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September Results 2005

25 September Races:

Gill Bacon finished second in the Belarus Aid 10k at Parbold. That's second in the whole race not just the women's contest. Gill recorded 36.27 and appears to be in good form for Saturday's Northern Road Relays at Blackpool. Stan Erlam recorded 5.44 in the Naylorsfield Mile while Julia Eccleston was second lady with 6.24.

A small number of members competed at this week's Blackpool medal meeting. There were victories for Luke Williams in the 80m (10.3) and high jump (1.38), Matthew Grove and Michael Causer, who were joint first in the 80m (12.4), second places for Samantha Fraser in the high jump (1.45) and Laura Crook in the 80 (11.1) while Samantha also picked up third place in the long jump (4.28).

Luke and Laura both beat the existing club u13 80m records, Luke by 1.8 seconds and Laura by 0.2 seconds. Both will be eligible to compete indoors at Sheffield this winter and, although they will be in the under15 age group, on this form should hold their own.

Liane Bibby contested the 80 (13.2) and long jump (3.17 pb). Laura recorded a season's best 2.34.3 in the 800 and long jumped 3.99. Matthew & Michael were in the long jump (3.28 & 3.33). John Ashcroft ran the 1500 in 5.18.9 and high jumped 1.15 while Daniel Hughes was in the 80 (12.4), 800 (2.44.9) and long jump (3.60).

Ben Fisher's was second in the javelin with a throw over 53 metre.  (Information from Carl Bibby).

Weekend Round-up:

Phil Robinson had a two day holiday in Rotherham competing in the British Masters Decathlon Championship, finishing second in the 35-40 age group with 3794 points, a good performance after missing most of the season in the hurdles and some technical events because of injury. No individual times available but don't worry Phil we'll find out!!!!

Andy McDonough was 19th in the Uttoxeter Cross Country Races in 14.57 while Sarah Charnock took sixth place in the Boggart Chase in Manchester recording 39.08 over 10k.

The club had a good day out at Boggart Hole Clough finishing third with a below strength team on what was quite a slippy track.

There were three under 11 girls (Liane Bibby, Chelsea Jarvis and Louise Hayes) who recorded 12.3, 11.9 and 12.7 for the 75m. Liane and Louise threw the soft javelin 13m and 11.30m respectively and Chelsea and Louise were measured as 3.13 and 2.96 for the long jump. They were joined by Michael Causer in the 4x100 relay which they won in 62.8, 00.02 ahead of the Boys' team of Matthew Grove, Matthew Harvey, Tom Potter and Chris Sumner.

Andrew, Michael and Matthew recorded 13.7, 12.7 and 12.3 for the 75m and 3.09, 3.57, and 3.34 in the long jump. Tom and Chris recorded 12.1 and 13.1 for the 75 and 12.09 & 13.56 (soft javelin). Andrew threw the javelin 12.35 as a non-counter.

In the 600m Chelsea (1.56.3) and Louise (2.10)scored maximum points while for the boys the order was Andrew (20.01.7), Tom (2.03), Matthew (2.10.9) and Michael (2.15.8). (Information from Carl Bibby).

Chris Dickinson won the 3000 in 13.26.1, Tony Raffle taking second place in the men's race in 10.38.4 and it's probable Tony completed the 800 in 2.37.7. Tony (15.00) joined newcomer Dave Sumner (26.97) in the javelin, Dave also clearing 1.25 in the high jump. Tony Sumner won the U15 Discus with 13.85.

Luke Williams won the U13 200 in a Grade 1 time (26.1), reducing his recently established club record by half a second, then cleared the high jump (1.48) with another grade one. Daniel Hughes won the shot putt (8.47), 200 (29.8) and was second in the 800 (2.42.3).

Chris Dickinson was second in the 100 (16.6) and 1500 (6.27.9) won the javelin with 13.43 and was joined in the latter for maximum points by Julia Hayes (6.67) - that's even better than John Appleton's all-time junior league performance.

In the under13 girls Katie Waterworth (13.9), Heather Drillingcourt (14.7.), Sam Fraser (14.4) and Natasha Le Surf (15.7) scored three firsts and a second and combined to run 56.4 in the relay. Sam (16.86) and Danielle Stevenson (14.19) scored maximum points in the discus while Natalie Bannister (3.16) and Heather (3.74) contested the long jump. Joanne Sturgeon (2.32.5) and Emily Dickinson (3.37.6) completed the 800.

Of the graded performances club members recorded both grade ones, one of the three grade twos, three of the eight grade threes and despite having no under 17 men or under 15 girls were able to finish second in the female competition, third in the males and third overall. (Information from results' sheets).

North West Road Relays:17 September 2005

The club repeated its feat of last year by winning 19 medals despite not having teams in the under 17 men and under 15 girls' age groups. As an initial test of athletes' fitness it was excellent but, owing to some very poor marshalling, the times amongst the senior ladies were an inaccurate record of their splendid races.

Even Gill Bacon who led on the first lap and finished third fastest overall was disappointed that the athlete she was catching was hindered by a child on the course. Julia Eccleston held Jenny Clague off for two minutes on the second lap (a few bets lost on that one!) and Sue O' Hanlon completed the silver medal count despite losing half a mile by being sent the wrong way. The B team were the second B team to finish Chris Dickinson recording the fastest time ahead of Chris Dempsey and Cecilia Fitzsimons. Karen Jarvis was a revelation in the C team and Pauline Picton had pulled the team into sixth place when they ran out of athletes.

Earlier the Under 17's had taken third place medals (if the first two runners, Jourdan Cotter and Helen Grady can get them back off Phil Thomas!) while Mellissa McLoughlin gained a place on the last lap. Jourdan was the fourth fastest overall. The under 15's did not have a team but Sara McLoughlin and newcomer Alana McKenzie impressed on their respective legs.

The under 13 Girls A and B teams each took second place, the A team of Joanne Sturgeon, Lauren Bradshaw and Helen Drillingcourt finishing fourth overall, one place ahead of Laura Crook, Katie Jolly and Heather Leyland making her road running debut. Katie was so delighted with her first road race after injury that she's decided to run at the Northern in two weeks' times when the club will fielding a record three teams. Joanne was fifth fastest overall and Laura tenth.

The senior men repeated their third place performance of a year ago and were so surprised that Ian Hayburn, who had dropped himself to the B team but ran faster than half the A team, was the only senior left to collect the medals on the club's behalf. Ian is such a great clubman that he didn't begrudge any member of the A team a medal.

Steve Mayers and Barry Graney were the fastest with Tom Griffiths and John Appleton collecting their first senior road race medals. The B team was Ian Hayburn, David Bradshaw, Stan Erlam and Tony Raffle who defeated the Wirral B & C teams by finishing tenth as the second Merseyside B team.

The Under 15 Boys' trio of Jake Healy, Steve Clague and Adam Fackey ran exactly as predicted to take second team, Jake finishing third fastest overall, Steve ninth fastest and Adam eleventh fastest.

The under 13 Boys' trio of John Ashcroft (3rd fastest overall), David Griffiths (sixth fastest) and Daniel Hughes (ninth fastest) took the silver medals to complete a splendid afternoon for the club. Results:



Formby 10K: 11 September:

David Bradshaw and Cecilia Fitzsimons competed in this event, David recording 47.59 and Cecilia taking the over 55 prize with 52.03.

Cheshire & Open Multi-Events Competition:Macclesfield:11 September

Mike Ehlen, Laura Crook and Rachael Hutchinson all won trophies in the Cheshire and open multi events competition. Mike won the under 15's, Laura was second in the Under 13's and Rachael third in the under 15's. Sam Fraser failed to score any points in the shot putt but still scored enough in her first two events to take fourth place in the Cheshire Championship.

Danielle McGifford and Daniel Hughes each took fourth in the open competition while Drew Atherton was sixth in the under 13's establishing a new club record of 26.91 in the process. Elliot Barron also competed. The full results will be available on the Cheshire County website in due course.

Samantha scored 166 pts (2 points shy of third place) recording 12.3 (70H) and 1.50 (High Jump). Laura's scores were 13.9 (100), 2.39 (800), 3.49 (LJ) and 8.35 (shot) for a total of 200. Rachael recorded 12.8(75H), 7.21 (Shot), 3.94 (LJ), 1.35 (HJ), 2.57.9(800) for 2095 pts.

Mike set  new club record in the shot putt(10.51) and equalled the 80m Hurdles mark of 13.1. His other marks were 5.14 (LJ), 1.71 (HJ) and 2.29.1 (800) for a club record 2378 pts. Drew Atherton was sixth recording 15.3 (100), 3.54 (LJ) and a new club record javelin 26.91 for 178 pts. Daniel Hughes recorded 14.8 (100), 2.44.68 (800), 3.67 (LJ) and 7.66 (SP) for fourth place with 195 pts. Elliot Barron contested the 100 (15.3) and long jump (3.54) before retiring from his first competition.

Danielle McGifford ran 15.4 (100), 3.59(LJ) 10.94 (SJ) for 132 pts as our only under 11 competitor. (Information from Joe Ehlen).

Open Meeting at Blackpool : 11 September:

Andrew McDonagh won the 800 (2.08.6) and took third place in the 400 (55.2)at the first of two late season meetings at Blackpool while Katy Waterworth came away with two seconds (100 - 13.9), 200 (28.4) and a third (long jump 4m). Jake Healy was second in the 1500 (2.30.7) and John Ashcroft third in the 800 (2.30.7). John also ran the 200 (30.6). Natalie Bannister completed the70m hurdles in 16 secs and the 100 in 16.7. Liane Bibby set a personal best 3.16m in the long jump and ran the 80m in 12.9. (Results and information from Carl Bibby).

Weekend Round Up: 4 September

Gill Bacon was first lady at the Lancaster Half Marathon finishing sixteenth in 83.21 while Dorothy Fairhurst was 222nd in 2.11.45 and, as far as we can tell, the first 060 lady to finish. At Pendle, Andy McDonagh recorded 2.09.4 to win the 800. John and Pam Appleton shared six of the best at the Rufford 10k, John finishing sixth O50 in 41.21 and Pam sixth 050 in 53.17.

Cheshire League: Connahs Quay: 4 September

The under 11's won their competition with 110pts ahead of East Cheshire 91; Deeisde 62; Wirral 26; Handforth 25; Manchester 18. Carl Bibby and Andy Drillingcourt, have provided the full 11 times and distances.


75 m

600 m


L Jmp     Relay






























Relay time

63.2 secs


75 m

600 m


L Jmp     Relay










































Relay times


62.8 secs



In other age groups there were four new club records. Mike Ehlen set a new under 15 high jump record of 1.80 and shot putt with 10.30, Drew Atherton added 79cms to Mike Atkinson's previous record of 25m while the under 13 Girls' 4 x 100 team of Natasha Le Surf, Laura Crook, Samantha Frazer and Katie Waterworth knocked 1.4 secs off the 1999 record to set new figures of 54.3.

Katie(28.4) and Laura (27.8) won their 200m sprints supported by Natasha (30.9 - 3rd) and Natalie Bannister (33.4 -3rd). Joanne Sturgeon (2.29.3) won the 800, Heather Drillingcourt (2.45.1) and Emily Dickinson (3.19.6) also competing. Sam won the high jump (1.50) with Laura (1.15) taking the B string. Laura (8.36) was only 2cms from a win in the shot putt while Danielle Stevenson won the B string (6.64). Rachael Hutchinson 4.28 -3rd LJ and Javelin 16.77 - 1st was our sole representative in the Under 15s.Veterans Karen Jarvis and Chris Dickinson led the senior ladies in 200 and 800, Karen (35.5 and 3.11.5) and Chris (37.4 and 3.46.8) supported by Terri Cunningham 29.9(2) and HJ (1.15) while Vicky Davies won the high jump (1.30) and shot (8.52) with Julia Hayes setting a personal best for the season.

For the Boys Elliott Baron (15.3) and Daniel Hughes (14.6) contested the 100, with Daniel finishing third in the 1500 (5.40.9). Drew (3.99) and Elliott (3.39) were each second in the long jump. James Evans won the B string javelin with 14.44. Matthew Pilling chipped in with second place in the shot (6.38). Joe Ehlen(8.65) and Mike Hughes (6.98) contested the shot but declined to do the long jump, sprint or 1500. I can't think why!!!

The final women's team scores were: Deeside 163; East Cheshire 119; St Helens-Sutton 111; Manchester Harriers 101; Wirral 74; Handforth 30. In the men's contest they were Deeisde 218; East Cheshire 141; St Helens-Sutton 90; Wirral 68; Manchester Harriers 66; Handforth 40.

John Orrell Memorial Mile:Sutton:1 September 2005.

Stan Erlam won the John Orrell Mile for the second time, making full use of his 320m start to come in 4.23, ahead of Billy Mousdale (300), John Appleton (130), Jake Healy (160) and Steve Clague (250). The fastest time was recorded by Tom Griffiths who ran 4.37.2 from scratch. In the absence of any information to the contrary this becomes an Under 20 record. There were fifteen runners but not last year's winner, Andy O'Connor, who will bring the trophy for presentation next week.