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News Archives 2002
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News Archives 2003
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January News

Final Reminder: Social Evening

A final reminder that the club's social evening, including the presentation to the youngsters, takes place at Penlake this Friday night. All club members welcome.

Five Fold Increase in County Representation

The club has increased its Merseyside County representation from one in 2002 to five in 2003 with the selection of Gill Bacon, Barry Cunliffe, Dave Forrester, Mike Burke and Mike Ehlen for the team to run in the Inter-Counties at Nottingham on Saturday 8 February. In addition, Ben Clough is first reserve for the under 13 Boys' team. Tony Smith just missed out in the senior event where some of the selections are strange. We are still waiting for the Cheshire team to be announced.

Merseyside Schools' Cross Country, Whiston, 18 January

Details of the above event have just arrived at the club. There are seven races which will be contested by Districts so whichever school you belong to you will   be representing the St Helens District or Knowsley if you live in the Prescot area. Anyone belonging to a Merseyside School can run on payment of 1 on the day. Joe Ehlen, Sue Clague and several other club coaches will be present on the day so speak with them on Thursday or on the day of the race. Arrive in plenty of time for your event.

10:30 a.m.       Year 12/13       Boys       7000m
10:32 a.m.       Year 7 Girls 2000m
10:45 a.m.       Year 7 Boys 2000m
11:10 a.m.       Year 8/9 Girls 3000m
11:30 a.m.       Year 10/11 Girls 3500m
11:30 a.m.       Year 12/13 Girls 3500m
11:50 a.m.       Year 8/9 Boys 4000m
12:15 p.m.       Year 10/11 Boys 6000m

The venue is Stadt Moers Park, Whiston, behind the Ranger's Hut in Pottery Lane, Whiston.                                                      

Northern Cross Country Championships: Manchester 25 January

Please note that transport arrangments for this event are being organised by John Irwin and Ray Vose.

National Cross Country Championships: London 22 February 

Accommodation for 22 adults and six youngsters staying for two nights in London has been confirmed. Details are on the club noticeboard and have been circulated to those involved. If anyone else wants to be added to the party please let Phil Thomas know as soon as possible, although the preferential rates obtained already may not be available.

Ray's on Time

Congratulations to Ray Vose on passing his timekeeping examination. No-one can now argue their training times are wrong!

2002 in Perspective

The review of 2002 is now available via our links page.......Here

Track Meetings

The opening track and field meetings of 2003 are at Warrington & Birmingham. The Warrington event takes place on Sunday 2 February (12 noon) and includes competitions for under 11's through to seniors. Birmingham's Midlands Games meeting is a two day competition on 22/23 February at the National Indoor Arena. There is a minimum age of 13 and minimum starting heights in the field events. Full details are available on the club noticeboard.

New Coaching Appointment

Colin Cunliffe is our latest coaching appointment following his transfer to level two. Colin will taking charge of our younger male sprinters as the club prepares  for the new era of joint competition. 

News From Committee

The club will be sending senior men's, senior ladies, an under 13 boys' team plus individual athletes in different age groups to the National Cross Country event on 22 February. This represents a threefold increase in numbers over last year. Transport arrangements have been advised and responses must be returned to Phil Thomas immediately to secure accomodation.

London Marathon

The club receives two entries for the London Marathon. There is a procedure for determining whic members are eligible to compete in the event. They must have been a member of the club for at least a year and made an unsuccessful application to compete in the 2003 event. In the event of there being several applicants the place will be decided by lots. The Committee decided that one place this year should be awarded to Pauline Picton who met the requisite criteria and gave up her place in the 2002 event so Dorothy Fairhurst could compete. Barry Graney has expressed a wish to compete but will forgo the place if any other eligible club member wants to run.

Road Race:

The course has been measured and changing for ladies obtained at Eaves Lane Primary School. The men's changing is under consideration. Maps are being drawn up and entries will be acknowledged immediately in the New Year. The following persons have already volunteered to help on the day as marshals and     in other capacities, including results. John Irwin, Sue Lowrie, Sue Clague, Lisa Bluett, Julia Hayes, Joe Ehlen,Phil Thomas and Janet Holmes. A further dozen are required. Joe Ehlen is setting up the results system.

Merseyside Athletics Forum:

The club received many favourable comments at the Merseyside Forum and will be actively participating in the Forum's future activities. We understand that repairs to the track will cost in excess of 250,000 and that grants are available to bring it up to standard. The club committed itself to the Active Sport initiative and is also applying for grants under the scheme.

Northern Vets Track and Field Championships: Sunday 25 May.

The club has been asked to stage the above fixture and will be active in recruiting officials to act on the day. We also expect many of our veteran athletes to take part in the championships as they are on our home track. We are concerned about a possible clash with the Young Athletes League but intend to make the event a successful one.


The Committee unanimously endorsed previous policy decisions on Sports Hall Athletics, Young Athletes' Leagues and the personnel designated to look after them. Appropriate documents will be prepared as part of the development plan. All level one coaches will be taking level two as soon as practicable and previously terminated memberships will not be restored.

Disabled Athletes:

The club is working with St Helens M B C to provide coaching for disabled athletes to ensure disabled athletes are properly represented in athletics at the Merseyside Youth Games and other events. Sue Clague, Sue Lowrie and Dave Morley all expressed interest in this developing this part of the club's activities and together with the Executive Members (Ray Vose, John Irwin and Julia Hayes) have formed the Disbaility Provision Sub-Committee. Any club members interested in developing this important aspect of the club's activities should contact Julia Hayes. St Helens-Sutton is committed to Athletics For All.

Presentation Evening:

Has been confirmed for Friday 31 January 2003. This is a social evening for the all club members at which presentations will be made to our youngsters, including Young Athletes of the Year. It is not just an evening for the youngsters. All are invited to enjoy the evening out for a mere 2.50 per ticket. Terry Arnold is bringing the sausage rolls, Ray Vose is making the hot-pot and we are looking for volunteers to provide sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and other edibles.

Child Protection:

The club's policy for photographing youngsters is now available for viewing. A copy will be placed on the notice board and incorporated into the overall child protection policy which is currently being written as an integral part of our club development plan. 

Date of the Next Committee Meeting: 

The next committee meeting will take place at Sutton Sports Centre on Thursday 30 January 2003. Please notify the Secretary about any matters you wish to draw to the committee's attention.

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