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NYAL NW2 Deeside. 30 June

The Girls' team produced a loudly proclaimed performance to take fourth place at Connahs Quay. It was an excellent team performance epitomised by newcomer Stephanie Curry who found herself competing in the high jump and shot putt at different ends of the track. Each successful jump was followed by a jog down the back straight for another putt. Undeterred she won the high jump and the B string shot in support of Vicky Johnson. Vicky won the shot, Jessica Cretu made an impression in the hurdles and sprints where Kirsty Lewis and Kirsty Langley performed well. Laura Savage made an all round contribution while Rebecca Calgue, another debut girl, was second in the 800 metres and high jump competition. She and Stephanie each enjoyed their rewards.

With exams pressing the club were unable to field relay teams in the older age groups but were rewarded with a first for the unbiquitous Layla Tapley in the 1500 metres and steady support from Nichola Quinn and Lucy Mitchell. Sarah Lewis turned her attention to the 800 metres (which slowed her down in the 200 metres) while Caroline Morley was excellent in hurdles and high jump.


Northern Men's League :  Preston. 8 June 2002.

The team pulled off an unexpected victory on a day when club spirit shone through culminating in victory in both relays. Tony Smith & Jon Calder pulled off 'A' victories while a string of second places in the 'B' competition contributed to our narrow victory over Northern (Isle of Man). Barry Graney made a remarkably mature debut over 400 metres, Jon Calder was impressive throughout and Ray Vose flitted with ease between managerial duties. There was a 30 year age range from the youngest to the oldest member of our team. Dave Morley (Track), Frank Vose (timekeeper), Gill Jones (Field) and Phil Thomas (Track) scored the obligatory points for officiating but we still lack a pole vaulter.

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