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YDL Lower Match 1 – Oldham

Saturday 23rd April saw the first Youth Development League which was held at Oldham. There were 21 athletes competing for the club and 32 pb’s were achieved. The club finished 1st overall!!
Under 15 boy, Luca Noonan, competed on the track for his first time. He competed in the discus and achieved a best throw of 16.09m, he also ran 13.7 for the 100m and threw the shot putt 6.70m.
James Moran ran 13.9 for the 100m and 28.6 for the 200m which was a pb. He achieved another pb in the long jump with a jump of 4.09m.
Nathan Harrison got pb’s in the shot (6.43m) and the 300m (51.1). He also competed in the high jump reaching 1.30m.
Liam Houghton got a pb in his 800m with a time of 2.58.3 and another in the javelin, with a throw of 5.17m.
Michael Farr ran 26.7 in the 200m.
Michael Brussels ran 5.13.7 in the 1500m and threw the discus 13.83m to get a pb. Michael got a second pb in the javelin, throwing 9.35m.
Charlie Roberts ran 2.28.2 for the 800m and 43.9 for the 300m which was a new pb.
The 4x100m relay team consisted of Michael Farr, James Moran, Nathan Harrison and Luca Noonan (56.8) and for the 4x300m relay: Liam Houghton, Charlie Roberts, Michael Brussels and Michael Farr (3.13.2).

Codi Wills competed in the under 15 girls 100m to finish in 14.4 and finished in 29.6 in the 200m. She got pb’s in both of her events.
Cody Rigby also competed in the 100m and 200m finishing in 14.6 and 30.8, this meant that she equalled her pb.
Lucy Price ran in the 800m to finish in 3.00.0 and then got a pb in the 300m with a time of 52.2.
Alyx Bridge got a pb in her 300m finishing in59.6 and ran 3.04 for the 800m.
The 4x100m team included: Cody Rigby, Lucy Price, Alyx Bridge and Codi Wills (61.7).

The under 13 boys 200m saw Michael Dobson finish in 32.3, 2.38.1 for the 800m and jumped 3.49m in the long jump to achieve a pb.
Max Harrison got pb’s in the 100m and 200m finishing in 18.2 and 36.0. He also jumped 3.49m in the long jump.

For the under 13 girls; Lauren Taylor ran 11.1 for the 75m which was a pb. She also competed in the 150m to finish in 23.4.
Niamh Abbott ran 11.6 in the 75m (pb) and 23.8 in the 150m. Niamh also competed in the long jump to achieve a pb with 3.30m.
Elizabeth Greenall jumped 4.82m in the long jump, achieved a pb in the shot with a throw of 6.40m and got her second pb of the day in the 70mHurdles finishing in 13.1.
Shana Rigby ran 3.06.0 for the 800m which was a pb.
Hollie Brussels ran 2.56.6 for the 800m (pb) and threw the javelin 10.09m (pb).
Lucy Bridge ran 5.06.5 for the 1200m which was a pb.
Celine Virton threw the javelin 14.23m (pb) and threw the shot 5.80m. She got a pb in the 75m with a time of 11.3.
Holly Scott ran 11.2 for the 75m which was a pb.
The relay included: Celine Virton, Elizabeth Greenall, Niamh Abbott and Lauren Taylor (61.2).

Next meeting held at Colwyn Bay on Saturday 21st May!
Team manager- Helena.

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Manchester Marathon

Huge congratulations to GEMMA CONNOLLY who finished 4th in the Manchester Marathon today in a time of 2 hours 53.28. Also to Luke Towers, Gary Oldham, Karen Harrison and Colette Flaherty.  Full Results

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Cheshire League Match 1 – Bebington

Sunday 10th April 2016 saw the first Cheshire League meeting of the season. There were 18 young athletes representing St Helens Sutton, whom all ran excellent! The first meeting was held at The Oval, Wirral. The conditions for the competition were idyllic and 29 personal bests were achieved- alongside several seasonal bests.
Michael Brussels ran in the 200m to get a new pb of 32.6 and also ran in the 1500m to finish in 5:27:8. Charlie Roberts ran 28.4 in the 200m and 5:59:3 in the 1500m. Hollie Brussels threw the discus 9.10m to achieve a pb and ran 3:03 for the 800m which was another pb! Twin brothers Max and Charlie Young both competed on the track for their first times. Max ran 37:0 for the 200m and 3:13:4 in the 800m and Charlie Ran 36:7 in the 200m and 3:13:5 for the 800m. Both boys set their personal bests in this event. Michael Farr ran for the first time and achieved a pb in the 200m with a time of 27.4 and John Dancer ran in his first track race, competing in the 75m to finish in 14:6 (pb) and 2:39:2 for the 600m (pb). Olivia Byrom ran 12:0 for the 75m and 2:12 for the 600m- achieving pb’s in both events. Adam Beardsworth competed for the first time and finished in 30:2 for the 200m (pb) and 2:44:7 for the 800m (pb). Celine Virton ran 16:0 for the 100m which was a pb and also threw the discus to get a pb of 15.60m. Thomas Laundry competed for his first time and got pb’s in both of his events: 12:8 for the 75m and he threw the soft javelin. Lucy Bridge achieved a pb in the 800m with a time of 3:03:6 and Alyx Bridge finished with a pb in the 1500m- finishing in 6:32:0. Peter Davies threw the discus 8.26m which was a new pb and Michael Dobson ran 2:31:9 in the 800m; also achieving a personal best. Niamh Abbott ran 16:0 for the 100m (pb) and achieved another pb in the long jump with 3.49m. Jacob Roberts achieved 2 pb’s, one in his 75m with a time of 12:7 and another in the long jump: 3.90m. Elizabeth Greenall got a pb in the 100m with 15:4 and jumped 4.17m in the long jump (pb).

Well done to everyone who competed and many thanks to the officials.
Next track meeting: YDL Lower (U13/15) Saturday 23rd April at Oldham (SEE HELENA).


April 16 roundup

April Round Up.

Senior throwers took the opportunity to compete in the Liverpool Harriers Throws and Jumps competition on 9 April where Tricia Spark threw the hammer 38.51 and putt the shot 8.19. Michael Hughes recorded 28.13 and 8.05 in the men’s event. Michael also threw 22.73 in the discus, just behind Nathan Orr who recorded 23.52

Sixteen club athletes took part in the first Cheshire League match at Bebington on 10 April where the club finished seventh in the overall and U11 competitions, despite being unable to provide any officials on this occasion. They were Peter Davies, Michael Farr, Charlie Roberts, Michael Brussells, Adam Beardsworth, Michael Dodson, Charley Young, Max Young, Jacob Roberts, John Dancer, Elizabeth Greenall, Lucy Bridge, Celine Vinton, Niamh Abbott, Olivia Byron, Hollie Brussells and Thomas Landry, several of whom were making their debut.

The same day Erin Makin and Jonathan Causer competed in the Tom O’Mahoney Meeting at Wavertree where Erin recorded 14.1 for the 100 and Jonathan 24.0 (200) and 54.5 (400).

On the 17th Michael Farr (12.5 -100) and Michael Brussells (5.12.2 -1500) were in action at the Trafford Young Athletes Medal meeting.