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October  2010


L&D Cross Country Arrowe Park, Wirral - 30 October.

Tom Griffiths, Ian Costello (followed by former Sutton runner Richard Farrah) and Steve Tate.  

6 Senior athletes raced the Liverpool & District Cross Country - Race 1 at Arrowe Park.  The course was a mix of grass, trail and glorious mud on a fairly flat fast 6 mile course, reversed from previous years.  1st home was Tom Griffiths (18) 34.48, 2nd Ian Costello (36) 36.19, 3rd Mark Davies (54) 38.05, 4th Cross Country Captain Steve Tate (65) 38.58, 5th back to racing Paul Kay (88) 40.48 & 6th Phil Robinson (117) 46.19, completing the scoring team.

Barry Graney & Ray Vose expected to start, however they were stuck in traffic in the Birkenhead tunnel contra flow on route.  The pair arrived late then went for a training run, after a quick stint as team photographers!

Well done to all the athletes who took part.



London Marathon Places - Final reminder.

Those members interested in the club's London marathon places should let Steve Tate know as soon as possible - the draw will be made at the end of this month..

Sports Hall Widnes - 24 October



Happy athletes at  a recent Sportshall match.


There was an increased turn out for the second Sportshall meeting at Widnes. The U11 Girls' quartet of Isabella Halsall, Megan Park, Caitlin Young and Alex Bottomley scored 81 points to grab fourth place. They now head Liverpool and Warrington for sixth spot. There were no U13 girls but Bethany Baxter scored 30 points in the U15 age group. There were no U15 Boys but Daniel Elston kept the U13 Boys' flag flying with 34 points (one up on his previous score). The U11 quartet of Harvey Glover, Tom Morgan, Callum Wilson and David Barrow combined for a total of 75 points for fourth place and remain sixth overall ahead of SouthportWaterloo, Warrington, Handforth and Deeside. Team Manager: Colin Spark.  Results  Boys  Girls



Manchester Area League Cross Country : Match 1, Heaton Park, Manchester - 23 October.

The young athletes competed in the first race of the series and showed that the club is in good form. We had two teams in the under 13 girls race Rosie, Danielle and Lucy 5th and Shannon, Adele and Lauren 13th well done girls. Next off were the under 13 boys, Adam and Lewis ran well but had one short for the team .Under 15 girls ran strongly and as a team to come 4th with Rachel, Rachel & Vickie , finishing one after the other and Maria a few places back .Then came the under 15 boys with only two runners we had no team, Matt and Paul ran well, Matt running away from the field once again. The under 17 boys came home in 1st place with Jamie White leading the team home in 4th followed by Jamie, Nathan and Dillon.
A special congratulation goes to Shannon, Lewis and Dillon for competing in their first race for the club. Team Manager - Helena McGoldrick

Club Results:
under 13 girls      Rosie 6th 11.59,Danielle 15th 12.12, Lucy 19th 12.23, Shannon 44th 14.35, Adele  47th 15.06, Lauren 48th 15.08
under 13 boys     Adam 26th 14.33, Lewis 37th  16.28.
under15 girls       Rachael 9th 14.48, Rachel 10th 14.48,Vickie 11th 14.50, Maria 16th 15.51
under 15 boys     Matt 1st 13.31 Paul 30th 26.20
under 17 boys     Jamie White 4th 24.31, Jamie Webb 11th 25.46, Nathan  Brown 14th 26.47, Dillon 19th 32.38. 

The Autumn weather brought heavy rains which helped produce a wet and very muddy tough, well marshalled 10km 3 lap course at Heaton Park, Manchester.  With an injury ravished squad of athletes the seniors & U20’s produced 12 athlete's for the first league competition Cross Country this season.  1st home was John Ashcroft (12) 35.57, 2nd Tom Griffiths (65) 39.55, 3rd Barry Graney (80) 40.28 (V40/19), 4th  Rob Marsh (104) 41.29, 5th Mark Liptrot (125) 42.05 (V45/12), 6th Steven Clague (127) 42.07, 7th Alan McNally (132) 42.30 (V45/15), 8th Chris Levy (136) 42.41, 9th Cross Country Captain Steve Tate (150) 43.32 (V45/18), 10th John Appleton (207) 46.39 (V55/12), 11th Phil Robinson (265) 51.35 (V40/49).  Ian White  completed part of the course but pulled up with a long standing injury.

After the 1st race this places the six senior men counters in 10/37 place in the Team  league competition with 489 points. In the veteran's league competition the four counters ensured 11/33 place with 186 points.

In the Senior Ladies competition four ladies took part in the two lap race, with Cherryl Orrick and Joe Keogh absent on the Run England athletics course. First home was the Ladies Captain in magnificent shape,  Gemma Connolly (2) 32.31, second Sharon Nunn (101) 44.03 (L40/15), closely followed by Pam Appleton 44.22 (L55/6) 3rd home, and  Judi Drummond (147) 55.24 (L35/19) fourth in her first outing in Club Colours.   The Senior ladies Team Results are not yet ratified.

There was great team spirit with a real ‘buzz’ about the race,  well done for all those that took part 

Senior Men's Results    Junior's & Senior Ladies Results.

National Young Athletes Road Relays - Birmingham 9 October.

On Sunday six young athletes travelled to Birmingham  for the National YA Road Relays . Owing to injuries and accidents the club only had one complete team out.
The under 15 girls team of Rachel, Vickie and Maria ran very well to get the club into the top 50 .Well done girls keep it up .The under 13 girls consisted of Danielle and Lucy, both ran well .Then came the lone under 15 boy Matty. This was the day he had a race and not a training run he was just beaten by one second; this was still an excellent run for him and a great result for the club .The club is now being recognised by the bigger clubs on the talent we have, lets keep it up and show how much talent we've got .The under 17s were unable to field a team due to Nathan having had an accident. We wish him a  speedy recovery . Team manager Helena McGoldrick


Under 15 girls . 3.8km                                            Under 13 girls 3.8km                Under 15 boys 3.8km
Rachel McGoldrick 16.06                                         Danielle Webb 16.30                   Matty Stirling 12.08
Vickie Lamb           17.04                                         Lucy  Griffiths  17.11
Maria  McGoldrick 18.50     

Manchester University Cross Country Relays - Wythenshawe, Manchester 9 October.


Two senior teams competed in the Manchester Cross Country Relays at Wythenshawe Park, University playing fields, Manchester, on Saturday 9th October on a fast, firm sunny course. With a dozen senior athletes racing, this was a superb turnout considering injury & illness amongst the senior members. Due to injury Ian White unable to compete acted as Team Manager for the day, ensuring competing club athletes were at the right place at the right time! Contesting in the A men’s team the 1st  out was Rob Marsh, 2nd leg Ian Costello, 3rd leg Mark Davies, 4th leg Dennis Wharton, 5th leg Dave Hampson & 6th leg Mark Liptrot.
The B mixed male & female team comprised of 1st leg leading by example Cross Country Captain Steve Tate, 2nd leg Alan McNally, 3rd leg Cherryl Orrick, 4th leg Sharon Nunn, 5th leg Joe Keogh & 6th leg Phil Robinson.

There was excellent team spirit at this Cross Country ‘warm up event’, ready for the start of the Country season. Well done to all those that competed and spectated.

Provisional results online, however not yet ratified.  Results


Northern Athletics Cross Country Relays - Graves Park, Sheffield 9 October.


On Saturday 10 young runners travelled to Sheffield for the first Northern cross country relays. The course was short and fast but a true cross country .The under 13 girls  1.8K Rosie, Lucy and Danielle set the ball rolling by just missing bronze medal coming home 4th. They put the club up with the cream of the north - well done girls .Next off was the under 15 boys 2K Matty showed a clean pair of heels and ran away from this field (not out of breath not like the rest of the field).  Then came the under 15 girls 2k Rachel, Vickie and Maria ran steadily through the field and finished 21st team a good solid team .Last off were the under 17 men 2.3k Jamie White, Nathan Brown and Jamie Webb .All three ran well over the very short course coming home in 6th place (Nathan was happy beating a local rival from Warrington, this made his day). Well done to all it was a good day out, looking forward to the cross country season if this was the start of it we will get some good results - well done once again



Liverpool 10k 3 October


Denis Wharton, Steve Hampson and Helena McGoldrick all contested this event, Helena finishing third in her age group and Denis fourth in his class. Results:


Sportshall League - Kingsway Widnes - 2 October


As is often the case, the first Sports Hall meeting was sparsely attended with single competitors in three age groups. Daniel Elston scored 33pts in the U13, bringing the club home third, while Taylor Caton-Hand's 31 pts did the same for the U15 Boys. Bethany Baxter earned 28.5 pts so the U15 girls claimed fifth spot. Numbers were up in the U11 categories. Caitlin Young, Alex Bottomly, Isabella Halsall and Eleanor Mawdsley scored 93 points as the U11 girls took third spot while Callum Wilson, Joe Ford, Aaron Price, David Barrow and Elliott Davies earned 98pts to finish third in the U11 Boys. Team Manager on this occasion was Colin Spark. Athletes wishing to compete in the next match at the same venue on 24 October please contact Steve Cooper or Colin Spark as soon as possible. Results:


Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships, Wythenshawe - 2nd October


The U13 girls started the day running 2.8k trail course and finishing a creditable 7th overall out of 33 teams .Well done to Danielle, Lucy and Rosie .Rosie was 9th fastest overall . Next to run the same course was the U15 girls who came home in 33rd place, Rachel, Vicky and Maria all ran very well in a class field.
The U15 Boys started ten minutes after the girls. Matt Shirling was the club's only competitor. He kept up his winning run by recording the fastest leg of the day, well done.  Next came the U17 men running 3.6k they came home 14th. Well done to Jamie Webb , Nathan Brown and Jamie White. All the youngest  did the club proud not just running they were there to support  each other even the seniors  .It was a good day out for us well done.




Two Senior Men’s teams competed in the Northern Athletics Road Relays at Wythenshawe Park, Manchester on Saturday 2nd October on a fast greasy mix of Track, Trail & Road on an overcast 5.6km course. With a dozen Senior athletes racing contesting in the A team the 1st out was the reliable John Ashcroft (18:02), 2nd leg Matt Crehan (18:18) breezed in from Leeds University Fresher’s Week, 3rd leg struggling with form Jake Healy (22.25), 4th leg a steady Mark Davies (20:35), 5th leg  Adrian Webb (22:35) stepping in at the last minute to complete the team with a swollen ankle and on the final leg an unfailing Ian Costello (20.00) finishing in a combined time (2:01:55), 68th place amongst the 110 Teams.


The B team comprised of 1st leg returning to form Ian Hayburn (21:55), 2nd leg Mark Liptrot racing in the club vest for the first time (21:44),  3rd leg Team Captain Steve Tate (21:58), 4th leg Mark Burrows (22:11), in his inaugural race in club colours, 5th leg Phil Robinson (26:02) improving from injury & 6th leg ‘Burger Boy’ Pete Johnson (22.07), finishing in a combined time (2:15:57), 87th place.


Well done to all those athletes that took part in the well supported event. Results: Men  Women  YoungAthletes













U13 girls team:     Overall time: 34:45                   U15 girls team:     Overall time: 36:58 
1.Danielle Webb (13) 11:37                                  1.Rachel McGoldrick (34) 11:52
2.Lucy Griffiths (11) 12:05                                    2.Vicky Lamb (31) 12:08                                                                                                                                                          3.Rosie Johnson (7) 11:03                                    3.Maria McGoldrick (33) 12:58                                  

OVERALL TEAM POSITION: 7th                             OVERALL TEAM POSITION: 33rd    
U15 boy:                                                             U17 boys team:     Overall time: 37:44 
1.Matty Shirling (1) 8:47                                     1.Jamie White (12) 12:03
                                                                          2.Nathan Brown (16)12.40
                                                                          3.Jamie Webb (14) 13:01
                                                                          OVERALL TEAM POSITION: 14th

Senior women team:                                             Senior men 'A' team:

1.Cherryl Orrick (57) 24:28                                  1.John Ashcroft (27) 18:02
2.Helena McGoldrick (54) 23:33                          2.Matthew Crehan (27) 18:18
3.Chris Dempsey (53) 25:35                                 3.Jake Healy (55) 22:25                    
4.Julia Eccleston (48) 22:50                                  4.Mark Davies (58) 20:35
OVERALL TEAM POSITION: 48th                   5.Adrian Webb (71) 22:35
                                                                            6.Ian Costello (68) 20:00
                                                                           OVERALL TEAM POSITION: 68th
Senior men 'B' team:
1.Ian Hayburn (103) 21:55
2.Mark Liptrot (101) 21:44
3.Steve Tate (93) 21:58
4.Alan McNally (88) 21:11
5.Phil Robinson (94) 26:02
6.Peter Johnson (88) 22:07                                                         

Notre Dame Invitational. Indiana. 1 October

David Forrester finished sixteenth over 8km in a time of 24.15, twelve seconds behind Manxman Keith Gerrard, who was sixth. Results

London Marathon Places

Those members who entered the London Marathon will hopefully be receiving their acceptance magazines shortly.  If you are unlucky enough to receive a rejection, you can apply to enter the ballot for one of the club places. For the first call, as well as having a rejection from the ballot, applicants must currently be members of the club and have been so for one year.  Please let your captain or the secretary know as soon as possible (with proof of rejection) if you want to apply.  As usual if there are any places not filled from this first call a further ballot of members wishing to be considered will be held, again let the secretary/captains know if you wish to be considered in any second ballot.  In order to maximise training time the entries to the ballots will close at the end of this month.

Presentation & Social Evening

The club's annual presentation evening has been postponed, it clashes with a few events - it will be re-arranged next year.