Northern league round 2 : Litherland

On a lovely sunny day, 19 of our athletes competed at Litherland for the second match of the Northern Senior League and finished in third place. For the ladies, Erin Makin ran the 100m in 14.00 and the 200m in 28.90 and jumped 4.46m in the long jump, Codi Wills also ran the 100m and 200m in 14.60 and 29.70. Olivia Harwood Moss ran the 400m in 61.50 and cleared 1.35m in the high jump. Kelly Hamilton ran the 400m in 66.3 and the 800m in 2.25.3 PB, Harriet Glover ran the 800m in 2.38.2 PB, Maddie Williams ran the 1500m in 5.31.6, threw the discus 14.87m and the javelin 13.88m PB. Trish Spark threw the hammer 38.09m, putt the shot 8.69m, threw the discus 21.35m and the javelin 14.46m, Julia Hayes threw the hammer 19.07m and the putt the shot 4.91m.For the men, Michael Causer ran the 100m in 10.90 equal PB and long jumped 7.43m, Daniel Lamb ran the 100m in 11.30, the 200m in 22.80 PB and jumped 6.50m PB in the long jump. Jonathan Causer ran the 400m in 54.50, the 200m in 23.90 equal PB and threw the discus 21.32m, Lochlainn Fisher also ran the 400m in 53.50. Peter Davies and Joe Walker both comped as seniors for the first time, Peter ran the 800m in 2.33.2 and threw the javelin 10.72m, and Joe ran the 1500m in 5.00.4 PB. Greg Williams ran the 5000m in 17.56.1. Darren Scott had a busy day covering the pole vault 2.40m PB, the 400m hurdles 61.5, the 110m hurdles 18.80 PB, triple jumped 11.23m PB, cleared 1.55m in the high jump and threw 32.87m PB in the javelin. Ian Conway threw the hammer 19.00m and putt the shot 8.37m and Mike Hughes threw 38.09m in the hammer and putt the shot 6.68m.

In a thrilling mens 4 x 100m relay Daniel Lamb, Jonathan Causer, Darren Scott and Michael Causer finished first in 45.00 and then Jonathan and Daniel ran the 4 x 400 relay along with Lochlainn Fisher and Peter Davies to finish in fourth place in 3.52.2. Thank you to Helena McGoldrick, Dave Morely, Pam Appleton, Diane Davies, Jane Makin, Phil Robinson, Peter Davies, Michael Causer, Lochlainn Fisher and Phil Thomas who all helped out with the events we had to official.


YDL Upper – Stockport 28th May

Just 12 athletes competed in the second match of the YDL Upper league at Stockport. Once again with such small teams everyone pulled together and covered events they don’t normally do which shows great team spirit. For the U20 men George Asson ran a personal best in the 100m in 11.00, then 22.90 in the 200m and 17.68m PB in the javelin. Daniel Lamb also ran a personal best in the 100m 11.10, jumped 6.30m in the long jump and threw 8.26m in the shot putt. Jonathan Causer ran 24.10 in the 200m and 53.80 in the 400m, he then threw 11.16m in the shot putt which is a personal best and a club record. The U20 women were Jess Leonard who ran 27.60 in the 200m, threw 8.55m in the shot putt, 13.32m in the javelin and 14.54 in the discus having never thrown javelin or discus before. Erin Makin ran 14.10 in the 100m, 29.40 in the 200m, threw 5.77m in the shot putt and jumped 4.17m in the long jump. For the U17 men, Michael Farr ran 11.90 in the 100m and 24,4 in the 200m, Daniel Dobson jumped 4.72m in the long jump, and 58.10 in the 400m PB. Peter Davies ran to 400m in 60.2, threw 8.47m PB in the shot putt and 15.54 in the discus. Competing as U17s for the first time Patrick Neafcy ran the 100m in 13.40 and the 200m in 30.0 and Steven Mayston ran the 1500m in 5.35.4 PB and the 800m in 2.53.4 and threw 5.47 in the shot putt. For the U17 women Lauren Marshall ran the 100m in 14.2 , jumped 4.02m in the long jump and threw 5.14m in the shot putt and Kaitlin Naylor also competing as a first time U17 ran the 100m 14.4 and jumped 3.59 in the long jump. Well done to all and special thanks to the officials, Helena McGoldrick, Jane Marshall, Diane Davies, Ray Causer, Jonathan Causer and Steve Leonard. Thank you all. Our next match is a home match at Warrington on Sunday June 25th, please keep your diaries free as we need a full team out for this match.


YDL Lower: Match 2

For the second YDL (lower), 25 athletes travelled to Sportcity, Manchester. On the day, 28 pb’s were achieved, despite the conditions being miserable and dreary.

Representing the club for his first time, Rhys Gormley competed in the under 15 boys long jump. He jumped 4.06m- he’s off to a fantastic start. Charlie Roberts competed in the 800m to finish in 2.13.1, 39.9 for the 300m (which was a pb) and 1.53m in the high jump. Andrew Redhead competed in the 100m, finishing in 14.7 and threw the javelin 15.63m. Luka Noonan ran 12.3 for the 100m, 25.1 for the 200m and he threw the shot 8m. Joseph Byrne completed the 1500m in 5.17.4, he also threw the shot putt 5m and the discus 11.43m. Joseph achieved pb’s in his throws! Michael Duffy got a pb in his 200m, finishing in 36.7 and another in his long jump with 3.66m. He also competed in the 300m and finished in 50.9. Liam Houghton went in the 800m, finishing in 2.53.1 and he threw the javelin 5.54m which was a pb. James Morris got a pb in the 1500m with a time of 6.19.4. The under 15 boys had relay teams; the 4×100 saw Luka, Andrew, Rhys and James finish 4th in 55.9 and the 4×300 saw Charlie, Michael, Joseph and Rhys finish 1st.

The under 15 girls 100m saw Lauren Taylor and Rachel Brabin finish in the same time, both girls finished in 14.6. Lauren also went on to compete in the 200m, finishing in 30.8 and the long jump, achieving 3.27m. After getting a pb in the 100m, Rachel went on to get 2 more- she jumped 1.20m in the high jump and threw the discus 10.77m. Lizzie Greenall ran 12.7 for the 75mHurdles, threw the shot 6.70m and jumped 3.72 for the long jump. Celine Virton threw the javelin 10.44m, shot 7.03m and discus 14.76m. Alyx Bridge completed the 800m in 2.51.4. Jessica Durrance ran 29.5 for the 200m and 48.20 for the 300m, which was a pb. The girls 4x100m relay team finished 8th in 58.8, it consisted of Lauren, Lizzie, Jessica and Rachel.

Michael Dobson ran 2.25.1 for the 800m and 14.6 for the 100m (pb). Max Harrison threw the javelin 13.25 to achieve a pb and jumped 1.10m in the high jump. Max also threw the shot putt 4.52m. Jacob Roberts got a pb in his 100m, finishing in 15.3. He ran 33.1 for the 200m and jumped 3.34 for the long jump. Thomas Durrance got pb across the board; he ran 32.3 for the 200m, jumped 3.74 in the long jump and threw the shot 5.07m. Adam Beardsworth ran 2.36.0 for the 800m (pb) and threw the javelin 20.21m- a massive pb! Charlie Young ran 6.41.5 for the 1500m which was a pb and twin brother Max ran 6.29.6. The boys 4×100 relay finished 2nd.

Under 13 girl, Rebecca Durrance got pb’s in her events. She jumped 3.34m for the long jump and 1.05m for the high jump. She also threw the javelin 4.38m. Niamh Abbott ran 21.6 for the 150m and Lucy Bridge ran 3.00.7 for the 800m and threw the shot putt 3.75m (pb). Jasmine Scott ran 11.7 for the 75m, 23.1 for the 150m (pb) and putted the shot 4.67m (pb).

Well done to everyone who took part! Thanks to Chris Dempsey, Ian Roberts, Barry Greenall, Louise Greenall, Tony Harrison and Daniel Dobson.

Next match: SUNDAY 18TH JUNE!

Team manager- Helena


Cheshire League Match 1

15 young athletes from St Helens Sutton AC travelled to Ashton-Under-Lyne on Sunday 7th May for the first Cheshire League of the track season. There were 17 pb’s achieved on the day.

Representing the Under 13 Boys, Michael Dobson competed in the 800m and finished in 2.27.6, meanwhile Thomas Durrance ran 32.6 for the 200m and threw the shot putt. He achieved pb’s in both of his events! Max Harrison also achieved two pb’s, he ran 35.3 for the 200m and threw the shot 4.15m.

Under 13 Girl, Hollie Brussels ran 800m in 3.06.2 and achieved a pb in her discus with a throw of 10.43m. Rebecca Durrance got pb’s in her events, she ran 100m in 16.8 and competed in the long jump.

For the Under 15 Boys, Michael Brussels got a pb in his 200m with 30.6, he also competed in the 1500m to finish in 5.11.6. Michael also jumped 3.67m in the long jump. Michael Duffy jumped 4.08m in the long jump and went in the 200m which meant he achieved two pb’s.

Jessica Durrance competed in the Under 15 Girls 100m. She achieved a pb in this event with a time of 16.8. Rachel Bribane got pb’s in both of her events, she ran 15.3 for the 100m and jumped 1.25m in the high jump. Lauren Taylor ran 14.7 for the 100m and threw the shot 5.99m. Lizzie Greenall competed in the 100m to finish in 14.1 (pb) and threw the shot 7.08m (pb). Lizzie also jumped 1.30m in the high jump. Celine Virton competed in the Under 15 Girls shot put, throwing 7.90m, which was a pb! Blythe Carter-Jones went in the 800m, she finished in a time of 3.01.0.

The Under 15 girls relay finished 6th overall, this consisted of Lauren, Lizzie, Jessica and Rachel.

Under 17 Men: Daniel Dobson and Nathan Harrison both competed for the club. Daniel ran 16.1 for the 100m and Nathan ran 13.7 for the 100m (pb) and competed in the high jump.


Thanks to Chris Dempsey, Tony and Gill Harrison and Jake Healey for officiating.

Next meeting: Sunday 2nd July @ Crewe 

Team manager: Helena




Norther Senior League – Cleckheaton Saturday 6th May

The senior team got their season off to a great start by winning the first Northern Athletics Senior League match at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire on Saturday. There were some great performances on an extremely cold and windy day. Michael Causer was welcomed back on to the team after three years battling injury and won the long jump and the 100m as did Daniel Lamb for the B team and they were both part of the winning 4 x 100 relay team. George Asson won the 200m and ran both the 4 x 100m and the 4 x 400m relays, Jonathan Causer ran in the 200m, 400m threw the discus and brought the 4 x 400m relay home for the win. Lochlainn Fisher won the 400m B race and ran the 4 x 400 relay. Matt Crehan, Steve Mayers and Jake Healy between them covered the 800m and 1500m and Matt came home first in the 5000m, Mike Hughes and Ian Conway both threw hammer and shot putt and Mike the discus, whilst Darren Scott and Phil Robinson covered as many events as they could, pole vault, 400m and 110m hurdles, High Jump, Triple jump and javelin.
Harriet Glover competed on the track for the first time in the 800m, and youngster Codi Wills competed as a senior for the first time and ran very well in the 100m and 200m. Lauren Marshall competed in the long jump and then 100m, Jess Leonard ran the 200m, 400m and threw the shot putt, Gemma Connolly had a fantastic win in the 3000m, Rachael Fairclough also ran the 3000m and then the 1500m, Maddie Williams had a great day running 800m, 1500m and threw the discus and javelin for the first time. Hannah Seabrook jumped in both high jump and triple jump and Julia Hayes covered all four throwing events.



YDL UPPER LEAGUE – Match 1 at Leigh Sunday 30th April

The first match of the upper YDL league was held a Leigh Sports Village on a very windy day. Fourteen St Helens athletes and two Warrington athletes competed with a great team spirit with many of them covering events they do not normally compete in.
There were only two U17 men, Michael Farr and Daniel Dobson. Michael ran the 100m in 11.9 pb and the 200m in 23.4 pb. Daniel competed in the long jump and also got a pb with 5.04m despite him being unwell.  

We had five U17 ladies, Lauren Marshall who ran the 100m in 13.9, jumped 4.52m in the long jump and threw the shot 6.61m. Cody Rigby ran the 100m in 14.3, the 200m in 29.6 and threw the javelin for the first time ever 7.73m. Codi Wills also ran the 200m in 29.4 and the 300m in 47.6. Rebecca Brown ran the 100m in 14.1 pb, threw the shot putt 8.61m pb and the discus for the first time 19.44m. Lauren Henry competed for the first time with a long jump of 3.51m and javelin 6.60m. Two Warrington U17 ladies also competed for us, Liz Wright who ran the 300m in 42.9 and the 800m in 2.24 and Amy Nuttall ran the 1500m in 5.07.4.

The U20 women were Erin Makin who ran the 100m in 14.1, the 200m in 28.3, threw the shot 5.81m and the discus for the first time ever 12.90m. Jess Leonard ran the 200m in 26.8 and the 400m in 60.7 and Denni Rigby ran the 1500m in 6.55.4.

The four U20 men covered as many events as they could between them, Daniel Lamb ran the 100m in 11.5, achieved a long jump of 6.17 and threw the shot putt for the first time 8.81m. Jonathan Causer ran the 200m in 23.9 pb, the 400m in 52.9 pb and threw the shot putt 10.74m, Lochlainn Fisher ran the 400m in 53.3, and got a long jump of 4.72m he also tried his hand at discus, and George Asson ran the 100m in 11.4, the 200m in 22.9 and threw the javelin also for the first time 15.27m. All four of them then ran and won the 4 x 100m relay and straight after the 4 x 400m relay and won that too! The team finished in 6th place overall.





YDL Lower- Match 1

Saturday 22nd April saw the first Youth Development League for the Under 13’s and Under 15’s. The match was held at Victoria Park, Warrington and the conditions were ideal for racing.

Representing the Under 13 Boys; Michael Dobson, Thomas Durance, Max Harrison, Jacob Roberts, Max Young and Charlie Young all took part in the competition.

Niamh Abbott, Lucy Bridge, Hollie Brussels, Olivia Byrom and Rebecca Durrance represented the Under 13 Girls.

For the Under 15 Boys; Michael Brussels, James Moran, James Morris, Luca Noonan and Charlie Roberts all competed. Charlie went on to achieve 3 pb’s in his events: 2:12:5 for the 800m, 40:0 for the 300m and 1.57m in the high jump! As well as this, Joseph Byrne, Michael Duffy and Andrew Redhead competed in their first track races for the club.

Alyx Bridge, Jessica Durrance, Elizabeth Greenall, Holly Scott, Lauren Taylor and Celine Virton competed in the Under 15 Girls age group. Emma Eccles, Isabelle Gent, Alicia Spilling ad Elizabeth Tracey all ran in their first track races!


Team Manager: Helena




National Cross Country

matt national
Members of St Helens Sutton A.C. took part in most age groups of the National Cross-country Championships held in muddy conditions in Nottingham’s Wollaton Park. The club’s youngest runner was Michael Dobson who ran in the Under13years. Boys race over 3km. finishing in 315th position in a field of 458 finishers with a time of 15 min.03 secs.. Michael Brussels ran in U15yrs. Boys 4.5km. race recording 18 min.45 secs. finishing 313th of 379 finishers.
Running in the U17yrs. Ladies race was Rachel McGoldrick over 5km. to finish in 93rd place with 163 finishers behind her and a time 28 min.06 secs.. Lucy Thompson was a competitor in the U20yrs. Ladies 6km. race recording a time of 28 min.03 secs. and a place of 92nd amongst the 148 finishers. The club had three competitors in the Senior Men’s race over the day’s longest distance of 12km.. Matthew Crehan’s time was 42 min.25 secs. for 229 th placing. Andy O’Connor(M55) 62 min.49 secs.and 1460th place and Ray Vose(M50) 68 min.34 secs, 1629 th place. This race had the enormous field of 1,762 finishers.

Standish Hall Trail Race & Wrexham half

Only two of St Helens Sutton A.C. members were racing at the weekend. Matthew Crehan competing in the Standish Hall trail race and Louise Hogg running in the Wrexham Village Bakery Half-marathon. Matthew followed up last week’s win with another victory. The race’s 10km. of “trails” consisted of fields, bridleways, and wood & farm tracks, and all were well and truly conquered by Matt as he came out the winner in a time of 35 min.29 secs.over a minute clear of the chasing field. The organisers of Louise’s half-marathon apologised for the course, which started and finished on the Wrexham Industrial estate, being a little over distance. Louise, an L40 veteran finished 20th in her classification with a time of 1hr.44min.48secs.with approximately 800 finishers behind her.

Nick Beer 10km, Llandudno

The club’s oldest regularly competing member, Dorothy Fairhurst (F70), ran in the Nick Beer 10km road race, Starts on the promenade in Llandudno and follows Marine Drive around the scenic Great Orme, before returning to the promenade and finishing opposite Venue Cymru. Dorothy was the first finisher in her age group with a time of 55 min.15 secs.