Standish Hall Trail Race & Wrexham half

Only two of St Helens Sutton A.C. members were racing at the weekend. Matthew Crehan competing in the Standish Hall trail race and Louise Hogg running in the Wrexham Village Bakery Half-marathon. Matthew followed up last week’s win with another victory. The race’s 10km. of “trails” consisted of fields, bridleways, and wood & farm tracks, and all were well and truly conquered by Matt as he came out the winner in a time of 35 min.29 secs.over a minute clear of the chasing field. The organisers of Louise’s half-marathon apologised for the course, which started and finished on the Wrexham Industrial estate, being a little over distance. Louise, an L40 veteran finished 20th in her classification with a time of 1hr.44min.48secs.with approximately 800 finishers behind her.