YDL lower- Match 3

Sunday 18th June 2017 marked Father’s Day and despite this, 24 athletes still turned out for St Helens Sutton AC. The third YDL lower meeting was held at Connah’s Quay; the conditions for the competitors were extremely hot but ideal for those who were spectating.

There were 17 personal bests achieved on the day and 2 athletes who competed in their first track meeting. Well done to Cara Hughes and Adam Loughran!

Under 15 Girls

Lizzie Greenall achieved a Grade 3 in the 75m hurdles with 12.3, smashing her existing pb of 12.7! Lizzie also went on to jump 1.25m in the high jump and 4.22m in the long jump. Lauren Taylor ran in the 100m, 200m and long jump. Rachel Bribane competed in the high jump, and shot put. She jumped 1.25m and threw 4.46m (pb). Rachel also ran in the 100m to achieve a pb. Emma Eccles ran 13.0 for the 75m hurdles, 13.4 for the 100m and threw the javelin over 7m (which was a pb!) Celine Virton threw the discus 16.31m, the javelin 17.68m and the shot 6.59m. Shana Rigby ran 3.02 for the 800m which was a pb and ran in the 300m. Alicia Spilling competed in the 800m. Jessica Durrance got pb’s right across the board; she got 29.4 for the 200m, 47.7 for the 300m and threw the discus 9.90m.

The 4x100m relay saw: Lauren, Rachel, Celine and Emma (4th).

The 4x300m relay saw: Lizzie, Alicia, Shana and Jessica (4th).

Under 15 Boys

Adam Loughran ran 28.5 for the 200m, 13.4 for the 100m which were both pb’s. Rhys Gormley jumped 4.56m in the long jump which was a pb. Joe Byrne competed in the 1500m. Charlie Roberts ran 2.09.5 for the 800m (pb), 40.2 for the 300m and 1.56m in the high jump. Michael Brussels competed in the 1500m and threw the discus and javelin. James Moran ran 12.5 for the 100m, 26.7 for the 200m and threw the javelin 12.69 (pb). Luca Noonan ran 12.3 for the 100m and threw the shot 8.16m. Liam Houghton competed in the 800m to finish in 3.01.

The 4x100m saw: Adam, James, Rhys and Luca (2nd).

The 4x300m saw: Liam, Charlie, Joseph and Michael (2nd).

Under 13 Girls

Niamh Abbott ran in the 75m and threw the shot and javelin. She achieved a pb in the javelin. Cara Hughes ran 2.52 for the 800m to achieve a pb. She also threw the javelin 9m which was another pb. Jasmine Scott ran in the 75m and the 150m. She completed the 150m in 22.7 (pb). As well as this, she competed in the long jump. Rebecca Durrance got pb’s in the long jump and 150m, jumping 3.33m and running 24.9. She also jumped 1.10m in the high jump.

All 4 girls ran in the 4x100m relay and finished 4th.

Under 13 Boys

Jacob Roberts ran in the 200m and competed in the long jump. Thomas Durrance ran 33.4 for the 200m, jumped 3.46m in the long jump and threw the shot 4.80m. Max Harrison threw the javelin over 13 m to achieve a pb. He also threw the shot 4.44m and jumped 1.10m in the high jump. Michael Dobson ran 2.25m for the 800m and also competed in the 100m. He threw the javelin over 8m to achieve a pb.

All 4 boys ran in the relay to finish 3rd.

Well done to all competitors!

Thanks to Dave Morley, Barry Greenall, Louise Greenall, Tony Harrison, Ian Roberts and Daniel Dobson for officiating for the cub!

Next Meeting: Saturday 17th July 2017 @ Oldham

Team Manager: Helena.



North of England championship 

Michael Causer’s good form continued on Sunday at the North Of England Championships at Sports City, Manchester, where he won the Long Jump by jumping 7.29m. Michael is returning back to competing after a three year break due to injuries, and is hoping to get back to National level competition during the summer. Also competing at the Championships were Matt Crehan who ran the 5000m in 15.07.42 which smashed his PB by 38 seconds, and Darren Scott who ran the 100m in a seasons best of 11.44 and the 200m in 22.9 also a seasons best.


Merseyside Schools Championships

On Saturday 10th June, St Helens Sutton athletes took part in the Merseyside Schools Championships at Bebington. Michael Farr ran the 100m in 12.00 and the 200m in 24.5, Charlie Roberts ran the 800m in 2.11, Michael Brussels smashed his PB by 11 seconds in the 1500m 4.52.9, and Michael Dobson ran the 800m in 2.22 also a PB. Emma Eccles ran the 100m in 13.8 and the 75m hurdles in 12.9, Lauren Taylor ran the 100m in 15.4 and the 200m in 31.2, Elizabeth Greenall ran the 75m hurdles in 12.7 and jumped 4.20m in the long jump, Celine Virton putt the shot 7.24m and threw the discus 19.73 PB and Ella Cooper ran the 75m in 13.1 and long jumped 2.95m. Well done to them all.


Northern league round 2 : Litherland

On a lovely sunny day, 19 of our athletes competed at Litherland for the second match of the Northern Senior League and finished in third place. For the ladies, Erin Makin ran the 100m in 14.00 and the 200m in 28.90 and jumped 4.46m in the long jump, Codi Wills also ran the 100m and 200m in 14.60 and 29.70. Olivia Harwood Moss ran the 400m in 61.50 and cleared 1.35m in the high jump. Kelly Hamilton ran the 400m in 66.3 and the 800m in 2.25.3 PB, Harriet Glover ran the 800m in 2.38.2 PB, Maddie Williams ran the 1500m in 5.31.6, threw the discus 14.87m and the javelin 13.88m PB. Trish Spark threw the hammer 38.09m, putt the shot 8.69m, threw the discus 21.35m and the javelin 14.46m, Julia Hayes threw the hammer 19.07m and the putt the shot 4.91m.For the men, Michael Causer ran the 100m in 10.90 equal PB and long jumped 7.43m, Daniel Lamb ran the 100m in 11.30, the 200m in 22.80 PB and jumped 6.50m PB in the long jump. Jonathan Causer ran the 400m in 54.50, the 200m in 23.90 equal PB and threw the discus 21.32m, Lochlainn Fisher also ran the 400m in 53.50. Peter Davies and Joe Walker both comped as seniors for the first time, Peter ran the 800m in 2.33.2 and threw the javelin 10.72m, and Joe ran the 1500m in 5.00.4 PB. Greg Williams ran the 5000m in 17.56.1. Darren Scott had a busy day covering the pole vault 2.40m PB, the 400m hurdles 61.5, the 110m hurdles 18.80 PB, triple jumped 11.23m PB, cleared 1.55m in the high jump and threw 32.87m PB in the javelin. Ian Conway threw the hammer 19.00m and putt the shot 8.37m and Mike Hughes threw 38.09m in the hammer and putt the shot 6.68m.

In a thrilling mens 4 x 100m relay Daniel Lamb, Jonathan Causer, Darren Scott and Michael Causer finished first in 45.00 and then Jonathan and Daniel ran the 4 x 400 relay along with Lochlainn Fisher and Peter Davies to finish in fourth place in 3.52.2. Thank you to Helena McGoldrick, Dave Morely, Pam Appleton, Diane Davies, Jane Makin, Phil Robinson, Peter Davies, Michael Causer, Lochlainn Fisher and Phil Thomas who all helped out with the events we had to official.