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St Helens Sutton Athletic Club


This page provides information about the competitions we enter so that members and potential members can keep up to date on competitive developments as a whole. It will also list our successes as they occur.           


               Honours : County Cross Country Champions
Laura Davenport Merseyside U/20
Dave Twigg Cheshire U/17
Dave Twigg Cheshire Schools Intermediate        
James Farghar Merseyside U/15
Ben Clough, Peter Knowles, Mike Ehlen, John Dumbell Merseyside U/13 Team
                                County Silver Medallists
Ben Clough Merseyside U/13
Louise Casey, Zoe Strong, Chris Dempsey, Cecilia Fitzsimons Merseyside Senior Ladies Team
James Farghar, Dave Forrester, Mike Burke, Tom Rigby Merseyside U/15 Team
                                County Bronze Medallists
Cecilia Fitzsimons Merseyside 0/45 Vet
Dave Forrester Merseyside U/15
Chloe Wilson, Lucy Cannon,  Mel McLoughlin, Jessica Cretu Merseyside U/15 Team
Sara McLoughlin, Kim Bridge, Laura Crook, Lorna Forrester Merseyside U/13 Team
                        Northern Indoor Silver Medalist
Jake Davidson Triple Jump U/17

Representative Honours
Laura Crook U13 Merseyside SH
Mike Ehlen U13 Merseyside SH
Hanna Green U13 Merseyside SH
Rachael Hutchinson U13 Merseyside SH
Rebecca Keegan U13 Merseyside SH
Anthony Marsh U13 Merseyside SH
Kellie Rigby U13 Merseyside SH
Adam Taft U13 Merseyside SH
Vicky Johnson U15 Merseyside SH
Laura Davenport SenLadies Merseyside CC
Steve Mayers U20 Merseyside CC
Greg Williams U20 Merseyside CC
Dave Twigg U17 Cheshire CC
Dave Forrester U15 Merseyside CC
Mike Burke U15 Merseyside CC
Ben Clough U13 Merseyside CC
Peter Knowles U13 Merseyside CC
John Dumbell U13 Merseyside CC

Honours: SportsHall NW Champions
Laura Crook U/13 6 Lap
Hannah Green U/13 Speed Bounce
Mike Ehlen U/13 Standing Triple Jump
Mike Ehlen U/13 8 Lap Paarlauf
Anthony Marsh U/13 Vertical Jump
SportsHall NW Silver Medallists
Rachael Hutchinson Vertical Jump
Anthony Marsh U/13 4 Lap
SportsHall NW Bronze Medalists
Becky Keegan U/13 Shot Putt
Mike Ehlen U/13 4 Lap

Schools' Honours:
Steve Mayers Senior Merseyside CC
Dave Twigg Intermediate    Cheshire CC
Dave Forrester Junior Greater Manchester CC
Mike Burke Junior Merseyside CC
CC: Cross Country
SH: Sportshall
T&F: Track & Field
R: Road Race

The club will be entering the following competitions:-.

Cross Country
Liverpool & District League
Liverpool & District Championship
Cheshire League
Merseyside Championships
Cheshire Championships
Northern Championships
National Championships
National Cross Country Relays
Northern Veterans' Championships

Track & Field
Northern Men's League
Division 3W
Northern Women's League
Division 3W
Young Athletes League
Open Track Meetings
Merseyside County Championships
Cheshire County Championships
Northern Veterans' League
Northern Cup Competition
National Cup Competition

Road Races
Open Races
Merseyside County Relay Championships
North West Counties Road Relays
Northern Relay Championships
National Open Relay Championships
Northern Veterans Championships
All Women's Road Competitions

Sports Hall

North West Sports' Hall League

** Please see fixture list for venues

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