YDL Lower: Match 2

For the second YDL (lower), 25 athletes travelled to Sportcity, Manchester. On the day, 28 pb’s were achieved, despite the conditions being miserable and dreary.

Representing the club for his first time, Rhys Gormley competed in the under 15 boys long jump. He jumped 4.06m- he’s off to a fantastic start. Charlie Roberts competed in the 800m to finish in 2.13.1, 39.9 for the 300m (which was a pb) and 1.53m in the high jump. Andrew Redhead competed in the 100m, finishing in 14.7 and threw the javelin 15.63m. Luka Noonan ran 12.3 for the 100m, 25.1 for the 200m and he threw the shot 8m. Joseph Byrne completed the 1500m in 5.17.4, he also threw the shot putt 5m and the discus 11.43m. Joseph achieved pb’s in his throws! Michael Duffy got a pb in his 200m, finishing in 36.7 and another in his long jump with 3.66m. He also competed in the 300m and finished in 50.9. Liam Houghton went in the 800m, finishing in 2.53.1 and he threw the javelin 5.54m which was a pb. James Morris got a pb in the 1500m with a time of 6.19.4. The under 15 boys had relay teams; the 4×100 saw Luka, Andrew, Rhys and James finish 4th in 55.9 and the 4×300 saw Charlie, Michael, Joseph and Rhys finish 1st.

The under 15 girls 100m saw Lauren Taylor and Rachel Brabin finish in the same time, both girls finished in 14.6. Lauren also went on to compete in the 200m, finishing in 30.8 and the long jump, achieving 3.27m. After getting a pb in the 100m, Rachel went on to get 2 more- she jumped 1.20m in the high jump and threw the discus 10.77m. Lizzie Greenall ran 12.7 for the 75mHurdles, threw the shot 6.70m and jumped 3.72 for the long jump. Celine Virton threw the javelin 10.44m, shot 7.03m and discus 14.76m. Alyx Bridge completed the 800m in 2.51.4. Jessica Durrance ran 29.5 for the 200m and 48.20 for the 300m, which was a pb. The girls 4x100m relay team finished 8th in 58.8, it consisted of Lauren, Lizzie, Jessica and Rachel.

Michael Dobson ran 2.25.1 for the 800m and 14.6 for the 100m (pb). Max Harrison threw the javelin 13.25 to achieve a pb and jumped 1.10m in the high jump. Max also threw the shot putt 4.52m. Jacob Roberts got a pb in his 100m, finishing in 15.3. He ran 33.1 for the 200m and jumped 3.34 for the long jump. Thomas Durrance got pb across the board; he ran 32.3 for the 200m, jumped 3.74 in the long jump and threw the shot 5.07m. Adam Beardsworth ran 2.36.0 for the 800m (pb) and threw the javelin 20.21m- a massive pb! Charlie Young ran 6.41.5 for the 1500m which was a pb and twin brother Max ran 6.29.6. The boys 4×100 relay finished 2nd.

Under 13 girl, Rebecca Durrance got pb’s in her events. She jumped 3.34m for the long jump and 1.05m for the high jump. She also threw the javelin 4.38m. Niamh Abbott ran 21.6 for the 150m and Lucy Bridge ran 3.00.7 for the 800m and threw the shot putt 3.75m (pb). Jasmine Scott ran 11.7 for the 75m, 23.1 for the 150m (pb) and putted the shot 4.67m (pb).

Well done to everyone who took part! Thanks to Chris Dempsey, Ian Roberts, Barry Greenall, Louise Greenall, Tony Harrison and Daniel Dobson.

Next match: SUNDAY 18TH JUNE!

Team manager- Helena