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October Results 2005

Karimoor Mountain Run 29/30 October

The dynamic duo of Barry Graney and Ray Vose continued their record of failing to finish this event "too much climbing, too windy" and pitched their tent wisely so they only had a four hour run on the second day to get back!!!!. All those foolish enough to take the odds of 3-1 should produce their wagers at the next training night!! (Information from Barry Graney)

Liverpool & Distict League - Arrowe Park - 29 October

The club turned out the bare minimum for the first L&D League match but there were some very encouraging results. Marc Laithwaite (8) led the lads home closely followed by Matt Cullen (11). Dave Twigg was 20th. Ian Hayburn (33), John Appleton (34), and Andy O'Connor (53) completed the team count. We will get stronger and on this showing have a chance of medals in the championships with a full turn out. In the team race we were third with 159pts, behind Liverpool and Wirral but well ahead of Wallasey, West Cheshire, Skelmersdale Boundary, Liverpool Running Club, LPS, Penny Lane Striders, SouthportWaterloo, Helsby, Mossley Hill and Cheshire Triathlon. Results

North West Women's and Manchester & District Leagues - Heaton Park; 29 October

Jemma Shaw (8th) led the under 13's at Heaton Park on an excellent opening to the League season. Lauren Bradshaw (17th), Heather Leyland (21st) and Heather Drillingcourt (23) made the counting four with Louise Hayes (31) and Emily Dickinson (42) also competing.

David Griffiths (13) was the first under 13 boy to return ahead of John Ashcroft (19), Daniel Hughes (23) and Joe Williams (26).

The under 15's each had two competitors, Sarah McLoughlin (18) & Amy Pilkington (24) for the girls, Jake Healy (12) and Adam Fackey (34) for the boys. Jourdan Cotter (13) and Mellissa McLoughlin (26) finished for the under 17 girls while Helen Grady is taking up a map reading course in time for the next match at Macclesfield.

New captain Julia Eccleston (21) led the team home in the absence of Gill Bacon and Sarah Charnock, Sue Hanlon (32), Chris Dempsey (48) and Cecilia Fitzsimons (59) completing the count with additional pressure coming from Karen Jarvis (60) and Chris Dickinson (68). Pauline Picton was stuck aloft (sorry stuck in her loft) while Pam Appleton was conserving her energy (well working on her conservatory actually).

In the team event the club lies eighth but in the veterans  we are second, only 40 points behind Middleton and five points ahead of both Stockport and Belle Vue. One advantage we do have is that Gill Bacon will be a veteran if she competes in either of the last two matches. There's plenty to play for.

John Irwin and Julia Hayes acted as team managers (useful when you're looking for lost athletes) and hope to do the same at Macclesfield in November. (Report and information from Julia Hayes). Results.

Sports Hall League - Macclesfield 23 October

The second round of the Sports Hall League saw the under 15 Boys' duo of Mike Ehlen and Anthony Marsh finish third overall with a 100% record in their eight events. Kelly Rigby made a welcome return to competition scoring the club's first 40 points in the under 15 Girls' age group.

Although there were no under 13 Boys' victories Daniel Hughes and Luke Jarvis amassed 52 points between them and half a dozen wins for Laura Crook (3), Sam Fraser (2) & Heather Drillingcourt (1) were the foundation for a half point team win over Liverpool in the under 13 Girls match with good support from Natasha Le Surf, Katie Waterworth, Lucy Waterworth & Emily Dickinson.

The under 11's both finished third. Louise Hayes, Liane Bibby, Chelseas Jarvis, Lucy Renshaw and Sally Shacklady comprising the girls team with Lewis Jarvis and John Ward representing the boys.

The third round is at Wigan on Sunday 20 November. Results:

Gin Pit 5 Tyldsley: 23 October:

With the girls missing the National Road Relays (much to the disappointment of Paula Radcliffe who withdrew) Sarah Charnock compensated by winning the Gin Pit 5 in 33.02, 35th overall in the mixed field.

Amsterdam Marathon and Half Marathon 16 October

Gill Bacon was the third British woman to finish in Holland, tenth overall in the Amsterdam Marathon in 2.50.38/ 2/50.43). Gross and net times were given and both are indicated here with the official net time, which determined the finishing order, given first. Blame the results people not me!!!  For record purposes Gill's 2.50.38 is a new club record, almost three minutes faster than she ran on a hilly Edinburgh course in June. Although the race was broadcast on Eurosport 2 they channel appeared to be unaware that there was a women's race taking place!!!!!

In the half marathon Mark Laithwaite & Dennis Wharton were given 1.27.24 and 1.27.26 in 134th and 135th position respectively although Dennis was 1.27.26 across the line and Mark 1.27.27. JOhn Appleton 573rd  in 1.36.44/1.36.42.

The ladies' results were 198 Cecilia Fitzsimons (1.48.27/1.50.49), 568 Jackie Turner (1.57.43/ 2.03.02), 574 Pam Appleton (1.57.54/ 2.01.49), 897 Dorothy Fairhurst 2.04.18/ 2.09.37), 1245 Jean Dearing (2.12.06/ 2.19.01), 1332 Karen Wright 2.14.34/ 2.19.54), 1532 Janice Lawson 2.22.24/ 2.27.45).

If anyone else competed please let me know so their names and times can be added. Results

City of Stoke Outdoor Meeting 13 October.

Steve Knowles (1.80), Mike Ehlen (1.75) and Sam Fraser (1.42) won their respective age groups at the City of Stoke Open. Sam also won the shot with 8.69.(Information from Joe Ehlen).

Leeds Met University v Leeds University 12 October:

Steve Moran settled into athletics in West Yorkshire by recording a personal best 55.0 for the 400m in a match against Leeds University. Half a hour later he ran the 200m in 25.2 and was part of the winning 4x100 relay team. Four days earlier Steve Mayers was third fastest for Liverpool University who were 46th in the Manchester University relays. Any other performances by our university members will be published as and when known.

Sports Hall League - Connahs Quay 9 October.

The clash with our own primary schools' competition meant that we had fewer athletes than would have been the case. The overall tables have been published and they show that the under 11 girls lie sixth (130.5), the under 11 boys ninth (96), the under 13 girls tenth (116.5) and the under 13 boys eighth with 89. Two under 15 boys attended, Anthony Marsh and Mike Ehlen, scoring 72 points for sixth place after round one of the League. We are not contesting the under 15 girls competition this season. Individual results will be available later in the week.

Ken Crouch Memorial 3000 and Tom Fillingham Memorial 5000 6 October

Small but qualitative fields produced two cracking races on a beautiful autumn evening at Sutton. In the first Gill Bacon ran a club record 10.09.7 off scratch to establish an unexpectedly fast mark for the other six athletes to beat. Jourdan Cotter in second place with an under 17 club record of 11.45.8 came close with a handicap time of 10.15.8. Defending winner Chris Dickinson in fifth place (13.14.9 - handicap 10.14.9) and Karen Jarvis fifth in 13.41.1 - 10.21.1) were also close but it was fourth placed Chris Dempsey, producing a better run than last weekend (13.13.5), who took the trophy with 9.58.5 handicap time. Julia Eccleston (12.36.5 - 10.41.5) in third place ran slower than of late to complete the field. Handicapper Phil Thomas was pleased to have produced such a close finish based on an estimated 10.15 for Gill and the memory of the night, apart from Gill's superbly relaxed running, was the fierce competition between the two Chris's and Karen Jarvis which continued right to the line. 

The Fillingham 5000 was led for several laps by guest runner Ian Harris (Spectrum) who had Andy McDonagh for company until six laps out when both them fell victim to the battle between Dave Twigg and Barry Graney who were winding up the pace. Over the final mile Dave tucked in behind Barry banking on his superior speed to take him clear which t did over the final 300m 17.22.5 to 17.28.6 at the finish, producing handicap times of 16.48.6 (Barry) and 16.57.5 (Dave). Dennis Wharton was third 18.43.7 (17.13.7)  with Ray Vose (19.00.9 - 16.55.9) finally seeing off Ian White's strong challenge over the final mile (19.22.3 - 17.32.3). The final battle was between Stan Erlam and Tony Raffle. Stan worked his way through steadily and caught Tony (second on handicap last year)  over the latter stages. Both stuck at their tasks right through to the finish Stan 19.32.1 and Tony 19.42.9. Handicapper Ian White had done a great job with the final handicapped times recorded as 16.27.1 and 16.27.9 making Stan the winner by less than a second!!! Stan now holds the John Orrell and Tom Fillingham trophies. What are the odds on him taking the Christmas Handicap prize too?

Frank Vose provided the timekeeping and lap scores while Phil Thomas recorded the finishing order.

Northern Young Athletes Road Relays : Sefton Park: Liverpool 2 October

The under 13 boys produced a top ten performance at the Northern Young Athletes Road Relays. John Ashcroft 12.36(8), Jamie White 12.53(7) and the dependable Daniel Hughes 13.48(10) were in excellent form and, with support on cross country from David Griffiths and Jamie Webb can look forward to a successful winter.

Although the under 15 boys sextet were reduced to five with Andy McDonagh's withdrawal with 'flu the race provided an excellent opportunity to test fitness levels for future events. John Dumbell 12.26 (32) and Ben Clough 12.22 (25) made claims for inclusion in the first team alongside Jake Healey (12.21 (28), Steve Clague 13.00(28) and Adam Fackey 13.13 (24) giving us an excellent basis for success on the country.

Although we had no U17 Boys competing, the Under 17 girls' team ran well Jourdan Cotter 14.53 (21), Helen Grady 18.20(27) and Mellissa McLoughlin 20.23 (28) looking for support from Chloe Wilson for medal success.

The under15 trio ran consistently, Sarah McLoughlin 13.43(34), Hannah Carrick 14.49(37) and Anna Powell 15.46(37) setting out their stall for later season performances.

Joanne Sturgeon 13.26(11), Laura Crook 14.32(17) and Laura Bradshaw 14.25 (25) were placed twenty-fourth when the Pendle last lap athlete set a world record 7.50 for the distance!!! Unfortunately for the Pendle club their runner had been sent the wrong way.

Jemma Shaw produced an excellent performance for the B team 13.34(12) with support from Heather Drillingcourt 14.14(14) and Katie Jolly 15.17(20), which became nineteenth in the final results. Louise Hayes made her championship debut for the incomplete C team 15.14 with Heather Leyland 15.14 also competing. Results:

Northern Women's 4 Stage and Men's 6 Stage Road Relays : Blackpool : 1 October

The ladies team produced their best all time performance finishing 21st, one place higher than the 22nd position achieved by the 1999 quartet. Gill Bacon (13.30) opened with 11th place on the first lap, again heading Liverpool and Sarah Charnock conceded only one place on the second circuit (14.36). Julia Eccleston came home 19th in a level 16 minutes while Sue O'Hanlon held off Liverpool B to finish 21st in 17.05.The girls were the second Merseyside team to finish beating SouthportWaterloo in the first of several close battles expected over the winter months.

The B team were very competitive amongst themselves  Chris Dickinson (17.27), Cecilia Fitzsimons (17.37), Karen Jarvis (17.56) and Chris Dempsey (17.52) less than 30 seconds apart. As Mrs Dempsey was fit enough to run 23.20 in the Cheshire 5k the following day she may have been running within herself!! The team moved from 55th to 50th, to 46th and finally to 43rd in a steady display of consistent improvement. 62 teams started and the club were the second Merseyside B team to finish. The girls have expressed an interest in competing in the Ken Crouch Memorial 3000 next Thursday - a race which was won by Chris Dickinson last year.

With Greg Williams a frustrated spectator, the men's team missed out on a place in the National Road Relays by a mere seven places as they took forty first position overall. Not much separated the first three Mark Laithwaite (16.45: 51st), Tony Smith (16.26 :43rd) and Steve Mayers (16.30: 36th) making excellent progress through the field. Barry Graney (17.18 :39th), Tom Griffith (17.33: 40th) and Ian Hayburn 17.48: 41st) maintained the club's improved overall position in a record number of 103 starters which would have been 104 had the club fielded a C team. The lads were the third Merseyside club to finish, behind Liverpool and Wirral but ahead of LPS and Penny Lane.

In the absence of other runners Ray Vose took on the burden of leading the B team out recording 19.07 (87) which was consolidated by Stan Erlam (84: 19.55) and Dennis Wharton (82 : 18.17). David Bradshaw picked up a place on fourth leg (21.09), Andy O'Connor finished 78th in 18.21 and Andy Boyack completed the course in 21.13. The lads were the second Merseyside B team to finish and hopefully all of them will contest the Tom Fillingham Trophy next Thursday provided Barry Graney brings the trophy back.

Congratulations to all the athletes who took part to ensure we had two full teams for the men and the women. Commiserations to both Ian Pass and Tony Raffle who arrived too late to take part. Thanks to Phil Thomas for acting as team manager, even if he did drop the men's numbers in a puddle. With even more athletes to be added as the season progresses we can look forward to a good cross country season.  Results: Mens 6 stage  Womens 4 Stage