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Sports Hall League: Widnes : 27 September

The club got off to a great start in the Sports Hall League at Widnes winning the under 11 girls' contest by six points from Warrington with Liverpool third. Laura Crook, Zoe Woodward, Heather Drillingcourt and Katy Waterworth scored victories and there was superb support from Louise Hayes, Katy Jolley, Amy Fairclough and Lucy Waterworth.

Jaimie White won the 4 lap race for the under 11 Boys who were fourth, just four points behind Vale Royal. Tom Green was equal first in the 2 lap event. James Evans and Andrew Hutchinson provided the support work in a solid team effort.

The under 13 squad of Rachael Hutchinson, Rebecca Keegan, Hannah Green and Vicky Tickle were in masterful form just missing out to Stoke for  third place.

Lee Taft, Adam Taft, Mike Ehlen and Graham Morley carried the flag for the under 13 boys who were second, victories earned by Lee and Mike amongst the 121 points scored.

Vicky Johnson and Kirsty Langley scored all the under 15 girls' points with a clean sweep in shot putt for both girls who were just 11 points short of gaining second place. Results:

Under 11 Girls         2Lap      4Lap     CP      VJ      SLJ        SB        STJ
Laura Crook             26.8(1) 58.0(1) 6.50(1) 
Zoe Woodward                     60.1(1)            42(1)   1.78(3) 
Heather Drillingcourt              63.2                                          50(1) 
Louise Hayes            31.9(4)                                    1.38       37(3) 
Katie Jolley                            65.5                           1.58(4) 
Amy Fairclough         31.0                  3.75                                              
Lucy Waterworth      32.2                  4.50                                              
Katy Waterworth                   62.0     5.50 
 Under 11 Boys: 
Jamie White                           60.5(1)                       1.56(5) 
Tom Green               28.0(1)             5.00(4)            1.52(5) 
James Evans                                      4.75(4)                        33(4) 
Andrew Hutchinson  32.6(4)                                     1.46                4.70(3)
Under 13 Girls:                   6Lap  Shot Putt 
Rachael Hutchinson  26.7(3)              6.98(1)   51(2) 
Rebecca Keegan                               8.12(2)    29(4) 
Hannah Green          28.2(4)                                     1.85(4)  71(4) 
Vicky Tickle                        1.37.7(3)                       1.74(4) 65(3) 
Under 13 Boys: 
Lee Taft                              1.42.6(2)                        1.74(5) 56(1=) 
Adam Taft              28.8(4)                                                    68(2) 
Mike Ehlen                         1.33.0(1=) 7.25(2)                               6.42(1)
Graham Morley      29.5(3)                  5.81(2)                                4.95(2)
Under 15 Girls
Vicky Johnson       28.5(4)                 10.04(1)  46(2)                     1.95(4)
Kirsty Langley       28.6(4)   1.47.0(2)  6.35(1)  26(3)                     1.78(4) 

Northern Road Relay Championships : Risley 27 September

For the second year in succession the club fielded full teams in the Northern event, although the men's team changed rapidly on the day. A sunny day, a spectator friendly course and good competition produced some fine performances. The ladies' quartet of Zoe Strong, proudly wearing her new club vest, Louise Casey, Cecilia Fitzsimons and Chris Dempsey ran well, Zoe finishing 39th out of 63 starters on first leg. Louise gained five places on the second circuit, Cecilia finished 38th and Chris brought the team home in 41st place with significantly more teams behind us than last year. Only two Merseyside clubs finished in front of us.

Barry Cunliffe stepped up to first stage following Steve Mayer's last minute withdrawal and ran the fastest lap of the day. Barry Graney and Greg Williams provided outstanding support in the first half of the race, separated only by three seconds. Andy O'Connor led the second half challenge with assistance from Andy Boyack and Danny McLoughlin both of whom came expecting to run in the B team but took on the A team mantle with distinction. Andy andDanny both went the wrong way 400 metres from the start owing to poor marshalling and had poorer times than they deserved

Steve Robertson confidently took on the B team challenge like a shot, Stan Erlam rolled back the years on second lap while Tony Raffle made sure the    club fielded more runners in the B team than a year ago.

Julia Eccleston acted as team manager for the ladies' team while John Irwin, who  was prevented from running owing to injury, looked after the men's teams. Phil Thomas provided support as did Frank, the McLoughlin sisters, Trevor Prescott and the Eccleston family.

Women's Race:
  1         Chester Le Street                  46.51
  2         Liverpool                                47.53
  3         Leeds City                              48.06
41        St Helens-Sutton                     57.45     

Zoe Strong 13.18(39); Louise Casey 13.59(34);
Cecilia Fitzsimons 14.54(38); Chris Dempsey 15.34(41)

63        Teams Started               54        Teams Finished

Men's Race:
   1       Salford Harriers                     2.04.18
   2       Trafford A C                           2.05.26
   3       Altrincham                              2.06.06
 66       St Helens-Sutton A C            2.31.00

Barry Cunliffe  23.08(64); Barry Graney 24.19(65);
Greg Williams 24.16(62); Andy O'Connor 24.05(56);
Andy Boyack 28.37(69); Danny McLoughlin 26.35(66)

Incomplete B team

Steve Robertson         ; Stan Erlam         ; Tony Raffle           .

92        Teams Started              75        Teams Finished

Merseyside Road Relays : Sefton Park Road Relays : 20 September

A year after bursting back on the medal winning scene St Helens-Sutton A C consolidated the club's growing reputation by increasing its medal haul from nine to fifteen in the Merseyside championships held in conjunction with the North West event.

The under 13 trio of Kim Bridge, Lorna Forrester and Sara McLoughlin ran within ten seconds of each other to clinch third spot, ninth overall. The boys' trio were also within ten seconds of each other, Ben Clough, John Dumbell and Mike Ehlen taking second place in the county championships and fourth overall. The B team of Anthony Marsh, Ryan Rigby and Steve Clague were the second Merseyside B team to finish.

The under 15 trio of Chloe Wilson, Lucy Cannon and Mellissa McLoughlin also ran steadily to claim the bronze medals while the under 15 Boys also took bronze, Dave Forrester, Tom Rigby and John Seddon just losing the silver medals to SouthportWaterloo A C.

Laura Davenport, in her first championship race since rejoining the club, led the senior ladies into third place, Zoe Strong and Louise Casey providing excellent support and justifying the decision to enter the National Road Relays next month.

Thanks to the organisers and race referee, George Jones, the club was permitted to run a non-scoring B team, Jodie Nelson, Cecilia Fitzsimons and Chris Dempsey taking 27th place overall.

On this occasion the senior men were the only team not to win medals although the A team Barry Cunliffe, Barry Graney, Greg Williams and Ian White were sixth in the County event. A unique quartet of Danny McLoughlin, Ritchie Bradshaw, Stan Erlam and Tony Raffle were the fifth B team to finish the Merseyside event.

Team managers Joe Ehlen, Danny McLoughlin and John Irwin prepared the athletes well while Phil Thomas made sure the seniors got their numbers. There was excellent support from Sandra Dumbell, Julie Ehlen, Mr & Mrs Wilson, Paul Davenport, Sue Clague, Mr & Mrs Rigby, Mr & Mrs Forrester and Frank.

Special mention must be made of Jason White who turned up as reserve ready to run if needed, Mike, Tom and dad Luke Burke who rode round encouraging all. That summarised the team spirit building within the club and the various squads, as we continue our progress towards not simply taking part but winning the titles on offer. Results:

September Games, Colwyn Bay, 13 September

The season came to a satisfactory climax with over half a dozen winners' medals and many more placings at Colwyn Bay ranging from veteran men to under 11s.

Frank Atkinson won the veterans hammers and was second in the shot, Tony Raffle also claiming silver in the 800 metres. Jake Davidson was third in a closely fought under 17 long jump and sprinted into fourth position in the 200. Dave Forrester, recently returned from holiday, was third in the under 15 Boys' 1500 metres while Mike Ehlen's medal haul included a personal best in the 800 metres. Anthony Marsh and Mike Atkinson collected silver in the 200 metres and shot putt respectively. In the youngest age group Tom Green and Ryan Marsh finished first and second in the javelin.

The development of the throwing events was seen as Anna Sheffield won the hammer, shot and discus. Nicola Quinn amazingly throwing over 20 metres in the javelin, Rebecca Keegan and Rachel Hutchinson setting personal bests in the shot, Rebecca claiming three medals in all. Vicky Johnson picked up silver in the hammer and shot, Hanna Green reached the final of the 100 metres and discus, Jessica Cretu was third in the 800 metres.

Zoe Woodward stormed away with the 800 metres, silver medalled in the 200 metres and was fifth in the long jump in which Katie Jolley was 11th. Results:

Cheshire League : Eccles : 7 September

The club had an encouraging end to the league season with a good turn out at Eccles. Amongst the most encouraging features was the appearance of complete under 11 boys and girls teams both of whom gave a good account of themselves. The potential for sports hall and cross country this winter is excellent.

Anna Sheffield added another shot putt record to her collection taking the senior record. Caroline Morley and Kelly Rigby set new figures in the high jump with 1.50 and 1.30 respectively, Emma McClatchey also achieving a personal best with 1.45. Laura Davenport ran a quick 200 and 800, Nicola Quinn performed heroics, Layla Tapley tackled the two lap race and the relay team came second.

Although lacking under 15 and under 17 boys the under 11's were in rampant mood Tom Green, Jamie White, Adam Littler, Ryan Marsh and Jamie Williams all scoring heavily.

The under 11 girls were also in winning form. Laura Crook, ZoŽ Woodward, Katie Waterworth, Katie Jolly and Sammi Gaines rounding off the afternoon with victory in the relay.

Ben Clough, Mike Ehlen, Graeme Morley, Mike Atkinson, Anthony Marsh and Danny Young made up a fine under 13 Boys' squad which beat  Deeside in their age group. The under 13 girls sextet of Hanna Green, Sara McLoughlin, Shauna Kerr, Kim Bridge, Emma Hynes and Kelly Rigby were excellent and took second in the relay.

Jessica Cretu, Laura Savage, Kirsty Langley, Melissa McLoughlin and Vicky Johnson were the under 15 team Laura and Vicky both exceeding 20 metres in the discus. Ryan Lee performed with his customary vigour as our under 15 representative

The senior men's distance squad turned out for an end of season run, Steve Mayers, Barry Cunliffe, Greg Williams and Tony Raffle all taking maximum points in the 1500 metres while Jon Calder was a surprise winner of the long jump.

Dave Morley, Paul Davenport and Joe Ehlen (in between competing) were the team managers, Joe also acting as an official alongside Frank Atkinson who turned out in the shot putt where he was joined by Geoff Johnson. Mr Green made his debut as a timekeeper. Danny McLoughlin also helped out on the field.

Support came from many parents, a goodly number of grandparents and assorted relatives some of whom also competed. Amongst those present were Mr and Mrs White, Mr Savage, Mr & Mrs Johnson, Mr Marsh, Mr & Mrs Green, Mr & Mrs Williams, Mr Jolley, Mr Woodward, Mr Bridge, Mr Crook and the Waterworths. To all other parents whose names we haven't noted, many thanks, your support is appreciated.

Many thanks to Salford Metropolitan for staging the match and to the officials, particularly on the shot putt who were so helpful to the younger athletes. The spirit of true sport lives on.

Results: Men
  200   J Calder 24.0(2) G Williams  26.7(2) B Cunliffe 26.6(1) J Ehlan 30.0(1)
1500  S Mayers 4.22.5(1) B Cunliffe 4.22.7(1) G Williams 4.40.5(1) A Raffle      5.56.7(1)
3000 A Raffle 12.45.5(3)
LongJump      J Calder    5.15(1)       J Ehlen     4.39(2)
ShotPutt        F Atkinson 8.49(2)      G Johnson 8.36(1)  Relay Third NTT
200 C Morley 28.0(2) E McClatchey 29.2(1) L Mitchell  28.8(1) L Davenport    28.8(1)
800           L Davenport 2.20.7(1) L Tapley        3.05.5(3)
High Jump C Morley        1.50(1) E McClatchey   1.45(1)
Shot Putt   A Sheffield      9.30(1) N Quinn            6.43(1) Relay Second NTT
U/17Men  No competitors
U/15 Girls
200 J Cretu 29.0(2) L Savage 31.0(3) K Langley 29.8(3) M McLoughlin 33.6(3)
800 J Cretu 2.47.8(3) L Cannon  3.13.(3)
Long Jump   V Johnson 3.78(3) J Cretu 3.75(3)                                                    Discus          V Johnson 23.09(2) L Savage 22.40(2) Relay Third NTT      U/15Boys
800 R Lee 3.05.3(4)
U/13 Girls
200 H Green 32.0 (2) S McLoughlin 33.6(2) S Kerr 33.1(2) K Bridge NTT
High Jump K Rigby 1.30(2) E Hynes 1.05(2)
Shot Putt   H Green 5.56(2) E Hynes 4.80(2) Relay Second NTT
U/13 Boys
100 A Marsh 14.4(1) D Young 15.7(2) G Morley 16.3(3) Mike Atkinson NTT    1500 B Clough 5.10(2) M Ehlen 5.10.9(1) A Marsh 5.51.8(1)
Long Jump M Ehlen 4.10(1) B Clough 3.54(3)
Javelin M Atkinson 22.24(3) G Morley 17.70(2) Relay First NTT
U/11 Girls
75 L Crook 11.2(1) Z Woodward 11.8(1) K Waterworth  NTT(1) K Jolly
600 L Crook 1.51.4(1) Z Woodward 1.58.8(1) K Jolly 2.14.9(1) S Gaines
Long Jump   Z Woodward 3.40(2) L Crook 3.26(1)
Turbo Jav    S Gaines         9.40(3) K Jolly 7.13(3)
Relay S Gaines L Crook Z Woodward K Waterworth First NTT                   U/11 Boys
75 T Green 11.7(2) J Williams 15.5(5) A Littler 13.1(2) R Marsh 15.0(2)
600 J Williams 2.05.6(3) T Green 2.23.7(4) J White 2.02.7(1) A Littler 2.11.5(1)
SLJ          J White 2.86 (4)  T Green 2.69(3)
Turbo Jav R Marsh 12.19(2) A Littler 8.73(2) Relay Second 69.1
Scores: Men                                     Women:
      Deeside                 204                Deeside                180
      Salford M              170                St Helens-Sutton 142
      St Helens-Sutton   131                Salford M            126
      Manchester           126                Manchester           50
      Horwich                   63                 Handforth              14
      Handforth                38                 Horwich                 12

      Under 11's Girls                          Boys
      St Helens-Sutton     56                Salford M              58
      Salford M                53                St Helens-Sutton   45
      Horwich                   39                Horwich                  31
      Handforth                16                Handforth              25
      Manchester             14                Manchester          19

                                   Combined Under 11's
                                   Salford M              111
                                   St Helens-Sutton   101
                                   Horwich                   70
                                   Handforth                41
                                   Manchester             33


Winston Runners Ladies 5k : Wythenshawe Park 7 September.

The club entered this race for the first time but it won't be the last, as the event proved to be an ideal opener for the road race championship with an ability range from fast to walking. Three girls braved the bright sunshine and early morning with Louise Casey fifth, Julia Eccleston 16th and Chris Dempsey 21st in the 210 strong field. The next race in the ladies road race series is the Southport 5 mile event at the beginning of October.

Winston Ladies 5k Race. Wythenshaw Park. 7 September

1 Alison Sedman (Belle Vue) 19.39
5 Louise Casey 20.55
16 Julia Eccleston 23.15
21 Chris Dempsey 23.42

1 St Helens-Sutton A C 43
2 Winston Runners 64
3 Belle Vue Racers 64
4 Manchester Harriers 176

Tom Fillingham 5000 and Ken Crouch 3000 Memorial Races.

The two events finally took place on Thursday 11 September and proved to be close and exciting. The Tom Fillingham race was won by Tony Smith who moved ahead of Steve Mayers with 200 metres to go and held off Steve's final burst of speed at the finish. Andy O'Connor and Barry Cunliffe were the next two home with Greg Williams denying Barry Graney by one second in fifth place.

Dave Twigg found the race stamina building finishing 20 seconds ahead of Ian Hayburn making his debut for the club nine seconds in front of Tom Griffiths. Ian White clarified team selection for the forthcoming relays beating Stan Erlam and Andy Boyack both of whom are currently returning to full fitness.

Ian White produced a good handicap, Barry Graney winning by seven seconds from Greg Williams, who was a further three seconds ahead of Andy O'Connor.

The ladies had an interesting race, running one lap further than required but being correctly timed at the seven and a half lap point. Julia Eccleston and Chris Dempsey crossed the line together, Chris gaining a five second advantage on handicap but was still three seconds short of Jodie Nelson. A number of training ladies (Julie Ehlen, Mandy McLoughlin, Sandra Dumbell and Carol Stockley) bravely attempted the distance showing great determination to complete the course.

The club's young athletes prepared for the forthcoming road races by racing 3000 metres plus a lap, an unusual distance created by a variety of factors. The first three to finish were Ben Clough, Mike Ehlen and John Dumbell. Kim Bridge, Mel and Sara McLoughlin, Chloe Wilson, Lorna Forrester and Lucy Cannon were the girls' finishers, while Steve Clague, Anthony Marsh and Jay White also finished.

Danny McLoughlin took the times, Phil Thomas shouted the laps, Luke and Mike Burke fired the gun and Ian White provided the organisation. Strenuous efforts are being made to locate the Tom Fillingham Trophy, last seen in 2000. The Ken Crouch trophy will be awarded to Jodie Nelson on Tuesday.


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