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Results  & News 2008
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January  2008

International Cross Country - Lisbon - 27 January

Davd Forrester scored a comfortable victory for Great Britain juniors at the Lisbon International Meeting.

Northern U17 & U15 Indoor Championships - Sheffield 27 January

Tom Green produced a magnificent performance to take third place in the Northern U15 200m in 24.20. Tom also finished fifth in the  60m final in 7.74 having recorded 7.64 in his heat. Ryan Fahey competed in the U17's setting a new club best of 7.98 for the 60m and recording 25.64 over the 200m.

Northern Cross Country Championships: Rounday Park, Leeds 26 January

The club had an interesting time at Leeds, finishing teams in the U13, U15 Girls, U15 Boys & senior men's championships. Individually Chelsea Jarvis finished sixth in the U13 race and Danny Griffiths was 12th in the junior mens' contest. The U13 Girls' team were 13th with Rachel Wilcock (101), Vicky Lamb (138) and Louise Hayes (151)  providing Chelsea with support, while the U15's were 15th, Jemma Shaw (31), Natalie Garrity (94), Lauren Bradshaw (101) and Heather Drillingcourt (111) the counting four this time.

The U15 Boys finished eleventh, John Ashcroft (28), Jamie White (65), David T Griffiths (69) and Jamie Webb (141) making the count and an unwell Danny Hughes (147) completing the course. The U17 trio of Jake Healy(104), Steve Clague (144) and Adam Fackey (145) battled the terror of Hill 60 with some success.

Greg Williams (129), Ian Costello (185), Barry Graney (186), Ian White (313), Peter Johnson (353) and Ian Hayburn (409) made the count in a good men's turn out while Ray Vose (426) finished the course and Steve Mayers' hips fell victim to the rough terrain.

Christine Dickinson (240) finished the senior ladies' race in exactly 40 minutes, collecting 20 points in the club championships as the rest of the team (Julia Eccleston, Eleanor Reynolds and Gemma Connolly) tried to reach Leeds via Barnsley which hasn't been tried since Roman times - and with more success. I understand they got a great view of the second lap of the race they should have been in and were able to jog up Hill 60 for fun.

So it's back to training in the morning for those who haven't been worn out by the birthday parties they're attending tonight. Next club race 9 February at Wythenshaw Park when a full turn out is required. Those at school have the Merseyside Schools' event next Saturday at Arrowe Park, directions and race times have been distributed.


Helsby Half Marathon 20 January

Matt Cullen was tenth in 74.49, forgot his prize which may yet appear on ebay if he doesn't collect it. Gill Laithwaite was the fifth lady, second veteran O35 in 81.57, closely followed by Gemma Connolly (83.33) in seventh place. Matt Shillabeer was (72nd - 83.56), Barry Graney 86th -84.31, Mark Glynn 110th in 86.30 while Steve Tate was 34th 045 in 91.59, just ahead of Dennis Wharton 25th O50 in 92.37.

Sam Scott (231 - 92.47), Martin Howard (96.18 - 322) and Chris Reid (102.13 - 85th M45), were closely followed by Karen Jarvis (102.29 -15th 045), Sue O'Hanlon (107.27 -21st )45), Pam Appleton (111.27 -15th 050), Rob Stiffin (112.01 -167th 040), Dorothy Fairhurst (2.15.12 -6th V60) and Pauline Picton (2.21.52 34th V50).

Pauline is amongst a number of athletes whose pictures can be accessed via John Schofield's website, in fact, Pauline was so good they took two pictures!! Others whose images appear include Matt Cullen, Gill Laithwaite, Matt Shillabeer, Gemma Connolly, Karen Jarvis, Pam Appleton (resplendent in racing cap) and Dorothy Fairhurst.

Results  Pics

North West Sports Hall League 20 January

The U11 Boys and Girls have both qualified for the Regional Final on 2 March while the U13 girls, who were fourth, also qualified. The athletes taking part were U11's Rachel Woosey, Bethany Baxter, Shelby Jack, Sally Ashton, Chelsea Jukes, Chloe Rigby, Rosie Johnson, Amy Saunders, Lauren Wilcock and Elisha Cain.

For the  U11 Boys it was Ben Hayburn, Scott Houghton, Callum Baxter, Adam Woosey, Ryan Houghton, Jamie Dinnar, Jonathan Causer, Matthew Atherton, and Owen Kennedy.

The U13 Girls' team was Louise Hayes, Tricia Spark, Liane Bibby, Vicky Lamb, Lucy Renshall and Rachel Wilcock while the U15's were Joanna Bebington, Heather Drillingcourt and Jenny Lamb. Results available from the Sports Hall website.

Northern Indoor Championships - Sheffield 19 January

Thaddeus Anim-Somuah smashed the club junior 60m record twice on his way to sixth place in the Northern Indoor 60m Championship, recording 7.20 secs in sixth place, only eight onehundredths of a second short of the bronze medal position. Craig Knight returned to competition after a long lay off recording 7.36 in his heat over the same distance. Well done lads.

Presentation Evening - Friday 18 January

Thanks to all those who attended and congratulations to those who received prizes on the night, such as Mike Hughes, Athlete of the year.

International Call Up:

Dave Forrester has received his third international call up. Dave will represent Great Britain in the Lisbon International cross country race on Sunday 27 January.

Mid Lancs League: Lancaster 12 January

Dave Twigg continued his return to racing fitness by finishing 33rd in the Mid Lancs League at Lancaster University, where Phil Thomas and Gill Laithwaite went to university - though not at the same time and in different subjects.

Hit The Trail 5 - Reddish Vale - Stockport 13 January

A few miles away from Woodbank Park, Matt Cullen finished third over 5 miles in 26.46 and Sam Scott thirteenth in 32.52.

Manchester Area League - Woodbank Park - Stockport 13 January

The club's under 11 Boys finished second and the Girls  third in the aggregate awards for the season with Daniel Elston also picking an individual silver. Rachel Woosey, Danielle Webb and Sally Ashton collected the team medals on the day but, in accordance with club practice, additional medals have been ordered for all those athletes who have represented the club in the League during the season. Daniel Elston, Owen Kennedy and Callum Baxter were the medal recipients for the U11 Boys and another five are on order for those who weren't able to make it this time.

Chelsea Jarvis (2), Rachel Wilcock (14), Vicky Lamb (25) and Louise Hayes (31) were the U13 team while Jemma Shaw (6), Lauren Bradshaw (12), Natalie Garrity (14) and Heather Drillingcourt (14) kept the U15's hopes alive.

The U15 team maintained pressure at the top as John Ashcroft (6), Jamie White (8), Danny Hughes (9), David T Griffiths (12) and Jamie Webb (13) packed within 45 seconds of each other for a fourth straight team victory. Jake Healy (7), Steve Clague (21) and Adam Fackey (22) were our U17 counters.

Gemma Connolly (7) led the ladies home, Julia Eccleston (22), Karen Jarvis (30), Eleanor Reynolds (26), Chris Dickinson (52) and Chris Dempsey (54) completing the count on a very muddy and heavy course.

Greg Williams (16), Steve Tate (47), Ian White (72) and Dennis Wharton (87) were the senior men's quartet.

In the team contest the U13 Girls were third and the U15's fifth, places which they also hold in the aggregate competition. The U15 Boys remain undefeated for the season while the U17 Boys were second on the day. The senior ladies who were fourth on the day with 95 points have moved into third place on aggregate!!!!

A full turn out is required in all the relevant age groups if we are to clinch the remaining medals. Put the date in your diary now. Saturday 9 February 2008. Venue- Wythenshawe Park, Manchester.


Reebok Indoor Meeting - Sport City - 13 January

Tom Green recorded 7.58 and 7.66 over 60 metres plus 24.61 over 200m. Tom's faster time removed Luke Williams' previous best from the record books. Michael Causer long jumped 4.13, was third in the shot with 7.81m.and recorded 8.63 in the 60m.

Presentation Evening - Friday 18 January

The club's 2007 presentation evening will take place on Friday 18 January at 7.15p.m. Presentations will start promptly at 7.45.p.m. so please be ready by then. Presentations will be made for all age groups from Under 11's to seniors. We have a star attraction. Tickets are available from Julia Hayes (01744 608504) either on training nights or on presentation night.

Merseyside County Cross Country Championships - Sherdley Park - 5 January 2008

The club successfully hosted the Merseyside County Championships on a sunny day at Sherdley Park and were also successful in the medal stakes. There were individual silver medals for Jemma Shaw in the U15 Girls' event and Danny Griffiths making his club debut in the U20 race.

The close packing U15 Boys' quintet led by John "One Spike" Ashcroft (6), Danny Hughes (8), Jamie White(9) and David T Griffiths (13) packed within 37 seconds of each other to claim the silver medals, Jamie Webb, less than half a minute down in backup.

The U13 Girls picked up an unexpected silver, Chelsea Jarvis (6), Rachel Wilcock (20), the ever-improving Vicky Lamb (21) and the dependable Louise Hayes (26) combining to finish 17 points clear of Wirral.

The senior ladies' outfit of Julia Eccleston (8), Karen Jarvis (11 - also second 045), Ellie Reynolds (12), Christine Dickinson (16) and Chris Dempsey (20) repeated the club's third place of a year ago while the U15 girls quartet of Jemma Shaw(2), Lauren Bradshaw (12), Heather Drillingcourt (14), Natalie Garrity (16) and Jenny Lamb(21) were only eight points shy of the bronze medals.

There were two U13 Boys, Andy Cowley who was a splendid eighth and county debutant Chris Garrity (21). Jake Healy (11) led the U17 trio, Steve Clague (22) and Adam "Sprint King" Fackey (25) also finishing the course.

The senior men were fourth, Greg Williams (18) and Steve Mayers (23) gaining confidence after getting a race under their belts. Tony Smith, fresh from working overnight, Barry Graney, fighting off flu, Steve Tate, benefiting from having help set out the course at 7.30.a.m. and Ian "Wait Till I'm Fit" Hayburn just holding off Ian White (50), Dennis Wharton (52) and Billy Mousdale (65) in making the count with 172 points.

The course was a credit to those who arrived in darkness at, John Irwin, Colin Spark, Tricia Spark, Lol Jarvis, Barry Graney, Steve Tate, Janet Holmes, Adrian Webb and anyone else I may have forgotten. Many thanks too for the marshals who turned up on the day, Sue Lowrie, George Mullineux, Colin Spark, Lol Jarvis, Mr Healy, Mrs "Full of Flu" Ashcroft, Dorothy Fairhurst and Sue Clague with apologies to anyone overlooked (I'm sure you'll tell me).

Pam Appleton and Janety Holmes were timekeepers, John Appleton was our First Aid representative, Phil Thomas kept the waifs and strays out of the the car park and generally prevented team manager Julia Hayes from getting the pictures she was wanted. Gill Drillingcourt was on picture duty and has produced some which we are trying to get up on the website..

Lyn Webb, Andy Drillingcourt and Ray Vose were amongst the coaches present and there was sterling support from all the parents some of whom enquired as to whether they were need to help marshal.

There was a good team spirit amongst all present and the satisfaction of jobs well done. There were also the following items of lost property. One pair of Size 9 Saucony spikes, green with yellow trim, with short spikes unsuitable for cross country. They were in a supermarket bag which also contained a sole sock. There was also a damp long sleeve vest from the National 2006 and one pink woollen glove. Ring Leo Carrol on 0151 608 4647 to retrieve.

Results  Pics

Cheshire Championships - Forest Park - Birchwood - Warrington 5 January

Gemma Connolly (8) and Sarah Charnock (10) both staked claims for places in the Cheshire team for the inter-counties in March. In the men's race Ian Costello (27) and Matt Shillabeer (41) put in excellent performances the a field of 114 finishers.


Reebok Cross Challenge - Belfast 5 January

Dave Forrester won his second successive race in the Reebok Cross Challenge series by finishing first in the junior race at Belfast. David was 24 seconds ahead of second placed James Wilkinson with Mitch Goose a further eleven seconds adrift in third.