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September 2003 News

Club Championships.

The Committee has agreed that the club cross country championships will be scored using the same system for all age groups with effect from this season. A full list of relevant men's and women's fixtures will be put on the notice board in the near future. The unofficial ladies' road race championships will not be held this season but athletes are encouraged to compete in the designated winter races to ensure maximum turn out for the club.

Club Colours:

The Committee has determined that members wishing to represent the club in championships are expected to purchase a club vest. Vests which have been used but no long fit can be exchanged. Members who have not yet returned vests borrowed at the Cheshire League match at Eccles should do so as soon as possible.

Road Race:

Pam Appleton's road race entry form was approved and will be circulated at road races throughout the winter. Next year's event, scheduled for 14 March, will include a Fun Run in addition to the men's and women's races. Janet Holmes is the race secretary.

Christmas Handicap:

Paul Davenport has obtained sponsorship of 60 from his employers for the prizes at the Christmas Handicap. Full details will be provided as soon as possible.

Young Athletes Presentation:

The Young Athlete's Presentation evening has been schedule for Friday 31 January 2004 at Penlake Social Club. Tickets (2.50) are available from Julia Hayes. Book early.


The Committee advises all members of the importance of wearing reflective gear and is currently pricing armbands for members to purchase.


To reduce administration costs reminders will not be issued for the payment of race entry fees. This is particularly important during the pre-Christmas period when requests will be made in quick succession for the Merseyside, Northern and National Cross Country Championships and all members are urged to make payment immediately upon receipt of request for payment. The Merseyside event is in Huyton, the Northern at Sherdley Park and the National at Leeds so a good turnout is looked for.


We have additional offers of help to assist with the staging of the St Helens' Primary Schools Sports Hall Championships on Saturday 11 October and the 1 November. Amongst those who are available to help are Denis Fulton, Paul Davenport and Nicola Quinn.

Representative Meetings:

The club will be represented at the North of England AGM on 11 October and the Northern League AGM's on 8 November. The former will be discussing proposals to raise the levy from 1 to 3 (which the club is opposing) and the latter will consider integrating senior men's and women's teams as single unifed clubs (which we are supporting).

Sports Hall Team Management:

Roseanne Hutchinson will succeed Julia Hayes as Sports Hall League team manager during the season. Both ladies are attending this weekend's first match at Widnes which starts at 12 noon prompt. Joe Ehlen will be offering active assistance and is helping to organise transport and teams for the second match at Crewe in November.

New Coaching Personnel

The club has two new Level 1 coaches. Pauline Picton and Ian White both successfully completed the course organised at Sutton last weekend and neither could walk on Monday!! Pauline has expressed an interest in working with youngsters while Ian has been an athlete for over 20 years and involved in coaching middle distance for several. In addition, John Naylor has been looking after the younger sprinters. John is a current Level 3 coach. Roseanne Hutchinson, Joe Ehlen, Sue Lowrie and Laura Davenport have all completed the core element of Level 2 and will be taking their specific subjects in January, in addition to the new stand alone Children in Athletics module in November.

Child Protection:

St Helens MBC is holding a Child Protection Course on Wednesday 19 November, 6p.m. - 9.p.m. It is the club's policy for all qualified coaches to take child protection courses as soon as practical after qualification. Any coaches wishing to take this opportunity to take this free course should contact Phil Thomas as soon as possible.

Pole Vault Training

The first phase of the winter training programme has begun with Emma McClatchey and Nicola Quinn attending pole vault coaching sessions at Liverpool under the guidance of specialist coach Robbie McKenna with Joe Ehlen, Paul Davenport and Phil Thomas in attendance. This will be continued on a weekly basis, include other interested athletes during the winter and extended to include drills conducted at Sutton by Joe and Paul as part of the winter schedule for jumpers, hurdlers and sprinters being conducted under the auspices of Dave Morley. Any athletes who are interested in pole vaulting should contact Paul or Joe in the first instance.

Annual General Meeting: Bull & Dog 3 September.

A well attended AGM started at 7.30.p.m.with a minute's silence in memory of Rebecca Clague. It was presided over by Billy McMinnis, aged 88, who joined the club in 1936 and won his first medal at Christmas of that year. Billy was a member of the Sutton Harriers team which won the National Cross Country title four years out of five after the second world war. His interest in the club, in particular the development of new generations of athletes remains undiminished.

John Irwin reported a healthy financial year with monies coming from many sources including a very successful presentation evening for young athletes, a track meeting at Warrington, grants, the road races and other souces. The accounts are available to all members on request.

Phil Thomas was elected chairman, John Irwin Treasurer and Julia Hayes Secretary.Sue Lowrie, Janet Holmes, Ray Vose and Barry Graney were elected to the various captaincy positions. Lisa Bluett, Denis Fulton, Paul Davenport, Pam Appleton, Dave Morley and Sue Clague were elected to the Committee.

The Athlete of the Year Awards for Senior Men and Senior Women's Competitions were won by Ben Fisher and Julia Eccleston respectively.The other trophies were award as follows:

Senior Ladies Track and Field :

1 Lucy Mitchell
2 Diane Appleton
3 Caroline Morley

Senior Men's Track and Field :

1 Ray Vose
2 Ben Fisher
3 Jon Calder

Senior Women's Cross Country

1 Julia Eccleston
2 Pam Appleton
3 Cecilia Fitzsimons

Senior Men's Cross Country

1 Barry Graney
2 Ray Vose
3 Barry Cunliffe

Senior Women's Road Race Championship:

Champion Julia Eccleston
Best Newcomer Claire Newing

The Bill McMinnis Special Award:

Dave Forrester

The Most Improved Athlete award has been held over until Ray Vose returns from his trip to the United States.

After the chairman gave a brief summary of the year's progress a full discussion of all relevant points took place. The final item was the election of Trevor Prescott to life membership of the club. Trevor recently returned to competition in the Capenhurst 5k, finishing as the first Over 70. A member of Sutton Harriers in the 1950's and 1960's Trevor later moved to Chester but always maintained his links with Sutton. When he moved back to St Helens he acted as a club coach and still writes the reports for the local papers.His election to life membership was unanimous.

The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m and was followed by informal discussion and socialising which was enjoyed by all. The next Committee meeting will be held on Thursday 25 September at 8.30.p.m.

Sports Hall Training: 30 September

Indoor Sports Hall training begins on Tuesday 30 September under the guidance of Roseanne Hutchinson, Frank Atkinson, Joe Ehlen, Dave Green and others. Sports Hall competition starts on 28 September with a double header at Kingsway Sports Centre, Widnes. The full list of Sports Hall matches for the 2003-2004 season is now on the website and a letter has gone out to all parents and children. Please see notice board for full details of events or contact Julia Hayes (608504).

St Helens Primary Schools Sports Hall Meetings:

The club has taken on full responsibility for staging the preliminary and final matches for the above events. The preliminary event takes place on Saturday 11 October and the finals on 1 November. Volunteers to date include John Irwin, Julia Hayes, Dave Morley, Joe Ehlen, Frank Atkinson, Chris Dempsey, Sue Lowrie, Janet Holmes, Sue Clague, Denis Fulton and Pam Appleton. In addition, some of the older female athletes will also be assisting in their indefatigable way.

Disco For All : 19 September.

There will be an evening's entertainment at Penlake Social Club on Friday 19 September when, for the meagre cost of 1.50, adults and children can enjoy a convivial time for the entire evening, relaxing before the Merseyside Road Relays the following day. This is a good way to increase club funds and enjoy yourself at the same time. Buy your tickets from Julia Hayes or John Irwin as soon as possible.

News From Committee:

The Committee proposed and passed a motion of thanks to Ray Vose for his outstanding chairmanship during the past 12 months. Ray has seen the club develop into a single unit dedicated to the development of individual athletes and the club as a whole and, on his return from his North American trip, will be resuming his outstanding work with our middle distance runners. While over in the U.S.A. Ray is hoping to meet up with Neil Smart, now living in California. Neil won several steeplechase titles as a member of Sutton Harriers. His sister, Sue Crehan, another Sutton Harriers member, represented the Great Britain in the marathon at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Historical Project:

Phil Thomas has been granted access to 40 years' worth of Athletics Weekly and is currently compiling St Helens-Sutton's results from 1990 onwards as recorded in the pages of AW. These will be archived on the website on a month by month basis during the coming year. Any members who have results sheets or their own records of performances are invited to let Phil borrow them in order to establish as full a record as possible of the club and its predecessors history. Thanks in this respect are already due to Tony Raffle for his invaluable assistance.