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October Results 2006

Sports Hall League - Wigan - 29 October

The under 11 Girls lie in fourth place after the second round of matches at Wigan There were nine girls Chloe Rigby claiming second place in the 2 Lap, Standing Long Jump and third in the Speed Bounce. Chelsea Jarvis won the 4 Lap and Standing Long Jump.. Lucy Renshall was second in the 2 Lap and first in Chest Push while Sally Shacklady earned third spot in the 4 lap.Other under 11 competitors included Amy Ellis, Ellie Desmond, Rose Johnson, Ellie Shacklady and Lucy Burrows.

Chris Pye was our under 11 boys claiming third place in the Chest Push (5.00) and Standing Long Jump (1.56) while taking fourth in the 2 Lap (27.9). Daniel Hughes took third in the six lap and second in the shot for the Under 15s.

Sam Fraser won the shot putt  in the under 15 girls where the bulk of points were provided by Heather Drillingcourt and Katie Waterworth who contested six events between them.

In the under 13's there was a double in the Speed Bounce from Louise Heyes and Sophie Rigby, Tricia Spark won the shot putt and Danni McGifford was equal third in the 2 lap. There was an excellent turnout including Emma Gaskell, Amanda Paton, Ashleigh Roberts, Liane Bibby and Lucy Waterworth.


Road Running - Holmfirth 15 - 29 October

Carl Parry competed in one of the last remaining races over this distance finishing 18th in 95.31, against mainly club runners rather than the unattached joggers who have clogged up race fields in recent years.

Liverpool & District League - Beacon Park 28 October

The club took second place, ten points ahead of Wirral, with a baker's dozen of club athletes competing at the opening fixture of the Liverpool and District League. Greg Williams was seventh, Tony Smith (11), newcomer Ian Roberts a nonscoring 14th, Dave Twigg returning from injury 15th, Barry Graney 23rd, Ian Hayburn 24th and Peter Johnson an excellent 30th.

Ray Vose (48), Ian White (54), Paul Burgess (60), Chris Levy (74), Billy Mousdale (86), pentathlete Phil Robinson (121) and Tommy Dunning (122) completed the line up. It's a very encouraging start which, hopefully, will be carried over into the championship season in January for which entries are now being collected. Results

Tom Fillingham and Ken Crouch Trophy Handicaps 19 and 26 October Respectively

Dave Forrester won the Tom Fillingham trophy from scratch recording an under 17 club and junior 5000m record 16 minutes dead. The handicap race was a lot closer, Peter Johnson, finishing just two seconds adrift wishing he'd made his mid-race effort a little earlier, Matt "Triple Jump" Shillabeer" taking third spot with 16.07. Nine seconds separated Barry Graney from newcomer Chewy and handicapper Ian White.  There was less than a minute between Stan Erlam who was seventh and 13th placed Tony Raffle with Ray Gore, Tom Rigby, Tommy Dunning, Billy Mousdale and Paul Burgess between. Jake Healy ran steadily for 14th position - his last race before Christmas - while John Dumbell ran for fun.

Sara McLoughlin took the Ken Crouch 3000m award by two seconds from Chris Dickinson on handicap finishing second to triple Cheshire medalist  Gemma Connolly on the night, Julia Eccleston finsihing a further two second adrift of Gemma with some brilliant handicapping for her first attempt.


Amsterdam Marathon and Other Races : 15 October

Early results from Amsterdam are that Robbie Marsh (83.16), Marc Laithwaite (83.52), Steve Tate (87.26), Julian Corfe 1.40.07), Julia Eccleston 1.40.22, David Bradshaw 1.46.16 and Karen Jarvis 1.47.24 completed the half marathon. Gill Laithwaite completed the full marathon in a club record 2.45.07 (13th lady). Full results are available on the ING Amsterdam Marathon 2006 site together with personal videos of individual athletes crossing the finishing line.  Results

At Ellesmere Port Rob Stiffin finished 82nd in 46.58 and might have recorded a p.b. if Jackie Turner and Rosie O'Hagan hadn't dragged him out for a 10 mile run the day before!!!

Manchester Area League : Heaton Park : 14 October

Jamie White (4), Jamie Webb (8) and Andy Harvey (10) earned second place in in the under 13 Boys' race, while Louise Hayes (18), Kathryn Wilson (20) and debutant Tricia Spark (26) gave the Under 13 Girls' fourth spot, a position also gained by the under 15 team of Jemma Shaw (8), Heather Drillingcourt (19) and Lauren Bradshaw(24) who ran with excellent support from Elisabeth Mousdale & Zoe Woods. (Danny Hughes (13) and Steve Clague (11) represented the Under 15's and Under 17's respectively. .)

The senior ladies had an excellent turn out, Sarah Charnock returning to competition by claiming sixth place (fourth in the senior ladies competition), Gemma Connolly gradually running the Half Marathon out of her legs was 14th (eighth senior lady), with Louise Hogg (she of the superb driving skills) completing the count in 31st place (17th senior lady). Chris Dempsey (56 -10th over 45) led the veterans home followed by Chris Dickinson (61 - 14th over 40), Pam Appleton (71 4th over 50) and Sue Clague who had a tough return to competition in 81st position (18th over 40).

The senior ladies are seventh with 107pts, only 26 short of third place while the veteran ladies are sixth just 175 points short of leading the competition. There's another four matches to pull that one back.

Julia Hayes discharged the team manager's duties, including the collection of the numbers for future use. There was plenty of parental support from Mrs Hughes, Mrs Bradshaw, the Webbs, the Whites, the Wilsons, Colin Spark, Billy Mousdale, the Drillingcourts, the Shaws, John and Diane (yes, Diane) Appleton and others who might have been missed by those of us who came for the later races. Results Team Results

Sophie Rigby finished 18th in her first cross country run as an under 14 in the Merseyside Schools cross country league, Andy Cowley was 15th in the under 12's..

Standish Trail Race : 14 October

Dave Forrester led St Helens-Sutton to victory in the team race, finishing second only to Matt Moorhouse (Salford) and Bashir Hussain (Stockport). Ian Hayburn held of Claire Entwhistle to take eleventh spot, Steve Mayers was 15th and John Appleton (20th). Ray Vose (30) and Ian White (37) also had early season run outs. Results

Liverpool 10k: 8 October

Carl Parry was the club's first finisher taking 31st place in 36.06 followed by Chris Levy (68: 38.14), Dennis Wharton (92: 39.17); Louise Hogg (420: 46.14) and Julian Corfe (520: 47.36) also competed but with 2295 finishers, including some new members who hadn't joined at the time they submitted their entries ,we may have missed some off the list. Please let us know and your name will be added as soon as possible.

Sports Hall League - Macclesfield:  8 October.

The Sports Hall League got off to a slow but steady start with the Under 11 Girls' team establishing a strong position finishing fourth with 135.5 points. Luke McDonald scored 36.5 pts as the under 11 Boys finished 12th. The under 13 girls are handily placed in eighth position while under 15 teams currently lie 11th and 10th respectively after round one.

Danny Hughes recorded 8.96(2) in the shot and 1.18.7 in the six lap while Heather Drillingcourt took in four events (23.7 - 2 Lap), 1.92(SLJ), 5.01 (Shot Putt) and 76 Speed Bounce, claiming third in the latter and sixth in the jump and throw. Luke's contribution was 25.7(6) in the two lap, equal third with 44 in the Speed Bounce and 1.70 (SLJ) for fifth place.

There were six under 13's Sophie Rigby winning the speed bounce (74), claiming fourth place in the 2 lap (23.9) and vertical jump (46). Louise Hayes was second in the A speed bounce (76), sixth in the six lap (1.30) and recorded 1.56 in the SLJ. Tricia Spark was second in the shot putt (7.13), recorded 25.7 in the 2 lap and took part in the relay alongside Danielle McGifford, Sophie Rigby and Liane Bibby.

Liane's 1.78 (SLJ) earned fourth place and she added 24.8 in the 2 lap. Danielle was fourth in the A SLJ (1.92) and  the 2 lap (24.5). Emily Dickinson completed the team with second in the B shot (5,53), fifth in the 6 lap (1.40.7) and recorded 27 in the 2 lap race.

The under 11 quartet of Chelsea Jarvis, Lucy Renshall, Alisha Kane and Chloe Rigby were second in the relay. Chelsea won the 4lap (51) and took second in the Chest Push (6.0) and SLJ (1.94). Alisha recorded 57.7 (4Lap -5th), 5.0 (CP -5th) and 1.45 (SLJ -6th). Chloe recorded 25.4 (2 Lap -5th), 45 (SB -5th) and 36 (VJ) while Lucy's marks were 25.4 (1st B), 43(4=) and 44(2).

The Northern Young Athletes Road Relays ; Sports City : 1 October

There were some excellent performances on a flat and uninspiring course in Manchester. The under 17 Boys team of Ben Clough (11.28), Dave Forrester (10.05) and Steve Clague (12.00) were 17th, Dave recording the second fastest lap of the day to move them from 30th to 10th on lap two.

Their female counterparts were 23rd, Sara McLoughlin's (13.12) lap two run, between Jourdan Cotter (13.21) and Helen Grady (16.33), the fastest of the day for the club.

Injuries to Jake Healy, David Griffiths and Adam Fackey left the under 15's with an incomplete team on this occasion but John Ashcroft (9.45) and Danny Hughes (9.58) were both determined to compete and were in 18th place when they ran out of runners. The rest of the team will be back in time for the championships.

Lauren Bradshaw (12.08) ran the first leg as Jemma Shaw was unwell, Heather Drillingcourt (11.30) gained three places with Jemma completing  the final circuit in 10.53  for 25th place.

Jamie White 9.59) and Jamie Webb (10.36) had the team in seventh after two circuits while Joe Williams (11.57) battled well to secure a top twelve place.

Louise Hayes (12.36), Rachael Wilcock (12.53) and Kathryn Wilson (13.13) claimed 35th position in the under 13 girls event.

Julia Hayes was the team manager, John Irwin was in situ all day and there was plenty of parental support. Results

Macclesfield Half Marathon : 1 October.

Greg Williams (11 - 79.56), Dave Twigg (18 - 82.07) and Ian Hayburn (22 - 83.26) completed this flat (apart from the hills) course at Macclesfield which included the Cheshire Championship in which Gemma Connolly (7th Lady 89.19) took the bronze medal. Results