News

Mikayla Louise Clague : 25 December 2004

Mikayla made her entrance just forty minutes into Christmas Day, giving Sue enough time to recover for the forthcoming matches at Frodsham, Manchester and, of course, the county championships! Mikayla weighed in at 6lbs 15 ounces (I think that's the correct way round). Congratulations and best wishes to Sue and the entire family.

London Marathon -

Three members have asked to be considered for the club places at the London Marathon. They are Rosie O'Toole, Ray Vose and Mark Laithwaite. As places have to be taken immediately a final decision will be taken on Tuesday evening (20 December). Anyone who is interested and wishes to be considered should contact Phil Thomas - immediately.

Catherine Lambert - Grade 2 Coach:

Catherine Lambert is our latest qualified level 2 coach. Catherine has been coaching the Leeds University Ladies' cross country team for 4 hours a week since September and was successful in her exam last weekend. Catherine has qualified for endurance and intends to take the sprints module early next year.

Roger McCall - Field Referee:

Roger McCall has been elevated to the position of Field Referee with effect from Januray 1st 2005. Congratulations from all at St Helens-Sutton for this well deserved - and long overdue - recognition of Roger's ability as a technical official.

Welcome To Emma:

Emma Graney made her appearance on 20 November 2004 and has made her presence felt ever since. Barry Graney is in a whole new world and Alison is overjoyed. We wish them all the very best.

North of England Cross Country Championships : Consett 29 January 2005

The club has submitted 43 entries for the above and despite the travelling distance (150 miles)we have been able to enter teams in all but two of the ten age groups. To date we have 25 people travelling by coach, leaving Lea Green Station at 6.30.a.m.and are extending travel facilities to supporters from St Helens-Sutton and people from other clubs who wish to travel with us. Two dozen athletes will be staying overnight and a number will be travelling by car themselves on the day. All we need now is a good turnout. Entries can still be accepted for the National and Merseyside so get your money to Phil Thomas as soon as possible if you haven't entered already.

News From Committee:

London Marathon:

The club has three reserved entries for the 2005 London Marathon. The places are open to club members of one year's standing. Preference will be given to members who have entered for the race but been rejected. Further preference will be given to members who have not     run in the race before. In the event no one is eligible using the above criteria, the places are open to other club members. The final places are decided by the Committee. It should be noted the places are not free. They should be submitted with the correct entry free to   the race organisers. Anyone offered a place must run in the club vest. They are free to run to obtain sponsorship for the club or a charity of their own choice if they wish to do so. The  three places are usually decided at the January committee meeting.

Northern Track and Field: 1 May: 2005

The first match will be at Douglas in the Isle of Man on Sunday 1 May 2005. The Isle of Man Tourist Board and the Northern League are offering to provide financial support on the proviso that members of the team, including officials, stay at least one night on the island. Details of the approved accommodation which will be provided are not yet known but will include both one and two nights packages at various levels. Please note, all bookings must be made via the club and will involve a deposit of 20 per person. This deposit should be given to Phil Thomas as soon as possible. The weekend chosen is a bank holiday weekend which has the advantage of allowing a return on the Monday without worrying about going to work or school.