YDL Upper – Stockport 28th May

Just 12 athletes competed in the second match of the YDL Upper league at Stockport. Once again with such small teams everyone pulled together and covered events they don’t normally do which shows great team spirit. For the U20 men George Asson ran a personal best in the 100m in 11.00, then 22.90 in the 200m and 17.68m PB in the javelin. Daniel Lamb also ran a personal best in the 100m 11.10, jumped 6.30m in the long jump and threw 8.26m in the shot putt. Jonathan Causer ran 24.10 in the 200m and 53.80 in the 400m, he then threw 11.16m in the shot putt which is a personal best and a club record. The U20 women were Jess Leonard who ran 27.60 in the 200m, threw 8.55m in the shot putt, 13.32m in the javelin and 14.54 in the discus having never thrown javelin or discus before. Erin Makin ran 14.10 in the 100m, 29.40 in the 200m, threw 5.77m in the shot putt and jumped 4.17m in the long jump. For the U17 men, Michael Farr ran 11.90 in the 100m and 24,4 in the 200m, Daniel Dobson jumped 4.72m in the long jump, and 58.10 in the 400m PB. Peter Davies ran to 400m in 60.2, threw 8.47m PB in the shot putt and 15.54 in the discus. Competing as U17s for the first time Patrick Neafcy ran the 100m in 13.40 and the 200m in 30.0 and Steven Mayston ran the 1500m in 5.35.4 PB and the 800m in 2.53.4 and threw 5.47 in the shot putt. For the U17 women Lauren Marshall ran the 100m in 14.2 , jumped 4.02m in the long jump and threw 5.14m in the shot putt and Kaitlin Naylor also competing as a first time U17 ran the 100m 14.4 and jumped 3.59 in the long jump. Well done to all and special thanks to the officials, Helena McGoldrick, Jane Marshall, Diane Davies, Ray Causer, Jonathan Causer and Steve Leonard. Thank you all. Our next match is a home match at Warrington on Sunday June 25th, please keep your diaries free as we need a full team out for this match.