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April Results 2004

Fell Running:

Tony Smith, competing for his fell running club, Ambleside A C, competing in the Three Peaks race at Horton in Ribblesdale in North Yorkshire. Tony finished 25th      in a time of 3.23.40.


Our race walker, Anne Johnson, competed in the Myerscough College, recording 78.06 for the 10k. Anne has already set record  marks for the 5k, competing in our own road race in March.

National Junior League : Bolton: 25 April.

St Helens-Sutton A C announced its presence in the National Junior League with  eighteen new club records and an historic pole vault. Emma McClatchey, who    has vaulted into sand but never on to a pole vault bed, became the club's first female Vaulter, not only beating her training best of 1.70m but clearing 2.30.m to win the competition! Emma also set a club junior record 21.37m in the javelin and ran the 200, 400 and 4 x 400m relay.

Caroline Morley set a junior and under 17 record 67.9 in the 400m hurdles as well as running in the 200, clearing the high jump and recording 63.6 on the first leg of the 4 x 400 metres relay, the latter in celebration of her forthcoming trip to Cardiff to watch St Helens play Wigan in the Challenge Cup final.

Craig Knight equalled the under 17 100 metres record he set last weekend and set new junior figures. Richard Atherton's win in the 200 metres (23.4) was a record and his 12 metres plus in the triple jump will be one when the results confirmed the exact distance.

Others setting new marks included Lucy Mitchell (long jump), Steve Knowles (shot putt), Layla Tapley (hammer), Craig Knight (long jump), while Greg Williams was only denied the 2000 metres steeplechase record because the athletes ran too far!!!

All four relay teams set new records as we have no record of the events having been contested before and no doubt the new times will be beaten again later in the season.

It was essentially a club afternoon with Sarah Lewis throwing the discus in support of her main event, Nicola Quinn surprising herself with third place in the discus, Taja Rundle competing in the 100 and relay and Melissa McLoughlin volunteering for the shot, long jump, 400 metres and 4 x 400 metres relay, ensuring she put on her make-up before the final event.

Dave Twigg won the B string 800, was third in the 1500 metres and recorded 53.8 on the final leg of the 4 x 400 metres. Steve Mayers did his stint for the team in the 400 and 800, John Appleton produced a series of personal bests in the distance races while Steve Moran scored valuable points in the 200, triple jump and long jump.

The men's team were fourth with 161 points and the women's team seventh with 104 points, a superb opening from the entire squad of sixteenth athletes, split equally between under 20's and under 17's. On a combined scores basis the club would have been sixth, ahead of both Warrington and Wirral. Our results confirm the correctness of the decision to enter the League and our developmental performance programme will bring us the League title within five years.

Joe Ehlen (despite being surprised at following Phil Thomas round a car park on   the way to the venue!) joined John Irwin and Janet Holmes as our field event team today. They also had assistance from Jake Davidson. Mr Davidson served as our track judge and Ray Vose was timekeeper, making sure we earned the 25 points for providing a full quota of officials.

Dave Morley and Phil Thomas managed to survive the afternoon as team managers while there was first class logistical support from Mr Mitchell, Mrs Davidson, Mr Lewis, Paul Davenport, Mr & Mrs McClatchey and Mr Atherton, who found a new route to Leverhulme Park, although he's not quite certain what it was!!! Mike Ehlen also provided quiet support throughout the afternoon.

Many thanks to the entire team, management and supporters for a superb & historic day in the annals of St Helens-Sutton A C.


Sheffield Track Meeting : 24 April

All five athletes who travelled to Sheffield ended up with medals. Amy Fairclough won the under 11 800 metres in 2.49 and was third in the 200 metres in 33.1. Joanne Sturgeon took the under 13 event in 2.28.3 and added the high jump with 1.15m. ZoŽ  Woodward won the mile in 5.48.2 and claimed bronze with a 3.86 long jump. Laura Crook was second in the 200 (29.2) and third in the 800 (2.34.7). Vicky Johnson won silver with a 9.45 shot putt.

In addition, Vicky was fourth in the long jump (4.08m), ZoŽ was fourth in the 200m (30.3) and tenth in the 100m (14.9) while Laura finished fifth in the 100 (14.1) and tenth in the long jump with a leap of 3.57m. Joanne took fifth in the 200m (30.4) and Amy was sixth in the 100 (16.0).

Thanks to Phil Sturgeon, John and Nicola Woodward, Lisa and Will Crooks, Geoff and Carol Johnson and fellow athlete Heather Drillingcourt who travelled  in support.

London Marathon: 18 April

Technological problems seem to have caused a glitch in the results system for the London race although several of us think we saw Janice Lawson at the end of the BBC review of the race on Sunday evening (that's the benefit of wearing a club vest!). What is certain is that Dave Forrester, running for Greater Manchester, was seventh in the under 15 boys' race in a time of 14.09. Janice, who confirmed it was her who appeared on television, recorded 4.54.32 finishing 23718 (5083 female) while Ritchie Bradshaw recorded 4.00.09 finishing 11258 (9658 male). Barry Graney missed the race following a poor training build up to the event.

Melbourne Open Meeting : Wavertree : Sunday 18 April

Four more club records fell as over two dozen club members braved the elements and some poor organisation at the Melbourne Open Meeting. Craig Knight knocked two tenths of a second of the under 100 metres record with 11.3; ZoŽ Woodward led from start to finish to set new figures of 4.14.9 in the 1200 metres, Mike Ehlen threw the 4Kg hammer 16.22 and Caroline Morley reduced the under 17, 300 metres hurdles record  by almost two seconds before dashing off to see whether it was Wigan or Warrington who'll be meeting Huddersfield in the Challenge Cup final!!!! Ten club records already and we're not even out of April.

There were hosts of personal bests including Dave Twigg (4.15.9 :1500m), Steve Knowles (5.45: L.J.), Joanne Sturgeon (2.31:2 800m), Sarah Lewis (13.6: 100m), Mike Ehlen (1.50 H.J.),  Anthony Marsh (28.5 :200), Laura Crook (21.2 : 150m) and Amy Fairclough (600 : 20.02.8).

The afternoon was full of chatter and excitement (yes, Kelly and Sammy were there) some disappointments, especially with the clash of events as the meeting ran late and the indoor long jump which fell way below the standards expected of an open meeting. Jessica Cretu ran two excellent races, Rachael Hutchinson recovered to record a good long jump mark, Hanna Green was amongst a trio of girls sporting all black and Heather Drillingcourt had two fine runs in the sprints.

Vicky Johnson maintained her early season form with 9.38 (shot putt) and 22.94 in the discus. Phil Robinson warmed up for the League season with second place in   the 400 metres while Steve Mayers and Greg Williams tested their fitness over the metric mile with mixed results. The new slim line Mike Atkinson tested the hammer in the older age group while Shauna Kerr and Rebecca Keegan will be looking for better organisation in order to get their money's worth at the League meetings.

Club coaches Dave Morley, Frank Atkinson, Joe Ehlen, John Irwin, Ray Vose, Paul Davenport, Danny McLoughlin, Roseanne Hutchinson and Phil Thomas analysed technical data for application to individual improvement and team selection. Parental support was strong from the Drillingcourt, Crook, Woodward, Sturgeon, Fairclough, Green, Atkinson and Keegan Families, Hazel Morley, Mrs Cretu  and Mrs Johnson.

The provisional team for the Cheshire League has been finalised and individual notices circulated to all counting and non-counting athletes, some 60 at the last count!


Trafford Medal Meeting : Easter Monday 12 April

Vicky Johnson and Mike Atkinson each set two club records at the Trafford Open Meeting, Vicky beating her own personal best in the shot (9.45), setting new hammer figures of 26.57 and opening her discus account with a winning throw of 22.24. Mike won the shot (7.35), discus (26.25) and hammer (16,25) setting personal bests in all three events and clubs record in the discus and hammer.

There were four medals for the Marsh family, Ryan winning the under 11 high jump (1.10), javelin (13.08) and the bronze in the long jump (3.20).Anthony won silver in the 200 metres (28.6) was fourth in the 400 (64.0) and fifth in the 100 (13.9). Aime was fourth in the 75m (13.4), fifth over 150m (27.9) and long jumped 2 metres in the under nines.

Rachael Hutchinson also had a profitable afternoon with a personal best 4.22 in the long jump, second, with another personal best, in the hurdles (13.2) and third in the 100 metres in 13.8. Mike Ehlen won the high jump with 1.45m, long jumped 4.25 and was sixth over 400 metres in 68.3. Six new records already down, only 94 more to achieve the magical century mark.

Thanks to Rose Hutchinson and Frank Atkinson for collecting the times and distances

Priory Wood Relays : Sale: Easter Monday 12 April

The under 11 girls' team finished their cross country season with the silver medals at the Sale Harriers' relays, ZoŽ Woodward running 7.22 on lap one, Joanne Sturgeon holding the lead with 7.49 while Laura Crook had the bad luck to compete against the day's fastest runner and, despite recording 7.53, was just edged into second place by six seconds.

The 'B' team also performed splendidly finishing second on the day, moving from 12th on lap one to 7th at the finish. Amy Fairclough(8.20), Katie Jolly (8.48) & Heather Drillingcourt (8.54) emphasising the club's strength in depth. In the under 9 race Louise Hayes finished 24th in 7.43.

Many thanks to John Irwin, Julia Hayes and the parents who accompanied the girls on the trip. Now for the track season.

Halton Road Race : Easter Sunday 11 April

Louise Casey, Rosie O'Hagan and Janice Lawson, all of whom ran on Good Friday, competed in this race from Runcorn over the bridge to Hale. Louise was 69th in 34.34, Rosie 192nd in 43.09 and Janice (who competes in the London Marathon this weekend) 44.19. There were 298 finishers after the V70 male who finished 26th was disqualified!!

Good Friday Races: Victoria Park, Southport: 9 April

Louise Casey led a small number of ladies at the Southport Road Races finishing 17th in 26.36, just two seconds outside her personal best of 2002. Julia Eccleston was 30th in 28.04, which was 4.24 quicker than last year and 7.56 quicker than her debut race in 2002. Pam Appleton took 43rd position (2nd over 50) in 30.07, almost half a minute quicker than two years ago while race debutants Rose O'Hagan and Janice Lawson were 71st (33.37) and 85th (35.02). Julia's mother (there's a song in there somewhere) - running for charity - finished 97th out of 167 finishers.

In the men's race both John Appleton (24.43) and Ritchie Bradshaw (26.32) were in the over 50 category, John finishing fourth and Ritchie tenth. Jourden and Maurice Cotter were 15th and 16th in the Fun Run in 11.34, Rachael Cotter dancing round in 15.28 and Mark Eccleston recording a respectable 17.43 in 129th position.

Superveterans 10k Lancaster.

A small number of club veterans travelled to Lancaster to take part in this race which was confined to veterans over the age of 50. John Appleton recorded 39.47 to finish third over 50, Pam Appleton was the second over 50 in 49.10 and Pauline Picton fourth in a time of 56.22. Dorothy Fairhurst was the first over 60, recording  54.29. The girls were second team.

National Young Athletes Road Relays : Sutton Coldfield 4 April 2004:

A new chapter in the history St Helens-Sutton A C was written when three teams contested the National Young Athletes Road Relays at Sutton Coldfield. Dave Forrester put the under 15 boys into 13th place (13.08) on lap one and while Tom Rigby (15.39) and Mike Burke (14.16) were unable to sustain the pace the club's 48th placing has set a marker for future years.

The under 13 girls' race was considerably longer than previous years as the previous route was declared unsafe for running which posed a problem for the B team who all have two more years in this age group. However, they managed to get the better of  the A team on this occasion thanks to a fine run by Zoe Woodward who recorded 15.45 in 18th place on lap one. Heather Drillingcourt (19.01) and Katie Jolly (17.58) steered the team into 64th place. Heather may have been slightly quicker had officials realised Zoe had finished the lap!!. The A team were not far behind: Kim Bridge (18.36), Lorna Forrester (17.02) and Sara McLoughlin (18.13) finishing 69th, an excellent performance after recent injuries and promising much for the track season.

Congratulations to all nine history making athletes and to the team which took them    to the Midlands: John Irwin, Danny McLoughlin, Paul and Stephanie Forrester, John Woodward, Mr Jolly, Mr Bridge, Janet Holmes & Mr Drillingcourt. Such levels of support once again demonstrates the team spirit within the club. One day we'll learn everyone's first names too!!!! Results on SportSoft

Open Track & Field Meeting : Victoria Park, Warrington  4 April 2004

Three dozen club members took the opportunity to find early season competition by turning out at Warrington, coming away with a collection of medals, personal bests and the first two of the 100 new club records we are aiming for this season. This all took place in weather conditions which eventually forced the suspension of events before the scheduled finish.

Richard Atherton collected silver and bronze in the sprints, Craig Knight producing the fastest time of the day in the under 17 event to equal Richard's existing under 17 record of 11.5. Lucy Mitchell produced an excellent long jump win with a club record 4.62 metres, Anna Sheffield was over eight and a half metres in the shot and Vicky Johnson won the under 15 event ahead of Rebecca Keegan, who also took second place in the javelin. Earlier in the day Vicky had recorded 9 metres at the Wigan open meeting.

Our hurdlers were in good form Caroline Morley winning in a personal best 12.8, Jessica Cretu taking first place and Rachael Hutchinson claiming second. Steve Knowles celebrated his dťbut with victory in the high jump and second place in the long jump, Graham Coombs winning the bronze in the high jump.

Kelly Rigby was third in the high and long jump, Joanne Sturgeon won the 800 and 200 metres, Laura Crook stormed away with the 150, Mike Ehlen collected medals in the 150 and 400 metres and Anthony Marsh won the 200 after placing second in the sprint.

The under 11's also made their mark, Tom Green in the sprints, Jaime White in the 600 metres while Drew Atherton showed winning form in throwing cricket ball, an event in which Aimee Marsh won the girls' throw. Amy Fairclough took second place in the 75 and 600 metres.

We were unable to obtain full results but others taking part included John Ashcroft, Luke James, Ryan Marsh, Andrew Hutchinson, Louise Hayes, Vicky Davies, Catherine Gornall and Phil Robinson.

There was support from many parents all of whom came in family groups including the Ryan Family, Luke James's support team, Mr Savage, Mrs Morley, Mr and Mrs Keegan, Mr & Mrs Sheffield, the Marshes, Mr & Mrs Crook, Dave Green, Mr Sturgeon,  Mr & Mrs Coombs (making their debuts), Steve and Linda White, Drew Atherton's fan club, Mrs Ashcroft, the Robinsons, Julia Hayes, Mrs Cretu and Mr Gornall, who provided transport to and from.

With the League season starting in a few weeks Dave Morley, Paul Davenport, Joe Ehlen, Roseanne Hutchinson and Phil Thomas kept an eye on proceedings from a coaching viewpoint. The first team event, the National Junior League, takes place in three weeks time at Bolton.


Northern Road Relays : Lister Park : Bradford 3 April 2004

It's amazing who you meet when you're running. At Lister Park it was the actor who plays the part of Bob Hope in Emmerdale, running the colours of Stockport Harriers. Autograph? I didn't offer! What the club offered was two complete teams for the second year in succession. Unfortunately, we weren't quite able to translate that into two finishing teams but it wasn't for want of trying.

Louise Casey led off for the ladies, stepping in for the injured Laura Davenport and recording 16.05 in 28th place. Julia Eccleston picked up three places on leg two with 16.31 closer to our target of 19th place and with ten teams still behind us. The next two legs were run by Toni Garnett and Claire Newing who normally run with each other in races. Despite being on separate stages only two seconds separated Toni (17.31) from Claire (17.33) by which time the club were up to 22nd.

Then tragedy struck when Jackie Turner had to stop on the final short hill with less than a mile to the finish. With Jackie unable to complete the course Joanne Taylor was granted permission by race referee, Tony Riley, to run the final lap which she  did in 22.27.

The men's team were five places down on last year but had seven full teams behind them as opposed to two in 2003. Ian Hayburn shook off the affects of a late arrival   to record 28.25 on leg one in 49th position. Our trio of youngsters then saw us finish  leg four some ten places higher as Steve Mayers (12.28) and Barry Cunliffe (13.14) gained six and five places respectively. Although Greg Williams lost one place his time of 27.39 was the club's fastest long stage of the day.

Ray Vose picked up a couple of places in 14.12 and Ritchie Bradshaw, fresh from his 20 mile race three weeks ago, zipped round four seconds under 16 minutes. Barry "Let me At Em" Graney completed the seventh lap in 28.18, ideal preparation for the London Marathon while Ian Pass's road race debut was a steady 15.47.

The experience of Andy Boyack (15.32) & Andy O'Connor (28.50) was buttressed  by new boy Robin Emley (15.36) and the dependable Tony Raffle running the glory leg in 16.36. Unfortunately for Tony the rain which had threatened all afternoon made a dramatic appearance, he got sent the wrong way and completed the course with a sore leg. Now that's dedication to the cause!!

We were the fifth Merseyside men's team to finish and would have been the second county team in the women's race but for Jackie's illness. The club's improvement over the last two seasons has been outstanding and with our long term development plan we can look forward to further successes in future years.

Our club is built on team spirit and thanks go to John Irwin for turning up as stand-by on the day (the more so since John is driving the youngsters to Sutton Coldfield in the morning for the Young Athletes National Road Relays). Thanks too to Cecilia Fitzsimons who provided support. Phil Thomas was team manager, arrived at 9.30.a.m and was able to get home in time to see the Grand National.

Elsewhere Barry Cunliffe was seen trying every shoe from the Nike van. Andy Boyack was directed to do a second lap but, being a union man, quite rightly refused. Whether Andy and Andy O'Connor (who appeared eager to allow Andy the honour of an extra circuit) would have produced slightly faster times has been referred to the adjudication committee headed by Barry Graney who provided these snippets.

In addition we were able to say thanks to Ray Barrow of the Northern Counties for the grant which provided two poles for our nascent vaulting squad.

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