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December News

Medals for the Ladies

Following their recent third placing in the North West Women's League it was decided that all ladies who had represented the club in the league would receive  bronze medals. Congratulations to Gill Bacon, Cecilia Fitzsimons, Louise Casey, Pam Appleton, Julia Eccleston, Chris Dempsey, Janet Holmes   and Pauline Picton. Many thanks to the League for providing the medals.

National Entries:

The following 25 entries for the National have now been submitted. Ian White, Richard Bradshaw, Ray Vose, Barry Graney, Danny McLoughlin, Alan Davies, Anthony Davies, John Irwin, Andy Boyack, Barry Cunliffe, David Twigg, Mike Burke, John Dumbell, Mike Ehlen, Dave Forrester, Steven Clague, Ben Clough, Jodie Nelson, Pam Appleton, Louise Casey, Chris Dempsey, Julia Eccleston, Janet Holmes, Margaret Hunter-Frackelton and Cecilia Fitzsimons.

Cheshire Cross Country League

The first race in the Cheshire League at Castle Park, Frodsham, on Sunday 29 December will be at 12.30.p.m.and involves different age groups. Please arrive  at the venue by 11.45 a.m. at the latest. The normal start is at the highest point of the venue.

Race Date Amendments

The Mayor of Knowsley 10k on Sunday 20 April and the Croxteth 10k have both been cancelled, the former because of a clash with the Halton Bridge race and the latter because Croxteth Park is being used for a dog show.

Northern Track & Field League

Some of the venues for 2003 have been changed, most notably the combined first fixture which is now at Stretford and the second women's match which will be held at Blackburn instead of Warrington. All changes have been incorporated into the fixture list both at the club and on the website. The same rule applies - take your holidays some other time, not on these weekends!!!!

National Cross Country Championships

The National Cross Country Championships take place at Parliament Hill Fields on Saturday 22 February. A circular has been distributed asking individuals if they wish to compete and - if they do - whether they would like to travel on the day or stay over. The programme is as follows:-

11.05 a.m. Boys' Under 15:                  11.30 a.m. Under 17/Junior Women   12 noon     Girls' Under 13:                  12.20 p.m. Under 17 Men                  12.50 p.m. Girls' Under 15:                    1.25 p.m. Junior Men                       2.p.m.         Boys' Under 13:                   2.15 p.m. Senior Women                  3.p.m.        Senior Men

The closing date is early in the new year therefore entry fees must be given to Phil Thomas as soon as possible and before Christmas in any case. Travel arrangements can be sorted out with those who will be competing. In 2002 we  had a senior men's team, let's increase our representation in 2003

Northern Vest for Gill:

Following her outstanding performance in the North West Women's League Gill Bacon has been selected to represent the Northern Counties in the Inter-Area fixture which is run in conjunction with the Reebok Challenge at Edinburgh this coming Saturday - 14 December. Gill becomes the first St Helens-Sutton senior lady to earn this well deserved honour. Gill will not be the only St Helens-Sutton runner taking part, Mike Burke is hoping to be fit enough to contest the under 13 Boys' race. We wish them both the best of luck and much more success.

News From Committee:

Sports Hall: 

Dr Phil Thomas, one of our level 3 coaches, has agreed to take over the direction and thrust of Sports Hall provision until current level 1 coaches complete their level  2 training. Sports Hall athletics is designed to provide enjoyment for children and identify specific talents for future development. Phil will be joined by Dave Morley who is qualified in TOPS provision and will be devising new games for the younger children.Phil is inviting all interested coaches and parents to provide him with their thoughts and comments on the club’s strategy for Sports Hall. Sue Clague has been added to the team of coaches. Julia Hayes remains as team manager, organising team selection for the forthcoming matches. The next match takes place on Sunday 26 January at Kingsway Sports Hall, Kingsway, Widnes. As there are non- scoring events, everyone is invited to take part.

Sports Grants:

The club has made a number of grant applications for grants to facilitate coaching education and practice. One application is for medicine balls for all age groups to improve both strength and technique training for field events.

Coaching Coordination:

Sue Clague is currently identifying coaching needs amongst our throwers and jumpers for the post-Christmas period. Sue will be talking to athletes and parents about the plans for individual coaching for athletes who need both technical and strength training.

St Helens M.B.C:

Chairman Ray Vose, Dave Morley, John Irwin, Julia Hayes and Phil Thomas met Council officials on 21 November to discuss issues of mutual interest. We have been made aware of the Council’s views on athletic development, their work in the  schools and support for the club as the town’s athletic representatives. St Helens- Sutton A C are fully committed to working with St Helens M.B.C. to provide the environment in which athletics can develop for everyone with an interest in the sport, irrespective of talent or socio-economic background. New communication channels  have been established and we look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Christmas Handicap

The Christmas cross country handicap will take place on Sunday, 22 December, time to be advised. All club members are invited to take part. Contrary to rumours emanating from Committee, Phil Thomas will not be running this year but all other Committee members are, with the exception of Julia Hayes who is recording. Ian White has put an entry form up on the Board for names. Make sure yours goes up as soon as possible.

Presentation Evening.

Tickets are available for the presentation evening on Friday 31 January. The venue is Penlake Social Club. Tickets are selling fast at £2.50 a time. Don't miss out -    buy yours from Julia Hayes as soon as possible. Please note although we are taking the opportunity of presenting prizes to our young athletes, the event is open to senior members of other clubs, especially those who are attracted by the provision of a bar and food.

Child Protection

In accordance with UK Athletics Guidelines we will not be showing any pictures of children on our website without parental permission and, in the case of females, will restrict such pictures to head and shoulders only. Parents with an awareness of the potential dangers of the misuse of the internet will understand the reasons for this restriction. Full details will be provided in the club’s child protection policy when it is published.

Young Athletes League

The Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field Leagues have agreed to amalgamate so the club will be competing as a single unit during the summer months. Bearing in mind the over-riding importance of schoolwork, coaches are making flexible arrangements with individual athletes to accommodate mock exams in the coming months.

Road Race : 16 March 2003

Janet Holmes is handling the entries for the road race, for which we have already received the first entry (Race limit 250 per event). John Irwin is re-measuring the course for accuracy. Active consideration is being given to medals for all those who take part. Please direct all enquiries to Janet who is currently injured and unable to compete. We will also require about 20 marshals for the event. 

Officials’ Exams:

Pam Appleton, Janet Holmes, Sue Clague, Frank Vose and Ray Vose are taking their timekeeping exams this month while Frank Atkinson, Joe Ehlen, Danny McLoughlin, John Irwin and Phil Thomas will be taking the field events test. We wish them all the best.

County and Northern Championships

Ray Vose now has the forms for the above championships and will be submitting them to the organising bodies in the very near future. If you want to enter please contact Ray as soon as possible.


A further 31 memberships were recorded during November. A number of existing members' subscriptions are still outstanding . Those members are asked to pay as soon as possible. A list of outstanding subscriptions will be placed in the clubhouse   as a reminder.


Were recorded to Mike Burke, Mike Ehlen and Jodie Nelson on their selection for their respective county schools’ teams at Coventry recently. The Merseyside Schools Championships are to be held at Stadt Moers Park, Whiston on 18 January, 2003.

Next Committee Meeting

The next Committee meeting will be on Tuesday 17 December at 8.30.p.m. to avoid clashing with Christmas shopping, parties and the many other festivities which take place at this time of year.  Anyone with business they want the Committee to consider should contact Julia Hayes as soon as possible.

Christmas Training

As the Sports Centre will be closed on Tuesday 24th, Thursday 26th & Tuesday 31st December no track training will take place on those evenings. Training at the track will re-commence on Thursday 2 January 2003. Athletes who are running in the Cheshire League on Sunday 29 December and the County Championships over the first weekend in January will be training at different times and in various places during the Christmas and New Year period. Please see your coach for your own training details.

Seasonal Greetings

2002 has been a watershed in the history of St Helens-Sutton A C. We have every reason to believe 2003 will be even better. The Committee wish all members a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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